Kiwanis Club

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Kiwanis InternationalKiwanis InternationalKiwanis International
Fostoria Kiwanis Club
Basic facts:
- Local club was chartered on June 1, 1928
- Weekly meetings take place at noon on Tuesday on the lower level of Good Shepherd Home (If there is a 5th Tuesday of the month, the club does not meet but serves Meals on Wheels as a community service project.)
- Board meetings take place at one on the first Tuesday of each month at the Good Shepherd Home.
- Approximately 35 members
- Officers: 2011-2012
Julie Reinhart
Joni Pinskey
Vice President-
Shelly Pahl
Gary Strausbaugh
Jack Glenn
- Service projects include:
Mentoring of elementary students; shoes for needy; car seat donations/inspections; scholarships; Meals on Wheels; Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets; highway cleanup; visit shut-ins at local nursing homes.
- Supports programs including:
Habitat for Humanity, Bureau of Concern, the Sharing Kitchen, WSOS, Feed My Children
- Coordinates: New Educators Luncheon; annual prayer breakfast
- Fund-raisers:
Pancake Day, Peanut sales and Flags
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2011 – 2012 Fostoria Kiwanis Club Leadership:
Robin Bates, immediate past president; Joni Pinskey, president elect; Sonny Sackett, board member; Jack Glenn, treasurer; Shelly Pahl, vice president; and Julie Reinhart, president
Fostoria Kiwanis Club

October 17, 2011

Jack Glenn presented immediate past president, Robin Bates, with a plaque in recognition of her Distinguished President award.
New members, Kevin Gordon, Shelly Pahl, Amie Hathaway, and Lori Welter posed for a photo.


VFW - Seneca County

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920 East County Road 20

(Mailing Address: 103 S. Washington Street)

Tiffin Ohio 44883

FAX 419-448-5104

The Seneca County Veterans Service Commission consists of five members nominated by local veterans organizations and appointed to five-year terms by the Judges of Common Pleas Court. The current commission consists of the following members:

David A. Young, Vietnam Veterans of American
Raymond D. Cooley , Veterans of Foreign Wars
Thomas L. Evans, American Legion
Joseph L. Gehring, Disabled American Veterans
James R. Rochester, AMVETS

The Seneca County Veterans Service Office staff is:

Thomas B. Gernert, County Veterans Service Officer
Pat Warren, Veterans Benefits Counselor
J.M. McAuliffe, Veterans Service Officer
Sharon L. Hi mebaugh, Transportation Coordinator
Norman M. Musgrave, Driver


8:30 AM TO 4:30 pm, Monday throught Fridday (except holidays)

The Commission and the office operations are governed by the Ohio Revised Code, section 5901. By law, the Commission is funded by a maximum of one-half mill assessment against property tax revenues for the county. These monies are used to provide the following services:

Assistance with VA Claims
Enrollment in the VA Medical System
Transportation to VA medical facilities
Financial Assistance in Emergency Situations
Burial Plots for Indigent Veterans and Eligible Family Members
Funeral Expense Assistance for Indigent Veterans and Authorized Family Members

Our office can provide information on most subjects dealing with VA benefits and programs. We will provide assistance with filing claims with the VA for all eligible members. In all cases, the claimant must present proof of service, usually the military discharge. For those who do not have a copy of their discharge, help is available to obtain a copy. Any other documentation needed to pursue a claim, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc, can normally be obtained by our office.

Quick View of Veterans Benefits:

Service Connected Disability Compensation: Paid to those servicemembers who incur a compensable injury or illness while in military service. This benefit is not computed using any income information.

Non-Service Connected Pension: Available to those wartime veterans who are permanently and totally disabled and who have low income. This is a strictly income based benefit and all income, including social security, other pension, interest, dividends, etc., are counted when computing the benefits.

Educational Benefits: Dependent upon which educational program the veteran falls under, period of service, and discharge date.

Home Loan Guaranty: Available to most veterans. Requires the veteran to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and meet VA criteria in selecting the home to be purchased.

Medical Treatment: All veterans may apply for VA medical treatment. Each enrollee is assigned either Category A or Category C status based on income and assets. Category C patients are charged a co-pay fee for treatment. Regardless of Category status, there is no charge for treatment of service-connected disabilities which have been duly recognized by DVA.

Links: (Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page) (Cleveland Regional Office Home Page) (Ann Arbor Medical Center)




If you are a military veteran and are not enrolled in the VA health care system, you are missing out! The Department of Veterans Affairs operates the largest and most integrated health care system in the United States! The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations consistently ranks VA medical centers and clinics higher in quality than most private hospitals. Most VA medical centers or systems of care are affiliated with the top medical schools in the country. Yet surprisingly, most veterans know little about the high quality of VA health services, their eligibility for these services, or how to enroll in the system. The free medical services to qualified veterans include: primary care, urgent care services and preventive medicine, to name but a few.


Many veterans are eligible for free to low-cost VA health care but have not yet used their earned benefits. With services ranging from basic visits to hospitalizations, VA can meet all your health needs in modern, fully-accredited facilities.


To register call for an appointment in your local Veterans Service Office in Tiffin, Ohio.


Call us today! 1 (800) 820-0189


Local Phone # 447-2885











Altrus History (1971-1972)

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Altrusa International, Inc.
of Fostoria, Ohio, USA
District Five





Board of Directors
President Eileen Martin
Vice President Louise Strite
Recording Secretary Sharon Leonard
Corresponding Secretary Shirley Madson
Treasurer Mildred Rowles
Directors Claudie Hilleir (1972)
Opal Van Dorn (1972)
Betty Stearns (1973)
Immediate Past President Carolyn White

Let Freedom Ring project was continued.
Kris Kurcan given a scholarship loan of $600.00.
Financial aid of $61.60 given to John Vance family
Purchased 4 chair commodes for the hospital at a cost of $160.00
Founders Fund Vocational Aid recipient Kathryn Ann Frankart received a grant of $350.00 for LPN training.
Grants in Aid recipient Celia Esplugas received a grant of $1,000.00 to continue her graduate studies at Bowling Green State University.
Sharon Phillips was given $25.00 to help finance overseas singing tour with Continental Singers.
Sponsored the Baton twirling contest at Tomato Festival.
Paid International dues of $9.00 for Anondi Kenwar of Assam, India.
Gave Kaubisch Memorial Library, Fostoria High School library, and St. Wendelin High School Library subscriptions to International Altrusan.
Held a spring party for Seneca County Home residents.
Contribution of $100.00 was made to Grants in Aid.
Contribution of $85.00 was made to Founders Fund.
Country Store project netted $740.00

Members Gained: Geraldine Davis
  Arlene Brubaker
  Janet Gilberg
  Lee Koch
  Betty Pritchard
  Marguerite Rosendale
  Nancy Slaymaker
  Barbara Unkefer
  Jonnie Weimerskirch

Members Lost: Nelle Kurtz (deceased)
  Lois Sorg
  Norma Zimmerman

If you are interested in additional information about Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, please contact:

Club President
Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 531
Fostoria, OH 44830

Order of the Eastern Star

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Order of the Eastern Star

Fostoria Ohio



District No. 5, Grand Chapter of Ohio

Order of the Eastern Star

Fostoria Chapter #94
First 100 Years

1989 - 1998

1898 — March 22nd our Chapter was instituted by Findlay Chapter. There were 31 charter members initiated. The first worthy matron was Rose Bell and the worthy patron was Frank Robbins. On October 14th our charter was granted. Two meetings were held each month in the Mickey Block located on S. Main Street.

1902 — Our first deputy grand matron of District 8 was Myra Ghaster.

1903 — The Masonic Lodge moved to the 3rd floor of the Foster Block.

1904 — Myra Ghaster was appointed Grand Ruth.

1906 — Julia Robinson was appointed Grand Representative to Indiana.

1909 — Loa Brant was appointed Deputy Grand Matron of District 8.

1910 — Maude Hess was appointed Grand Representative to Tennessee.

1913 — Building began for the Masonic Temple at our present location on E. Tiffin Street. At the ceremony held to lay the cornerstone, there were 750 Masons present of which 250 were Fostoria members. It was estimated there were 5000 total present. For the next two years many projects were done to help furnish the new Temple. A new coffee urn was purchased by collecting 3500 coffee labels. A contract was accepted to paint the parlor and hall for $35.00. Mahogany furniture for the parlor was purchased at Fostoria's Carr Furniture Store at a cost of $185.50. During this time a rapid membership growth, installations were held immediately following balloting.

1915 — Meeting times were changed from two times a month to one. The Chapter often opened and closed with no business being contracted. Our Chapter shared the cost of a new piano purchased for the Temple.

1918 — It was wartime - many "thimble parties" were held. Red Cross knitting projects were on-going. Maude Hess was appointed "Custodian of Socks" to oversee the knitting being done by the ladies. Many reported to the Red Cross sewing rooms each Tuesday afternoon to help in the war efforts. Liberty Bonds were purchased and the Chapter members were listed in the American Patriots Council. Maude Hess was sent to the Grand Chapter in Columbus on recommendation of a Past Grand Patron of Ohio to arrange the display of Red Cross work donated by the various chapters throughout the state.

1919 — The Chapter helped sell tags and doughnuts for the Salvation Army - $53.61 was collected. In August a special meeting was called for the purpose of initiating 35 candidates into the Order.

1920 — The Chapter voted not to take part in District Day this year.

1922 — Maude Hess was elected Deputy Grand Matron of District 5.

1923 — To celebrate our 25th anniversary, the Chapter voted to give the Temple Co. $500. to be applied to the property mortgage. Chapter showers were held to replnish kitchen supplies.

1924 — Fostoria hosted its first District Day with Maude Hess, DGM, presiding.

1925 — Our Chapter began presenting bibles to new members at the time of initiation. Zoa Dicken was appointed Grand Representative to Louisiana.

1926 — A beautifun clock was donated to the Temple by O.C.Harding, a local jeweler who was a Mason. This clock still stands in the parlor entrance way. Mr. Harding also donated the OES jewel fasteners for our emblems.

1927 — The Fostoria Masonic Temple was dedicated in October.

1930 — During this year, platforms were made and chairs purchased for the associate Patron's station. A St. Patrick's Day party was held and reported to be a very gala affair. Jams and jellies were sent to the Masonic Home for Grand Inspection. A new stove was purchased for the kitchen.

1931 — It was voted to send books and flowers to ill members.

1932 — Jessie Peck became Deputy Grand Matron for District 5. This year our Chapter changed from District 8 to District 5.

1933 — It was voted to charge 35 cents each for plate dinners served by the Chapter.

1934 — Jessie Peck was appointed Grand Warder for Ohio.

1935 — Jessie Peck was elected Associate Grand Conductress. The Chapter voted to raise the cost of dinners to 50 cents each because of the many Grand Inspections and receptions held in honor of our Fostoria Grand Chapter members.

1936 — Jessie Peck was elected Grand Conductress.

1937 — Jessie Peck was elected Associate Grand Matron. Louise Hamilton, WGM, had a traveling gavel that was used by each worthy matron in the district for one of her meetings during the year.

1938 — Jessie Peck was elected Worthy Grand Matron. A Grand Inspection was held at Fostoria's Masonic Temple in her honor with an attendance of 535 members.

1939 — Grace Miller was appointed Grand Representative to Virginia.

1942 — Wartime again. The Worthy Grand Matron urged each Chapter to purchase Defense Bonds and volunteer for the Red Cross. The Chapter totaled 7125 hours donated to Red Cross work. Our Chapter earned a "Merit of Excellence" by the Worthy Grand Matron.

1943 — Members were asked to bring small amounts of sugar for the kitchen because sugar was under wartime ration. A formal spring party and dance was planned. The Chapter was considering instituting Job's Daughters or Rainbow Girls.

1945 — Alice Hitchcock retired after serving 26 years as the Chapter's secretary and was given a special party. A donation of $50 was given to the Red Cross to help their war efforts.

1946 — The Chapter held its first pie social.

1947 — Betty Porter was appointed Deputy Grand Matron.

1948 — Our Chapter celebrated its golden anniversary. Esther Chance gave highlights of the first 50 years. Mildred Miller, WM, lead the Chapter in organizing the Bethel Job's Daughters. The Chapter voted to pay for their charter and furnish robes.

1949 — The Chapter voted on a motion made by Betty Porter to purchase grave markers for our deceased members.

1951 — For the first time in many years the Chapter held a memorial service for our departed members A single rose represented each deceased member.

1954 — During this year, bake sales were held along with rummage sales. Tax stamps were collected as a money maker. Newly purchased paraphernalia was dedicated.

1956 — Lillian Heinze was our Deputy Grand Matron. District Day was held in Republic and the weatherman dumped a lot of snow that day to hamper the affair.

1957 — An organ fund was established to purchase a new one when enough money was collected.

1958 — During Grand Inspection this year, a new law came into effect making budgets for each Chapter mandatory.

1959 — This was a very busy year for Gladys Guilinger, WM. There were many petitions to be voted on and initiatory work was held almost every meeting.

1960 — The past matrons and past patrons presented a gift of two complete silver coffee service to the Chapter for use at our formal occasions.

1961 — New robes were purchased for Job's Daughters.

1963 — Blanche LeComte, our new district president, held District Day at Fostoria. The officers presented a new 50 star flag to the Chapter.

1964 — The new worthy grand matron decreed that a prayer be said at the end of each meeting before the Chapter entered the dining room.

1966 — New star point chairs were purchased for the Chapter. Also purchased by the past matrons and patrons and presented to the Chapter was a silver serving plate.

1968 — Barbara Warner was chosen Deputy Grand Matron of District 5 for the ensuing year. Worthy Grand Matron Helen Barkley presented Past Grand Matron Jessie Peck a 50 year pin.

1970 — After saving in a special fund since 1957, a new organ was purchased.

1971 — The first Tomato Festival was held in Fostoria and the Chapter participated in the parade by entering a float.

1972 — Zenith Hanover was presented a 50 year membership pin. A new alter, pedestals, and podium was purchased to replace the old ones. Also during the year, Lauretta Smith prepared a booklet celebrating the Chapter's 75th anniversary.

1977 — Monies from a project fund was used to purchase new dishes from the Fostoria Star Glass Co. This same year, Jessie Peck was given a life membership to our Chapter.

1978 — Esther Johnson was appointed Grand Page to the Deputy Grand Matron of District 5. Dallas Dauterman was appointed Grand Aide.

1979 — Marie Weaver was appointed Deputy Grand Matron for the ensuing year.

1980 — Rachel Baker was elected District 5 treasurer.

1981 — Rachel Baker resigned her District 5 office due to ill health. Ethel Earl was elected to replace her. Money was donated to the Temple toward the purchase of a new floor covering for the kitchen.

1982 — Fostoria had its first open installation. Agnes Jenks was worthy matron and Ray Earl was worthy patron. Ray Earl was appointed ESTARL Representative for District 5 and also served as Grand Aide to Ruth Reisch, DGM.

1983 — New traveling jewels were purchased for the worthy matron and patron. A donation of $500 was made to the Fostoria Masonic Endowment Fund.

1984 — Our Chapter hosted District Day under the direction of Ethel Earl, District President. At that time it was announced that Ethel Earl had been appointed Grand Represent- ative of Minnesota. During the year a new freezer, coffee maker and a microwave was purchased for the kitchen. OES served a record 1000 dinners.

1985 — The Chapter purchased ceiling fans for the dining room and kitchen. Vertical blinds were also purchased for the kitchen windows.

1986 — Richard Byerly was appointed Grand Aide to Wanda Ramsey, DGM. Our Chapter donated $1000 toward the purchase of a much needed exhaust system for the kitchen. It was decided that the Chapter would purchase and give to each "shut-in" member a poinsettia at Christmas time and to make it a yearly occasion.

1987 — Richard Byerly, Betty Byerly and Vicki Echelbarger prepared an article for the Commemorative book to be published for the 100th anniversary of OES of Ohio. A life membership was presented to Mary jane Smith, the Chapter organist, who had never missed a meeting or a practice in 30 years.

1989 — Donna Dieter ws appointed Heart Representative of District 5 for the ensuing year.

1990 — The Chapter donated $200 toward replacing the shrubbery in front of the Temple.

1991 — It was decided to start an elevator fund because some of our members were finding it difficult to attend meetings held on the upper floor. The Chapter voted to donate $500 to match funds donated by the Commandry Ladies to "kick off" the fund. Those who served on the Elevator Project Committee were Jeffery Floriana, Chairman; Joan Fleming, Treasurer; Walter Boas; Donna Dieter; Ray Earl; Kenneth Matz; and Anna Perkey. Bazaars, garage sales, cookie sales, fund raiser dinners, and several sunshine collections were donated as well as personal donations made. This was a formidable endeavor with much hard work and giving of many personal manhours of labor to bring to fruition the completed project of an installed elevator and handicap ramp.

1992 — Joan Fleming was appointed ESTARL Representative of District 5 for the ensuing year. Vertical blinds were purchased for the dining room.

1993 — On January 15th of this year, the installation of our elevator was completed. Anna Perkey was appointed Deputy Grand Matron of District 5.

1997 — Mary Funk was elected District 5 Treasurer. Claude Funk was appointed OES Home Representative.

1998 — In honor of our 100th year celebration we visited our OES members residing in assisted living homes at St. Catherine's, Good Shepherd, and Independence House in Fostoria to give them a birthday party complete with balloons and goodies. During this year we will present a 25 year pin to Walter Bemesderfer and Norman Snyder; and a 50 year pin to Ruby Essman and Pauline Holtz. Box lunches were prepared by the members and auctioned off at refreshment time as a remembrance of "days gone by". The money raised will be used for our September celebration. On September 23rd we will be honored by a visitation from Worthy Grand Matron Eloise Wyse and Worthy Grand Patron Richard Wilson as well as Deputy Grand Matron Karen Miller who will help us celebrate our 100th year birthday.

2000--Arlene Boas appointed Grand Representative of Wyoming in Ohio for a two year term at the January School of Instruction. Also, Vickie Echelbarger appointed as Youth Representative for District 5.

Other Notes of Interest

In our first year there were 15 new members initiated who joined with our 31 charter members to bring our total to 46.

In 1923 (25 years) our membership had grown to 368.

In 1948 (50 years) our membership had grown to 394.

In 1973 (75 years) our membership had grown to 411.

In 1998 (100 years) our membership has fallen to 220.

In 1960 our books recorded a peak membership of 507.


1898 Officers
Worthy Matron . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rose M. Bell
Worthy Patron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .F. E. Robbins
Associate Matron . . . . . . . . . . . .Clare DeWolf
Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Stella Snyder
Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ella Robbins
Conductress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ada Mergenthaler
Associate Conductress . . . . . . . . .Harriet Thomas
Adah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Emily Jones
Ruth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Grace Ferguson
Esther . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Katherine DeWolf
Martha . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Myra Ghaster
Electa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Emily Merill
Warder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ermma Asires
Chaplain. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Eliza Harbaugh
Marshal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marguerite Richardson
Organist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lucy Crocker

Meetings were held on first and third Wednesday at 7:30P
Initiation Fees $3.00 — Dues $1.00 — Affiliation $1.00

1998 Officers

Worthy Matron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anna Perkey
Worthy Patron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Earl Perkey
Associate Matron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rebecca House
Associate Patron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Walter Boas
Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Victoria Echelbarger
Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William Smith
Conductress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Arlene Boas
Associate Conductress . . . . . . . . . . . Joan Fleming
Chaplain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donna Dieter
Marshal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Claude Funk
Organist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alice Earl
Adah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jeanne Opperman
Ruth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Elise Smith
Esther . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Warner
Martha . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jean Parryman
Electa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frances Matz
Warder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Amy Belshaw
Sentinel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Val Dieter


Pages, Prompters, Protems

Mary Funk - Winifred Carnicom - Anabel Roberts - Candace Floriana - Sherida Snavely - Ray Earl - Mark Perkey PREFACE

This book is dedicated to all those Brothers and Sisters who have passed before us and gave us a legacy to live by through an organization that is founded on love, truth and helping one another.

This goal is still with us today and we should ever strive to live by these ideals, making them our own as an organization and as an individual. .....So may it ever be. By Joan Fleming

Historical Research Committee

Anna Perkey and Earl Perkey, Co-Chairman
Arlene Boas - Donna Dieter - Joan Fleming


Fostoria Chapter #94
Year Worthy Matron
Worthy Patron
1898 Rose Bell
Frank Robbins
1899 Rose Bell
Frank Robbins
1900 Clara DeWolfe
William Heckert
1901 Myra Ghaster
George Snyder
1902 Ada Mergenthaler
Frank Robbins
1903 Lucy Crocker
S. LeRoy Ghaster
1904 Ella Robbins
S. LeRoy Ghaster
1905 Julia Robinson
James Crawford
1906 Julia Robinson
Charles Davis
1907 Mae Fisher
William Milburn
1908 Stella Snyder
William Milburn
1909 Frances Boley
Samuel Dale
1910 Maude Hess
Otto M. Peter
1911 Mary Green
S. LeRoy Ghaster
1912 Ollie Thorton
Thurlow Null
1913 Grace Cupp
T.W. Null
1914 Pearl Rossiter
S. LeRoy Ghaster
1915 Rebecca Berringer
Thurlow Null
1915 Rebecca Berringer
Thurlow Null
1916 Cora Wood-Reed
Elmer C. Wolfe
1917 Nellie Bishop
Elmer C. Wolfe
1918 Nellie Sparks
S. LeRoy Ghaster
1919 Lottie Mickey
Elmer C. Wolfe
1920 Bessie Schlatter
Elmer C. Wolfe
1921 Esther Chance
Robert M. Hunt
1922 Ethel Mowry
Robert M. Hunt
1923 Zoa Dicken
Elmer C. Wolfe
1924 Grace Wolfe
Elmer C. Wolfe
1925 Nelle Kurtz
Robert M. Hunt
1926 Jessie Peck
Oscar Schutt
1927 Anna Lease
Ross Ewan
1928 Ida Ewan
Ross Ewan
1929 Berta Agnew
Oscar Schutt
1930 Zenith Hanover
Fred Scharf
1931 Alta Myers
Fred Scharf
1932 Hazel Dunn
Henry Myers
1933 Lulu Scharf
Henry Myers
1934 Katherine Lafferty
Floyd Harrison
1935 Elsie Green
Ross Ewan
1936 Marguerite Shaw
Joseph Dunn
1937 Grace Conklin
A.C. VanCuren
1938 Grace Miller
Floyd Harrison
1939 Corrine Mumma
A. C. VanCuren
1940 Esther Kuhlman E. A. Kurtz
1941 Ellen Bauer Laurence Harry
1942 Wanda Harrold E. A. Kurtz
1943 Betty Porter E. A. Kurtz
1944 Eulalo Bohyer (Victor Schuh)
E. A. Kurtz
1945 Esher Emmert Victor Schuh
1946 Helen Cotter Fred Scharf
1947 Jessie McDermid E. A. Kurtz
1948 Mildred Miller Howard Porter
1949 Erma Rice Henry Spooner
1950 Lanora Fox Alfred Fox
1951 Beatrice Marshall L. Glen Marshall
1952 Vivian Hutchins Byron Hutchins
1953 Blanche LeComte Robert Goodyear
1954 Lillian Heinze Park Richard
1955 Delilah Waltermire J. Robert Warner
1956 Geraldine Dauterman Dallas Dauterman
1957 Mary Feasel Park Richard
1958 Lauretta Smith R. Earl Smith
1959 Gladys Guilinger John Guilinger
1960 Dorothy Rothenbuhler Leo Rothenbuhler
1961 Dorothy Tarris George Tarris
1962 Marie Weaver Joseph Deahl
1963 Betty Summer William Kurtz
1964 Barbara Warner Darl Warner
1965 Muriel Gwiner Raymond Gwiner
1966 Norma Smith Dallas Dauterman
1967 Martha Deahl Joseph Deahl
1968 Lois Woessner R. Earl Smith
1969 Cynthia Thompson Harry Thompson
1970 Violet True Leo Rothenbuhler
1971 Mary Ellen Arthur Anthony Douglas
1972 Oradel Orwig Raymond C. Orwig
1973 Esther Johnson Anthony Douglas
1974 Pearl Gottfried Fordyce Gottfried
1975 Mary Weaver Raymond C. Orwig
1976 Donna Dieter Ray G. Earl
1977 Rachel Baker Jack Baker
1978 Marilyn Covrett Dallas Dauterman
1979 Ethel Earl Ray G. Earl
1980 Mavallena King Jack Baker
1981 Betty Byerly Richard Byerly
1982 Martha Williams Richard Byerly
1983 Agnes Jenks Ray G. Earl
1984 Anna Perkey Earl Perkey
1985 Arlene Boas Walter Boas
1986 Vickie Echelbarger Walter Boas
1987 Sherida Snavely Richard Byerly
1988 Ethel Earl Ray G. Earl
1989 Candace Floriana Jeffrey Floriana
1990 Joan Fleming Walter Boas
1991 Mary Funk Ray G. Earl
1992 Anna Perkey Earl Perkey
1993 Alice Earl Ray G. Earl
1994 (Sharon Filer)
Anna Perkey
Earl Perkey
1995 Mary Funk Claude Funk
1996 Alice Earl Ray G. Earl
1997 Arlene Boas Walter Boas
1998 Anna Perkey Earl Perkey
1999 Rebecca House Earl Perkey
2000 Sherida Ifft Walter Boas
2001 Anna Perkey Earl Perkey
2002 Anna Perkey Earl Perkey
District 5 Deputy Grand Matron for 2004: Victoria Echelbarger


Wesley Village

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Wesley Village (Brief History)
Wesley Village is a 59 unit affordable housing project for persons at least 62 years of age with certain qualifying hand-capped conditions located on 5 acres on the south side of Wesley Commons.
    In 1976 the U. S. Bicentennial Commission recommended in celebration of the event that local organizations undertake community projects with lasting value.  Wesley United Methodist Church in cooperation with the Fostoria Bicentennial Commission determined that a need existed for elderly housing.  Addressing that need became a Bicentennial Project for the church.   As a result Wesley Village, Inc.'s organization was sponsored by Wesley United Methodist Church in 1977 to acquire, construct, and operate rental housing and related facilities suited for the special needs and requirements of elderly persons without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin.
    Wesley Church donated $30,000 in 1977 to Wesley Village for operation funds.  The church also provides the land and paving without cost, except maintenance, to the Village for the Village's south parking lot.  Construction funds were provided under the Farmers Home Administration (n / k / a Rural Development) Rural Rental Housing 515 Program.
    The firs tenant moved in on October 1, 1980.  Approximately 6 month was required of 100% occupancy.  Since then tenants have moved in within days of ever vacancy thereby maintaining a vacancy rate of less than 1%.  Since qualifications for residency in Wesley Commons are different than the Village, a waiting list continues.
   Wesley Village Inc. has leased a 3.434 acre parcel of land to Wesley Commons LLC for 50 years for the construction of Wesley Commons.  It also owns 7 acres adjacent to Wesley Village and Wesley Commons for future development and /or sale.
    Wesley Village received a grant form Ohio's HOME investment Partnerships Program for the purpose of making a $500,000 loan towards the cost of construction of Wesley Commons.  The 30-year note from Wesley Commons bears interest at 5.75% during the first 15 years and 0.5% during the last 15.  Interest and principal payments are deferred and due and payable as defined cash flow permits up to stated maximums  Payments of principal and interest received by Wesley Village will be used for providing additional affordable elderly housing or related purposes as required in the HOME grant.
    Wesley Village, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of Ohio and managed by a board of directors.  Current directors in the year 2000 are:  William Dauterman, Robert Fast, Dr. Robert Hadacek, Rev. Branson J. Hawkes, Fritz Matthews, James Schreck and Donald Yarris.   Rosanna Williams is the property manager of Wesley village.
(New) Wesley Commons
    Wesley Commons is a 54 unit affordable one-story housing project for residents at least 55 years of age located at the intersection of Stinchcomb Drive and H. L. Ford drive in Fostoria (Hancock County) Ohio.  There are 12 one-bedroom, 32 two-bedroom, 10 three-bedroom units, and a large community room in one building on 3.434 acres adjacent to Wesley Village.  Each apartment features full kitchens with appliance, carpeting throughout (except vinyl in the kitchen and baths),  patios individually controlled heat and air conditioning, and washer/dryer hookups.  All units are handicapped adaptable.
    Wesley Commons, LLC is a limited liability company organized on December 8, 1997 under laws of the State of Ohio. At this time the Company has members, being:
Administering Member - G.Fred Schwab,LLC
 Sponsoring Member -    Wesley Village, Inc.
 Investor Member -         Ohio Equity Fund for
                               Housing Limited
                             Partnership VIII
    Wesley Village, Inc. and G. Fred Schwab, LLC submitted an application on May 12, 1997 to the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) for the funding of Wesley Commons.  This resulted in receipt in June 1997 of allocation of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) of $238,753 per year for 10 years which Wesley Commons can offer to investors to obtain its principle source of funds.
    With all of the financial commitments in hand, Schwab Architects proceeded with completion of construction drawing and specification.  Following receipt of bids, the construction contract was awarded on December 21, 1998 to Steveco, Inc. of Groveport, Ohio for $2,500,000.
    Upon the inspection of the completed building by the Wood County Department of Building Inspection, Certificates of Occupancy were received on December 28, 1999.  However, cleaning of the units and performing relatively minor details required under the construction contract, delayed the move-in of the first resident until February 15, 2000.
    Terms of the $501,000 HOME Grant require that 22 of the units will be occupied by households with incomes at or below 50% of the Area Median Gross Income (AMGI) for Hancock County. 
    In consideration of the receipt of the LIHTC, Wesley Commons is committed to maintain all 54 units as low income housing for 40 years unless terminated after 1`5 years in accordance with provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.  The rents for all 54 units will be affordable to households at or below 40% of the AMGI.
    Wesley Commons is managed by SA Management, LLC of Columbus, Ohio which in turn entered into an agreement with Wesley Village, Inc. to provide on-site property management.  Under this arrangement Rosanna Williams is the local property manager.
Deposit - Equal to one (1) month rent
Pet Deposit - (if you want to keep a pet)
Wesley Commons, LLC
700 Stinchcomb Dr.
Fostoria, Ohio 44830
Information courtesy of William Cline



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