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What game suits your personality? Do you play to win or to have fun? We are all different (thank goodness), and there is at least one game that fits every personality type.
There are casino games based on chance and randomness, but there are also games that require a lot of practice and strategic thinking. Find out which one suits your personality best here. At you can compare online casinos and find the right game and location for you.

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We have developed a quiz in which you can see which game is best suited for you. The test focuses on the most classic games: Black Jack , Roulette and Poker .  

Black Jack

Black Jack is a game of chance, which can be played in a casino or online. The game is played in rounds that go very quickly. This is why Black Jack has become a popular pastime for many. The rules are not very advanced. You will probably have a pretty good idea of the game after some observation, that is even before you play your first round. Black Jack has become a particularly popular game for many because luck is of great importance in this random game. Everyone has a chance to win, whether you are a beginner or a major casino miller. Perfect for beginners!

Practice gives you skills, and the more you play, the better you will feel in different areas and situations where there are several optimal ways to play. These areas, which can also vary from casino to casino, relate to how many decks of cards are used, the order in which cards are dealt to players and the dealer, doubling, card splitting, draws if the dealer gets a soft 17 and, equally important, payout for Black Jack. Click here to learn more about Black Jack.


Roulette also belongs to the gambling family and, like Black Jack, has very simple rules and results based on chance. This means that you, as a player, bet on what number and color you think the little dancing ball will land on. There are different ways to bet, you choose a number or a series of numbers. You can also choose red or black, and specify whether it will end in an even or odd number. 

You can play roulette in different ways. Then through internal bets, then you play on the roulette wheel. Or outside bets, which means you bet on the combination of numbers presented on the roulette wheel, on the color or on whether the ball will fall on an even or odd number. Roulette is a game for those who love statistics and probability theory. Then you can really delve into advanced strategies that take a lot of time to learn. For the less advanced player, roulette can also be fun. Matching allows everyone to win, and in many cases the best strategy is to just try to have fun and know when to stop. Click here to learn more about roulette.


Poker is probably the most popular game. It is a betting game that, unlike gambling, is not based on luck, but requires a lot of skill. You can play poker professionally and compete in poker at various poker tournaments around the world. Professional players are very good at reading people and thinking psychologically. 

There are many different types of poker. To be classified as real poker games, they must include some form of betting. However, how to bet and combine cards can vary from poker game to poker game. The advantage of having many different poker games is that there are types that are suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. Click here to learn more about HUR DU FÅR TEKNIKEN ATT FUNGERA FÖR DITT KASINOFÖRETAG.