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Son attends evangelical conference in Phillippines
Thursday, September 14, 1989

Pix #1 - Scene at public gathering decades ago which Richard chapman submitted. If anyone has information about the photograph, contact Paul Krupp..

Nate Krupp, son of Paul an dcleo and brother of David, in a recent letter reported the conference of more thatn 4,000 Christian leaders in manila, the Philippines, which he attended.

The meeting called Lausanne II was named after lausanne, Switzerland, where the firest congress of World Evangelization was held in 1974. It was a gathering to share, pray, plan and strategize to hopefully see the Great commission completed by AD 2000.

Krupp reported he was part of a group of amost 40 who spent most of the time in four-hour shifts praying around the clock during the entire 10 days.

"It was a thrilling time", said Nate Krupp. "Requests would come, we would pray and God would intervent," he reported.

Nate Krupps' stationery carries the following as the goal of his dedication and activities: "Serviang the body of christ in the interests of revival, restoration, unity, world evangelization and end-time preparedness"/. "His Bride had made herself ready"... Revelation 19:7.

Anyone wishing to write Nate and Joanne Krupp may reach them at 6813 N. 11th St., Tacoma, WA 98406.

Reader becomes contributor

Richard chapman, residing at 819 Eastern Ave., called at my resicence to introduce himself and to make a photograhphic donation. It is the one used iwht thday's article. He did not have the faintest idea of the donor and the subject matter of the photo.

To this author it appears to be a Fair ground, with quite a large audience in the stands. Perhapss some Potluck reader can provide the answer: Who? What? and where?

Heed God's word

Open or closed hands

Al friend sent me a book///"\the Friendship Book". From it I extracted one of the topics therein which struck me because it expressed such an important thought all of us should consider: "A little while ago I was in cjurch listeneing to a sermon on the text "Give and it shall be given to yhou", in the ocurse of which the minister said, "A closed hand cannot recieve.:.

"Those words have kept recurring to me since, not only in the way the miniseter used them, ;but because they have reminded me of so many other things a closed hand cannot do. It cna't shake hands. It can't wave a friendly greeting... only shake a threatening fist. It can't pat a little child on the heatr. It can't be laid re-assuringly on the shouluder o fsomeont who is discourgaged. It can t run over the pages of a book, or play a musical instrument. it can't scatter seed or pluck a flower.

"Thank god for the joys that come to us through our own hands and tose of tohers."



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