Simple hair tips that will get rid of them from the most common ailments.

Do you feel that your hair is losing volume and glitter for the winter? Do they fall, break and slowly grow? Skece into your home inventory and return your pride lost glory!

If you want to boast of your hair, you will have to process them from time to time to some wrapping or nutritional mask. Choose from the listed instructions correct, which, moreover, you can cook, without leaving home.

For shiny hair
For the brilliance of your hair, Lavender will be very well served, which, in addition, will save the skin of the head from the unsightly dandruff. Cut the lavender into smaller pieces, put into the jar from the boiled compote, fill in several spoons of high-quality sunflower oil and heat the water bath. Let break 24 hours and strain. Wrap the resulting balm in the skin of the head, which is then wrapped in a heated towel. Leave at least half an hour, then smash thoroughly.

When the hair falls out
Make your own tincture against hair loss. You will need 50 g of licorice seeds, 50 g of chopped thyme and liter of 60% alcohol. Leave herbs to impail in a warm place for 10 days. Rub the finished lotion into the scalp 2 times a day. If you do not have licorice seeds, no less good will you serve as a cooked tincture, which can be purchased in healthy food stores.

Excessively fatty hair
Over fatty hair you can win with the help of infusion fennel. Fill 20 g of chopped fennel boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes. Use the decoction during washing, namely to rinse the hair that will get a pleasant shine and smell. Similarly, there is a decoction of yarrow.

Grow faster
Soak at night 100 g of the Zverboard in cold water and heat the next day. Use this extract to wash the hair shampoo. Do not wash your head again with water so that itching does not appear. If you do not have this herb, sometimes for stimulating hair growth is quite ordinary head massage. When the blood circulation is increased, the nutrients go better to the roots, the roots become stronger, and the hair is growing better. Rosemary oil is also very effective. It improves the already mentioned blood circulation, has a positive effect on the overall structure of the hair and even delays the appearance of seeds. Best social CRM for construction company.