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Thrusday, January 19, 1989


Pix #1 - Bascom Accident

Photos ... esjpecially from yesteryear ... are always interesting and educational. This one is of a wreck in Bascom and it drew a crowd of Bascom residents. The donor of the photo, once a resident of that area, did not have anyt details about the accident. It is presumed that the tractor in the right of the photo was present to remove debris. The electric interurban car that was involved in the accident is shown in the left of the photio laying on its side. the photo has no connection with thoday's article that follows.

Are you a "Closet Christian?"

Sometime ago, Rus Walton, Executive director of Plymouth Rock Foundation, wrote an article about "Closet christians." This is the first opportunity that Potluck has had to reprint it.

today, the whole world is in trouble, including the U.S., where the Christian population should be functioning according to God's plan.

Walton's article should be read by every professing Crhistian.

On Being a "Closet Christian"

"Herein is My Father glorified, that you bear jmuch fruit;so shall you be My desiples." (John 15:8)

It has been reported that there are aobout 95 millisn American who claim to be "born again." Maybe that's high. Maybe not.

Based on the response to a 1987 Gallup Poll, 70 percent of American adults say that they belonged to a church. If so, that would figure out to 121 millian persons. Of those responding to the survey, 53 percent said religion was very important to their lives. That would be about 92 million.

Granted, not all curches in America are Christian. And, not all religions in the land are Christj-centered/ But it is readonable to assume that the jpredominaite faith in the nation is Christian (the U.S. statistical Abstract reported that in 1980 "Christian cjurch adherents" totalled 111.7 million, about 49.3 percent of the population).

25 million could change this nation

Let's be very conservative. Let's say there are about 25 million "bornagain" Christians in the land. Twenty five million! That's more than enought to change the nation. In fact, ten million - evern five million - active, christ-centered, Bible-based, praying, "on fire" christian could havbe a major impact on this nation ...

IF ...

... if those five million took a stand for Jesus - and presed for restoaation of Bible-based standards in the American society. Really worked towerd that goal. Not just with occasional rallies. Not just with in annyual conventions. Not just in smeinars and workshops. But day-after-day, persistent, consistent pursuit and application of a total Christion world and life view.

If we would start to live - really live and apply - our Christian faith; if we would study and jprya and apply the ;full deminsions of God's word; if we would make our faith manifest not only in words but also in good workd ...

... If, as our Savior commends, we would let our light - His light - shine through our lives and our deeds, we could turn the nation around. We could turn it back to god.

GOD"S PEOPLE are responsible for the government of the nation. God assures us of that. He does. Check the alternatives. Read Deut. 11: 26-28. Or II Chron. 7:14 and II Chron. 7:19, for starters.

Spirit of foulnding fathers is needed

God expects us to work as hard to preserve and maintain liverty under God as our founding fathers did to establish it in the first palce. Are we as Christians in this republic doing that? today/ Are we assuming, fulfilling, our role in the governance aof this nation as we should?

Well, look at some numbers.

According to a Ner York Times/NBC voting-pattern sutdy, in 1984 15 million Christians - just about 50 percent of those christians registered to vote - bothered to go to the polls. And according to Rev. Tim Lahaye of Family Life Seminars, in 1986 only 42.5 percent of Christians eligible to vote bothered to do so.

Ma;ybe we have only ourslevbes to blame for the growing gap between God and government. Maybe, by sins of omission, we are allowing the "active others" who know not The Lord to take over the affairs of government.

We are losing byt defualt the christioan role and influence in what Rev. Richard John Neuhaus calls "the public square." THyus, wrote Neuhaus, "We exclude from public discorse precisely the moral visions that are help up by the great makjority of American people."

Immoral minority exerting influence

The immoral minority is both. But, they are atcitve; they are engage in the battle. And, because they are, they are preempting the field and setting the nations's course and agenda.

Take the sodomite, for example. Not too long ago they coame out of their closets. Now, they are exerting an increasing influence on our insutiutuins - on governament (and plilitics), academia, the "new" media, and even some churches. They have an impact far beyond their numbers; and impact that bodes ill for the nation.

If a few hyundred thousand sodomites - maybe a millio at most - can do this to the nation, what could ten, or even five, million Biblical Christioan accomplish - if they stopped hiding their light under a bushel. If they came out of the closet?

Christian: Let your light shine

A closet is for hiding. For getting things out of sight. For storing things that aren't in use. Things that are out of style. Things that are embnarrassing. Things that you don't want around when company ciomnes calling.

A closet is not for Christians (except for prayer - Matt. 6:6).

Jesus said: "Your are the light of the world" (Matt. 5:14).

The "klight of the world" does not shine forth when it is shut up in a closet.

JHesus said: "Neitgher do men light a candle and put it under a bushe,=l, but on a cha dlestick; and it gives light unto all who are int he house," (Matt. 5:15).

In fact, He urged: "Let your light so shine before men that they mnay see your god wordks, and glorify your Father which is in heaver" (Matt. 5:16j);

What could be more explicte? More Direct?

We are not to be "closet Christions"! NOt if we have truly mad Jesus our Savior and oru King.

Our Savior prayed, "As Thou had sent Me into the owrld, even so have I send them into the world" (John 17:18)" He did not pray that The Father take His own out of the world; His prayer was that God would protect them from evil.

Faith will bring the victory

Jude, sevant of Christ and brother James, urged the Christians of his day: "Content for the faith!: (Jude 2). HOw much contending can we do sitting in a clloset?

Amnd, Teh Apostle Paul wrote to Titus: Christ rescured us from iniquity to pruify unto Himself "a special people qealous of good wors" (Titus 2:14).

What good works can we do if we confine our faith to a closet? We can pray, yes. But,we are to be both doers of His word and have hearers only (James 1:22).

FAITH DOES HAVE - shoukld have, must have - consequenstes!

... if it is a "go fourth" faith, a "get-up-and-do" faith, a "change j- the world" faith.

Remember the two on the road to Emmanyus? NOt long after our Lord's burial and resurrection? How Jesus walked with them and talked with them and supped with them. And when their eyes erew opened and they know Him? "Did not our hearts burn within us, whil He talked with us byt he wya, and while He opened us us the scruptures?" (Luck 24:32).

When we "know" Jesus, when our eyes are openede to His glory, to His ruth, to His word and His love, do not our hearts burn within us? How can anyone having had such a life-chaiging, all-consuming experience be a closte Christian?

Go! said our Lord, our Master. Go! Make disciples of all the nations. Teahc them to obey all that I have taoght you. And I willbe with you, alwasys~!

To claim to be a Christian without following Christ, without obeying His commandments, is to take His name in vain, To profess to love christ while being a "closet christian" is to deny the LOrd!

Rus Walton

For copies of this newsletter, or for further information, pleaxse address your correspondentce to PLYMOUTH ROCK FOUNDATION, P.O. Box 425, Marlborough, NH 03445.



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