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Thursday, June, 27, 1985


PIX #1 - Broad and High Street, Columbus, Ohio, as it appeared many years ago.

PIX #2 - The skyline, looking east from across the Scioto river, Columbus Ohio.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: According to my schedule, today's column should have been the first of a series about Iler, the village a few miles east of Fostoria. Some loose ends on the first article prompted me to delat it a week. Today's column is a combination of "Reader Feedback" and some thoughts that could be called "Truth Is Stranger than Fiction".


One day recently, I was in a supermarket to pick up a gallon of milk. The checkout line was full, so I had to wait.

Behind me was a rather demure young lady. I said to her "Good morning. Beautiful day isn't it?" She smiled and agreed.

I noticed that she had purchased a single pink carnation in a vase, and I inquired if it was live or artificial. She said, "live" and I remarked if was very pretty.

She said she had purchased it for her sister. I replied that it was a very nice and thoughtful gesture and that this world needed more thoughtful and kind deeds. "Yes", she said. "there is so much fighting and quarreling going on in this world, and we need more caring for others".

I wished her a good day and I felt that we had both shared our common feelings and were benefited by doing so.

Try it when you are shopping. Spread a little of God's love.


Often, when I am in a store or on the streets, people smile and speak to me. I say, "I don't believe I know your name" They usually explain that they know me from my picture with the Potluck column so we stop and exchange conversation.

I am glad for those opportunities. Keep it up. Don't hesitate to make yourself known to me. I value all my readers, and the opportunity to know you.


Many readers of this column know that our son David underwent surgery at Lima Memorial Hospital a few weeks ago. He came through it fine. He was in intensice care only one day, even though the medical staff predicted four to five days.

After returning home from Lima Memorial, he suffered a blood clot in one leg and had to be confined to Fostoria City Hospital for 10 days.

Thanks to the medical, surgical and nursing the hundreds of prayers said in his behalf, he is doing fine, almost back to normal.

Our family never experienced such an outpouring of love and prayers as was as was exhibited by so many people...literally hundreds.

Church people of many denominations here and in distant cities, including the 700 Club and P.T.L. Club, prayed for his healing.

He received a stack of mail and our telephone was often busy with inquiries about his well being. And, many floral gifts were received by him...and all eere appreciated.

For all the loving concern and for God's blessings, he and the rest of the family say "thank you".


Recently when I was parked in an uptown parking lot, I saw a steady stream of smoke, as black as any that ever came from a coal burning steam railroad engine, pouring out of a chimeny and spreading over the business district.

Also, on the highway that winds through our city's business and residential streets, there are trucks that emit a variety of fumes, much worse than would be present in burning waste papers.

I can't believe it is logical to ban burning by residents, within the city, when there is no method to control it outside city limits, or in the incidents cited above.

Is this "ban" a result of city officials not wishing to fight it for policital reasons?


Many Fostorians have visited Ohio's capital city on various occasions... football games, shopping, fair time, etc. Do you recall the way Columbus looked as shown by the two photos with today's column? I have other views of Columbus that might stir your memories. If you'd like to see them in print, let me know.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm glad that we reprinted the photo of the TF&F interurban, with the group of employees. The photo turned out much better than the first run...and as a consequence, a number of readers telephoned and reported faces, in the photo not previously identified.

BLAKE MYERS identified Grant Warden, the man at



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