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Akron Beacon Journal - June 30, 1940

Camera Caravan Sees A Tent Show


For 43 years the Kinsey Players--now in the third generation--have been an Ohio institution. If it were not for the Kinsey's scores of Ohio cities would never see a dramatic play. Playing under canvas in the summer and in opera houses some winters, thee Kinseys have left Ohio only once--to play a stock engagement in Indiana. Here is a dressing room scene, with left to right, Katie Fortener, Bette Graf, Jean Graf and Lucile Blackburn.

The show plays under canvas, gives one performance each night. The show is transported by truck and the players live in trailers. Here Floyd Anspach and Bob Merrick are at work on the ropes.

The Madge Kinsey Players winter in Loudonville. The Original Kinsey Komedy Kompany was operated by Madge Kinsey' mother and father. Miss Kinsey's father is dead, her mother retired. Another sister, Kthryn Kinsey, formerly was with the company. There is the present family, Madge Kinsey's daughters, Bette, 18, Jean, 16, Miss Kinsey, and her husband, H.E. Graf, manager of the company.


The programs staged by the Kinseys-this troupe is known as the Madge Kinsey Players--include a dramatic play, vaudeville and a musical concert. In three visits to Canton they presented 56 bills. Ordinarily they are "uup" in seven plays, giving one each evening. "Tamed and How," "Toby in Politics," Toby Goes A'Courtin'," "Her Unborn Child" are among this season's offerings.


No caption was available, but those pictured are from left to right - Katie Fortener, Lucile Blackburn, Jean Graf and Bette Graf.



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