Russian Manicure from zero course

Russian Manicure From Zero Course

Modern manicure has long gone beyond varnishing and polishing. Build-up, strengthening with keratin and gel coating, inlay and craquelure, design with a printer - every year new trends appear in the culture of hand care. A nail art master is a kind of artists and stylist with a good aesthetic taste, who know a lot about the combination of colors and the selection of shapes.You should start your career as a manicure service master with investments in tools and special tools. The course contains information on manicure supplies, cuticle removers and antiseptics, equipment for sterilizing instruments, and UV lamps for drying. The practicing master shows different types of scissors, nippers, files and talks about the nuances in choosing. "Pushers", "cuticle-removersWomen all over the world appreciated the invention of gel polish: the problem of chips and cracks has been solved, the coating lasts 3-4 times longer, shine and gloss have increased, nails under the varnish are strengthened. Therefore, the application of gel polish is by far the most popular service. There is a significant difference between staining nails with regular varnish and gel. To apply the gel, you will need up to a dozen tubes with means: a grease-free agent, primer and base, the actual color coating, top and cuticle oil, liquid to remove the sticky layer.Long nails visually "slim" fingers and add grace to hands and gestures. Beautiful, healthy and durable, regular-shaped nails can be a gift from nature or the work of a nail artist. Extension is one of the most difficult and therefore expensive types of manicure. The result depends on the quality of the materials and the skill of the specialist.