Altrusa Membership

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Altrusa International, Inc.
of Fostoria, Ohio, USA
District Five



An opportunity to use your time and talent to enrich the lives of others.

Lasting friendships and a spirit of fellowship

Personal leadership development as you assume positions of responsibility in your club, or serve at the district and international levels.

A unique opportunity to work with local civic and volunteer groups on service projects of lasting benefit.

Stimulating programs and speakers that broaden your knowledge on scores of subjects.

Personal contacts that evolve when business and professional people meet and work together toward common goals.

A forum for exchanging ideas about your community and the world.

The satisfaction that comes from being involved in activities that will make your community a better place to live.


1. Expect the most from membership by making a firm commitment to it.

2. Make every effort to know and practice the Ideals, Principles and objectives of Altrusa.

3. Know the bylaws and policies necessary to meaningful participation and keep informed on the organization by reading all Altrusa publications.

4. Attend meetings regularly and take an active part. It is the fellowship experienced at meetings and the working together in service that brings full value to Altrusa membership.

5. Accept committee assignments and be willing to assume top leadership roles in the Club, District and International when invited.

6. Be concerned with Club problems and participate in seeking their solutions.

7. Pay dues promptly.

8. Experience the total scope of membership by attending District Conferences and workshops and International Conventions and by supporting the International programs of the Foundation and the association.

9. Be supportive of Club officers and committee chairs so that they can fulfill their required assignments.

10. Be aware of Club progress toward its goals and be ready to join in whatever action is needed at each stage of the way.

11. Develop new ideas for the Club that can add to the impact of a program meeting; recruit members; expand a service project; and, in general, achieve satisfaction in being an Altrusan.

12. Enjoy being a member and don't hesitate to share a sense of humor. It makes membership a relaxing, enjoyable activity.

If you are interested in additional information about Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, please contact:

Club President
Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 531
Fostoria, OH 44830


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