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Thursday, January 21, 1982


Pix #1 - An up-to-date view of East Center, south side, from the north-south alley to end of the business district. Hiser Realty is on the right and Touch of Class on left. The numbering system for that are is 129-131-133.

Pix #2 - The same location as Photo No. 1 but dating back to earlier days when Eissler's Buggy and Wagon Shop was there, later to be replaced by Cook Carriage Co.

Pix #3 - shows Fancy's Sign Shop at No. 132.

Author's Note: Today's article is the third installment in a series about East Center Street.

An up-to-date picture by the RT photographer (Photo No. 1) was necessary to start today's article, since none were available except Photo. 2.

Photo No. 1 shows the only two business places that exist on the south side of the street in the area east of the north-south alley.

In the photo on the right is Hier's Realty Office now occupying the building were Bud Gross' B & J Hamburger Shop was for a number of years. "B & J" stood for Bud and June, the man and wife team who operated the popular eating place. They set up shop in about 1939.

The other building next to it was built by Bud's father-in-law as a barber shop.

What occupied that space in earlier years?


There were two other buildings there within my remembrance. Occupying the majority of the land was Cook Carriage Co., one of the last in Fostoria to make and repair carriages. In later years, they were forced to paint cars and repair canvas tops to stay in business.

The buildings shown in Photo No. 2 is where J.J. Eissler had his buggy and wagon shop, the same ones where Cook Carriage Co. operated later. The buildings shown in the photo must have been altered for Cook since it does not have the same appearance your author recalls.

Cook Carriage Co. was formed in 1917 by C.G. Cook, father and two sons William and Harry, also Charles Stewart and H.M. Hahn. The Cook's had all been associated with Peabody Buggy Co. in Fostoria.

Fred Eissler, son of J.J., operated the shop previous to Cook Carriage.


The Cook Carriage Co. burned Feb. 4, 1939.

The other building which stood where the Touch of Class Beauty Salon is today was the residence of Dan Fell (No. 133) and also a rooming house run by him. It was destroyed by fire at the same time as Cook Carriage Co.

Therefore, the business numbers for that area and the businesses which occupied them were:

No. 129 -131: J.J. Eissler Buggy & Wagon Shop; Cook Carriage Co.o

No. 131: B & J Hamburger Shop; Three R's Restaurant; Hiser Realty; Martin Real Estate; Wollam-Hiser, Inc.

No. 133: Dan Fell, residence and rooming house; Clay Anderson, Barber Shop; Robert Horner Barber Shop, Fostoria Heating Co., furnaces; Greer Lock & Key; Colonial Beauty Inn; Touch of Class Beauty Salon.


The opposite side of the street, starting at the north-south alley, had a variety of businesses and second floor residences.

The only old photo available to illustrate that area is No. 3, which shows Fancy's Sign Shop at No. 132, operated by Merritt Lee Bowman, father of John, of Two Guys Barber Shop. "Fancy" as Bowmans was most commonly known, is on the right in the photo, with Harry J. Seeebon on the left. When the photo was taken in about 1936 or 1937, "Fancy" had just decorated the delivery truck for Seebon's business.

Photo No. 1 is an up-to-date shot to help readers place the various business places and names. There were a variety of types of businesses which are listed below. It is always dangerous to single out certain ones for special mention, but I'll take my chances.

No. 132 was where Frank Copley had his bicycle shop when I was a boy, and that was an important place for everyone owning a bike or planning to buy one. Copley was a public spirited citizen. He not only fixed flats and did other bike repairs at a resonable cost, but he was instrumental in staging bike races for kids. He also urged kids to decorate bikes and enter parades in town. I believe he also furnished the unicycle which Albert Clary learned to ride and perform on in parades and at the YMCA.


The other business place I want to mention in Runnel's Shoe Store at No. 136, where the Driftwood Bar is now. The shoe store was a man-wife operation until his death, then she continued for a number of years. Not too many years ago their advertising sign on the east side of the building could still be distinguished, even though aged by the weather. I delivered the Review to that shoe store, as I did to other places on East Center. Mrs. Runnel's name must have been Elizabeth, because she was known as "Lizz". In her later years, she lived at 134 W. Jackson St.

Here is the list of the numbering system for that side of the street and businesses and people who lived in second-floor residences.


No. 128-130

O.H. Riley & Sons; Fostoria Implement Co.; East Center Street Garage; G.W. Smith, proprietor; Emerson's Garage, Inc.; Herman G. Warren, garage; Miller Auto Repair; Robert Hallman, car wash; Service Garage, R. Hallman and H.D. Warren; Nash Sales-Service, Carl Gillig, proprietor; Goodyear Service Store; Tom's Tire - Auto Supply.

No. 128 1/2

(All residences): J.R. Ferguson, Frank Walton, Albert Evens, C.C. Monro, Mrs. Emma bodkins, Mrs. M. Hollopeter, H.S. Imboden, Mrs. Ada M. Hunt, William C. Daniels; Thomas J. Lane, John Parker, R.D. Croninger, Norman Deer, L.D. French, A.W. Smith, Lee Valenti, A.E. Lewis, Otto G. Van Atta, Park Peter, Mrs. Mary Newlove, Rosa Banks, Donald C. Peltier, Jos. Esposito, Jas Lind, Jas. a. Gregory, Frank Mall, Louis Saiter, Herman Beckman, Roscoe Lewis, Rosa Bloom, Leonard C. Russell, George Hunt, Eugene C. Kromer, Carl F. Gillig, Alvin Cole, Mrs. Angie Fisher, Claire Hile, William B. Beach, John J. Thompson, N.C. Johnstone, Edward L. Hushour, Wayne Druyor, Clinton Smith, William Everding, James Whittinger, Kenneth Ellison, Ronald Sheets, Paul Heckathorn, Roy Milliron, Agnes Yoder, George E. Ward, G.C. Cook, Cletus A. Dalzeith, Wilbert L. Reed.

No. 132

Copley's Bike Shop; John K. Hadded Co., propelled bicycles and motorcycles; John W. Brown, second hand store; LeMar Cook Upholstering; Ace Painting & Glass; Lily's Cake Decorating & Supply; Fancy's Sign Shop; Taylor's Appliance and Service; J.V. Glass Shop.

No. 132 1/2

(All residences): Russell Holopeter, William Aber, Baker Searles and Mrs. Sadie Scholidon.

No. 134

L.O. Wade Storm buggy Co.; National Auto Supply Co.; Netzel's Feed Store; Harry G. Deane Sign Painting; Rusty & Fancy Studio; Fairmont Creamery Co. Cream Station, Newhauser Hatcheries; Marietta's Beauty Shop & Sportswear.

No. 134 1/2

(All residences): R.L. Gillum, Mrs. G.W. Yeager; Orin E. Trumbo, Clarence A. Host, Mrs. Mildren H. Lewis, Frank Gheodore, Akron Quickie, Herman H. Babb, and Ober Ferguson

No. 136

Runnel's Shoe Store; buckeye Dress and Apron Factory; Aaron J. Peter Sheet Metal Works & Furnaces; M.E. Murphy Shoe Repair; LeMar Cook Upholstery; Shank's Used Furniture; Driftwood Lounge.

No. 136 1/2

(All residences): G.A. Panyard, Mrs. Ella Case, Ella Sherman, William R. Robinette and Lloyd Windson.

No. 138 1/2

Lord & Shirk, plumbing and heating (in rear behind residence)

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