Tourist Prague - Tips for tourists
Want to spend a week in Prague? This trip should be prepared.

In general, in the capital of the Czech Republic, there is always a lot of interesting things, so you can go there at any time of the year. But summer holidays in this city is simply great! Not a gift the tourist season is open from April to October. The weather in the summer can be compared with the weather in the middle lane of Russia. Heat, sometimes it rains, but the sunscreen must necessarily take with you. In general, the weather in Prague is the most suitable for a comfortable time, walks around the city, sightseeing and relaxing at the resort.

Where to stay?

As in the case of other popular tourist cities, the room in Prague Hotel can be booked on the Internet. If you wish, you can choose a room overlooking the presidential palace. Hotels in Prague enough. For every taste and wallet, so there should be no problems with the choice. Prague has several districts, among which it is worth highlighting the most popular with tourists. It is Mala Country, Old Town, New City, Gready, County. If you strive to choose a hotel in close proximity to the center, look for it in areas such as grapes, Smukhov, Algekov. To travel from them on the subway and with the help of another transport is very simple, and the cost of living is quite accessible.

Old and new city are areas that are distinguished by a large number of bars, restaurants, entertainment facilities. So hotels in these parts Prague often choose lovers of parties and club entertainment.

How and on what to save?

Perhaps there are advantages and in winter holidays. They are expressed in low, compared to the summer period, prices, as well as a small number of tourists. In the cold season on the streets not to meet crowds of tourists. So besides the obvious savings of money, you will get big space and comfortable sightseeing conditions. Even in the most popular corners of Prague, from the autumn, not to see a large cluster of tourists.

By the way, the grapes mentioned above, Smukhov and Sizhkov are just those areas of the city that need to be remembered if there is a desire to save on accommodation. There is another way to save. To do this, you need to remove the hotel room, but a private apartment room.

In stores it is better to pay crowns, not euro, even if there is such a choice. It will be more rational, taking into account the currency rates. So please in advance with Czech krons for buying souvenirs, products and other goods. 공유 cfd 브로커