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February 21, 1980


PIX #1 - Photo No. 1

PIX #2 - Photo No. 2

PIX #3 - Photo No. 3

PIX #4 - Photo No. 4

Tiffin Street was an important Fostoria Street 75 to 100 years ago...both
east and west of Main.  Business establishments spilled over from Main Street
in both directions, and fine residences took up where business left off.

The street got its name because by going east and turning off onto Columbus
Avenue, it led to Tiffin.

Today's story is about East Tiffin Street "then," with enough of "now" thrown
in to bring it in focus for readers.  The backward-look starts at Main.

It seems only logical to mention the two business establishments on both
sides of that corner.  Even though they were Main locations, both occupied
more of Tiffin than Main...they were Peter Clothing, where Preis Store is
now, and Commercial Bank and Savings on the opposite corner where it still is
after 76 years.  Peter Clothing in later years moved to the building on the
southwest corner, no longer there, which made room for the Municipal Build-


Today's story is confined to the south side of East Tiffin Street.  "Potluck"
columns about Commercial Bank, Masonic Temple and the old American House,
which was located on the site where the Masonic Temple was eventually built,
have been published previously.  However, photo No. 1 shows an unusual view,
not previously used, of that area.  In it can be seen a barbar shop which
occupied a room in a bank building.  A number of barbar shops were located
there at various times.  The one I remember best was operated by Steve Hyte
and his son Barney.

At the rear or the bank building, in photo No. 1 can be seen a single story
frame building, which was part of the early history of East Tiffin Street. 
In later years it was replaced by the two-story structure there now, shown
by photo No. 2.  Presently that building is part of the Ash Family holdings,
occupied at 105 by Jennifers Curling Iron and at 109 by Headquarters Hair
Center.  The list below shows others who occupied the building through the
years.  Next to it The Masonic Temple, whre the American House Hotel stood.

That brings us to the commercial building and two houses that remain on the
south side of the street, from the earlier era.  Photo No. 3 shows two build-
ings which have occupied a spot on east Tiffin for many years.  The one on
the right is owned by Ira Cadwallader and occupied by Bud's Bakery.  The one
on the left has the name of the original builder, "Mergenthaler" at the top.
It is occupied by The Commercial Press and the Senior Citizens Center.  Many
other businesses occupied those two buildings through the years as shown in
the listing below.


I remember the first time I saw the old silent movie of "Uncle Tom's Cabin,"
shown in the movie-house, The Unique, which occupied the room where the Com-
mercial Press is now.  I guess it must have been in 1914 or 1915, when I was
in about the third grade at Whittier School.  Admission was 5 cents.  The
showing for kids was in the afternoon after school and the seats were filled.
The pianist played suitable tunes to accompany the silent pictures.  Oh, how
us kids clapped and shouted at the exciting parts of the episode.

Photo No. 4 shows a building, currently vacant, owned by Bill Reineke, but
originally built by John Duffey at about the turn of the century for use as a
livery stable, and later became one of Fostoria's early automobile agencies
and garage.  John and Squire Duffey were in the livery stable business to-

Earlier, Duffey had brought wild horses from the Western plains to Fostoria
and sold them to farmers for work horses.  Later he bought them back, all
broken and trained and ready for riding and buggy use.  He also brought cat-
tle to town from the west, fattened them and shipped them to Eastern markets,
according to Mrs. Charles Yost, Duffey's daught and only living direct des-
cendent.  She was Cree Duffey then.


The Duffey family consisted of John and his wife, Cree, Kenneth, Ralph, and
Charles, who lived in the large frame house, shown in photo No. 5, next to
the garage.

In later years the garage building was occupied by McCormick Motor Sales,
followed by Cussin & Fern.  Still later Bill Reineke bought and used the
building for his Ford agency, before moving to his present location.  The
building in recent years has been used for storage and by the Emergency
Corps; however, they have relocated.

The large frame house, next to the garage, in which Duffey's lived, must be
80 or 90 years old.  The property is owned and occupied jointly by Utah
Rickle, Betty Piotter and Mr. and Mrs. Elton Smith, who are relatives.

The large frame house next to it, also shown in photo No. 5, at 139, is owned
by Florence Cunningham.


The following is the lot numbers and names of business places or residents
for various years as explained in today's story.

YEAR 1915
105--J.L. Carter--optician
107--Newton Mohler--tailor
109--O.C. Harding--jeweler
107 1/2 --Dr. Nate Hatfield
113--Masonic Temple
121--Ohio State Telephone Co.
123--Unique Theatre
123 1/2--H.M. Mergenthaler (resident)
125--N.E. George (fruits and vegetables)
133-135--J.B. Durrey and sons Garage
137--J.B. Duffey (resident)

YEAR 1930
105--No listing
105 1/2--Phi Delta Kappa
109--Wilgus-Wilson Shop Ladies Wear
113--Masonic Temple
121--Commercial Press
123--(rear) Fostoria Welding
125--Kroger Grocery
133-135--Auto Electric Service (F.K.&C.J. Laffey)
137--John B. Duffey (resident)
141--E. Tiffin Auto Reparir (E. Nusser, H.G. Warren, R.R. Tustison)

YEAR 1950
105 1/2--Shirel Hawk (resident)
109--Joe Brown Shoe Shop
113--Masonic Temple
121--Fostoria Sheet Metal Shop
123--Commercial Press
125--Spieldenner-Floor Coverings
133-135--Cussins & Fern Co.
137--Lloyd R. McKee (resident)

Above listing taken from Fostoria City Directories.
(More of this story another time)

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