Types of Farm Sprayers
The sprayer is a special type of tool that is used for spraying. With their help, it is possible to distribute plant protection products or feeding cultures on farms and fruit farms. The principle of operation of hydraulic sprayers is very similar. First of all, it is a tank in which water with a chemical preparation and a hydraulic pump feeding the mixture under pressure to sprayers. What you need to know about sprayers?

Three types of sprayers.
The first type of sprayers includes self-propelled machines. This is the most perfect type of sprayer, which functions as a separate vehicle. In most cases, it is equipped with two controlled axes, its own drive, which moves the machine and activates the sprayer pumps. Self-propelled sprayers are distinguished by an extremely sealed cabin, protecting the operator from splashing. Most often they are used in large farms or in the offer of companies providing services for agriculture. A wide folding working beam allows not only to increase the efficiency of work, but also to transport it on public roads.

Hinged sprayers belong to the second type. They are most often used in the case of farms with a smaller area of ​​seed areas. The sprayer is suspended to the agricultural tractor on a three-point hitch of the car. There are many models of mounted sprayers, different rod widths. Also on sale there are spare parts for sprayer. Old models have characteristic three-dimensional rigid beams, while in newer models a hydraulic drive is used to fold and fold the working beam. When choosing a suitable sprayer, it is worth paying attention to the ability to adjust vertically, so that it can be used for plants of different heights.

Trailed sprayers belong to the third type. In this case, the gun is on its own wheels and is attached to the agricultural tractor. Depending on the model, trailed sprayers have or not equipped with a sprayer bar. They are used mainly for flat and row spraying.

Buying spare parts for sprayer.
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