Put the tile on the floor of the hallway
One of the most practical flooring for the hallway is a ceramic tile. The process of laying it on the floor can be divided into several stages.

First of all, you need to pay special attention to the purchase of tiles. By purchasing it, you need to pay attention to its quality. In order for the tile to lay smoothly and have been highly withstanding the seams, it should be perfectly smooth, cracks and scratches are not allowed.

The next step is the preparation of the base. The best option is to align the floor with a new screed. To be smooth, to begin you, you need to beat off the level on the walls with the help of a hydraulic level. Then the lighthouses are displayed on the floor. Lighthouses need to start exposing from the highest point on the floor. They are best put on plaster plaster. Rovic beacons should be needed using the rule with the level and allotted on the wall using the Hydra level of the line. The screed is filled only after a complete drying of beacons. Aligns a screed with the help of a rule that is tightened by the Lighthouses. Further work can be performed only after complete floor drying. Determine when the floor is dried in a very simple way. It is enough to put a piece of film on the floor and in the morning to check whether there is condensate under the captive. If it is dry, then the floor is dry and you can continue to work.

In order to provide the largest tile glue with a floor with a floor, the surface must be processed by the primer of concrete contact. After drying, the primer can start laying the tile.

Stripping from the sizes of the source material, you need to select the laying option. The tile can be launched from one of the walls, from the entrance, you can first post the central row and put it from it to the sides. For gluing you need to stir tile glue with a mixer or a drill with a nozzle. Apply glue to the floor you need a spatula and stretch it with a comb. The glue must be applied not more than two - three tiles at a time.

Tile is aligned using a level. To make it easier to withstand a straight line, you can pull the cord that will go along the edge. For alignment and equal width of seams are used special crosses. If the tile must be cut, then it is made with a tile cutter or a grinder with a diamond circle. The final stage of laying is fugging. Fugue is applied with a rubber spatula. Wash the floor and start walking on the surface only after a day. udenlandske casinoer