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Goodbye, for a while
Thursday, April 6, 1989


Pix #1 - Mr. and Mrs. Harrold Freese of Harlengen, Texas. This column, on several occasions has mentioned "Toby" Freese, a former fostorian, and graduate of FHS. Whenever the Freeses get back to Ohio for a visit, we get together. Recently, Toby sent me the latest picture of he and Mrs. Freese. There are some Fostoria residents who may still remember "Toby", but have not goten to see him on his return visits to this area. Last summer the Freese and I visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Neal, in Rocky River. Frank and "Toby" were on the FHS football teams years ago. "Toby" spent his early boyhood days in Amsden before moving to Fostoria.

Believe it or not, the first Potluck article in The Review Times appeared in Janyuary 1077 and according to my figures that adds up to twelve years ago.

I didn't go through all of the many scrapbooks in wihci the article are preseved and ocunt them but if one appeared every week that would count to 624 articles.

The time an deffort spent digging out supjects, data, photos, interviewing, etc., has been fun, education al and rewasrding in many ways.

In those 12 years, "age" has taken some toll (mainly the ablility to remember" but also the "zip" to accomplish as easily and quickly.

I said the previous to say this author is going to take a vacation. How long? I don't know but until I feel the urge to resueme the routines and when the many tasks around our home at 927 N. Main St. get accomplished.

Finally, if I have any materials that have been loaded, (such as photos, etc. ) not returned to owneres, drop me a note (please do not call) and I will return same.

To all of my readers known and unknown, I wish you all a happy an dpleasant summer.

"God be with you till we meet again; By His ocunsels guide, up-hold you; With HIs sheep securely fold you. God be with you till we meet again."

Retired RR employees still living

In addition to the naeme of railroad emplooyees that appeared in recent Potluck articles, here are otheres that have been called to theis author;'s attention: Roger Grashel, 131 W. Eagle St, Richard Davis, 426 S. Town St., Clyde Dillon, 2473 Fostorai St., Bruce Johnson, 109 Sececa Ave., NBob Ropp, 712 N. country line. Tom Carte, 334 Watson St., Donald Fell, 7126 N. Jackson Twop. Rd. 5, Carl Peters, 1140 N. Loudon Twp Rd. 47, Bill MUllins, 341 McDougal St., John Harriman, New Reighel, Charles Bixler, 211 Jeanette Dr.

there may be otheres which have not been called to my attention.

In preparing the above list I happened to telephone dorothy Vanderhoff, an old friend.

She tolme that Bob Keckman, an uncle, worked for the LE&W, starting at age 17, later to become yard master. She also said Geroge Harman was a Target-man on that railroad; both deceased.



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