Fostoria Community Band - Trivia

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Fostoria Community Band Trivia
16 % are current or previous music instructors.   65% belong because of the friendships.
2% are military veterans.   35% are full time employed.
46% are in the 60-74 age range.   8% are college students.
11% are high school students.   27% love to play marches as one of their favorites.
73% practice their instrument independently, at least weekly.   65% play 2 or more instruments well enough to play them in band.
41% are retired.   19% practice their instrument daily.
14% are age 19 or under.   92% are in the band because they love to play their instrument.
35% have played with the band since its formation, or within a year of its formation.   14% named patriotic music as a favorite band music.
11% have been with the band one year or less.   8% could play any of 4 or more instruments capably in the band.
62% play in at least one other band regularly.   54% name the director as a reason they play in the band.

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