Casino in Sweden

You just have four different options if you want to play in a real casino instead of an online casino, and then we are referring to the four state-owned casinos that all bear the name Casino Cosmopol. Casino Cosmopol AB has a monopoly on casino operations, which is why there are no other casinos in Sweden than these four, which are located in Stockholm , Sundsvall , Gothenburg and Malmö . The purpose of this site is to give you an overview of what options are available to Swedish players, to compare these casinos and to conclude with a few words about online casinos.

Did you say casino monopoly...?

Almost! The gambling industry is a gray area in Sweden because the only legal casino in Sweden is Casino Cosmopol, whose four industries have a monopoly on casino operations in the country. This casino is wholly owned by Svenska Spel, and all casino winnings go directly to the treasury. Best online casino you find at

Играйте в онлайн-казино в Швеции

But is that really the case?

Not really. In practice, the gambling market in Sweden looks quite different. Officially, online casinos were considered illegal. Despite this, a huge number of players play through gaming sites whose servers are located outside of Sweden, such as Nordicbet Casino . Players are attracted to these online casinos because of the huge selection of games available, the fact that they don't have to travel far to play, and the fact that they can play in a free casino and practice before they bet for real money.

But how can that be?

The Swedish government turns a blind eye to Swedes playing online casinos because the EU requires all of its member states to follow specific rules, which are now becoming increasingly generous to players. Both Denmark and Germany have recently undergone major changes, and this means a much looser attitude toward casinos, which is prevalent in Sweden at the moment. By not penalizing Swedes who gamble online, Sweden can preserve its public system.

Casinos in Sweden - online or offline?

This, of course, means that you, as a player, are free to choose between the four really good land-based casinos in Sundsvall, Gothenburg, Stockholm or Malmö and the hundreds of fantastic online casinos that are fighting to have you as their customer. Every online casino has deals to attract players, like free casino money. You get this in the form of a bonus that is credited to your gaming account when you become a member, or extra money that is added to your account when you deposit your own money. So you get money from the online casino of your choice where you can play free casino games.

So, read on...

If you want to know more about what these four different casinos in Sweden offer and what you can choose online. We have information about game offers, offers, extra features, free casino and more, so be sure to read everything carefully before you choose where to play!