How to get pregnant: useful recommendations
If you are ready and really want to have children, but you can't get pregnant, try to follow a row of simple rules. It is quite possible, it will speed up the process of conception.

Complete Medical Inspection

It is worth making sure your body is in order and there are no obstacles that do not allow you to get pregnant. And if problems are still found, immediately proceed to their treatment.


Watch your cycle and calculate the most favorable days for conception. You can use tests showing the moment of ovulation. Conducts tests suitable since 9 days of your cycle.


Contraceptive pills that you have taken over long, can serve you a bad service. There is nothing surprising, if you refuse to take care of the pregnancy for a while never comes.


There are many opinions, what positions are best for conceiving a child. This is not quite so. Pos, allowing you to quickly become pregnant, in principle, does not exist.

Tell after sex

Such advice is effective, but you should not throw foot, and perform acrobatic tricks, all this is complete nonsense. To make the cum in the neck of the uterus just just lie down 10-15 minutes after sexual intercourse.

Frequent sex

Fresh sex will not help you quickly get pregnant, frequent sex reduces the quality of male sperm, so before the period of ovulation, it is better to give a man of sexual peace for 2-3 days.


Avoid stressful states, it can significantly affect ovulation. Refuse to receive antidepressants.

Healthy lifestyle

Sports are definitely helpful. But it is worth remembering that unnecessary physical exertion can lead to a lack of ovulation. Therefore, if you are a lover of intense physical exertion, then it is necessary to reduce them somewhat.

No need to refuse completely, just die physical exertion. The optimal option will be the half-hour loads of an aerobic nature. The correct diet will also help you in the issue of rapid conception.


Refuse smoking. Nicotine very adversely affects the reproductive function.

Most women are able to become pregnant during the first year of attempts, if time passed, and pregnancy did not come, then it is necessary to undergo a survey and consult a doctor. Women who have reached the age of 35 should consult a doctor after half a year of unsuccessful attempts to conceive. Roshtein Casino streaming is for you gamble better