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Thursday, December 20, 1984


The approach of Christmas reminds the author that another year draws near to a close...and we should be hopeful that 1985 will bring with it all the good things that the true spirit of Christmas can generate within us...that those good things collectively through mankind can positively affect the whole world.


The article in The Review times football tabloid, by Potluck author, about the FHS national championship football team of 1912, brought a telephone call from Gerry Louris, Minneapolis.

A reader of The Review Times sent a copy of the article to Louris, knowing that he would be interested, since Dick Kelley, a member of the team was Louris' step grandfather.

Louris in turn telephoned me, requesting a copy of the football photo, plus any other photos available of Kelley.

As said many times before, The Review Times really gets around.


That article was a very popular one. It just brought a recent call from Nieta Ash.

Nieta's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ash, went to housekeeping on a farm on what is now Ohio 12, once called the Old Plank Road. Their farm was just west of the country school on that road, near Liberty Cemetery and the church. The old school is now a residence.

When the Plank Road was no longer maintained as such, it reverted to a mud road, as of earlier dats, and was, in that condition when the Ash's lived on it.

Nieta says her parents often told her about the time Judd Asire, one of Fostoria's leading morticians years ago, and predecessor to Asire & Harrold Funeral Home, had a funeral with the body to be buried at Liberty Cemetery. At that particular time the road was in very bad shape, and the horse drawn hearse got stuck in the mud.

So, Asire had to stop at the Ash home until be could get pulled out. The Ashs put him up for the night and served him dinner. The story goes that Asire was so elated with the elegant meal that he offered to pay any price for it.

Mr. Ash bought burial lots at Liberty Cemetery, and both he and his wife are buried there, according to Nieta.

Nieta was born on the farm, but the family moved to Fostoria in 1917. Harvey and Ross Ash, father of Helen, were brothers.


Had a telephone call from Evelyn Kissling, Amsden, and later a nice note. She was one that corrected me about A. Knox, named in the caddy story, still being alive. Here's her note:

"Mr. Krupp: Enclosed is the article about Jean Henry I called you about. Many people from Fostoria have attained a measure of fame and I think when one gets notice in a national publication, someone in the the town should call it to the attention of others, and I'm sure most of us read your articles".

"I was also a student of Ethel (Reese) Ash in the 7th and 8th grades at Emerson Junior High School, and still visit with her now and then as we both moved to Amsen in the same year, 1938".

Sincerely Evelyn Kissling.

In regard to Jean Henry, a half sister of Josephine Lee, 700 N. Main, I could probably quote a few sentences about Jean from the publication without permission, but prefer to get permission to reprint the full article. I will do so in future columns.


Just a glimpse of some of the subjects which will be offered to readers in 1985:

(1) A few more in the series about villages in Seneca County, Iler, Kansas and perhaps another.

(2) A few articles about important people in Fostoria in past years similiar to the Sammy Croft story, which was very popular.

(3) Continuation of articles of streets which have been started but not completed of which there are several.

(4) More on the old houses about town.

It doesn't take long to lineup 50 articles from the above categories.

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