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From Fostoria Focus
Sunday Nov. 12,2000
By L.C. Selwor
More on Fostoria 1901
    The Tiffin, Fostoria, and Eastern Electric Railway company purchased extensive grounds and established a park called Meadowbrook at the eastern outskirts of Bascon.  The park had a huge pavilion on the grounds which afforded the riders of the streetcar accommodations for theatricals, dancing and picnic parties.
Meadowbrook, of course, is still an attraction for area resident's 99 years later.  In the 1920's and 30's it was on everyone's list for a place to go on Saturday night for dancing to the beat of the popular bands of the area
    The streetcar fair was only 15 cents to Bascon Meadowbrook Park

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1901 More on Fostoria.

From R/t June 21, 2000By Gene Kinn
South Main Street Building Sold
    A deal that has been on tap (under discussion or consideration) for some time, was concluded yesterday. (Feb. 18, 1901) when the new Foster block was sold by Agent William M. Day.  The purchasers are three Tiffin gentlemen, Messrs. Ralph Sneath, Arthur Cunningham, and Alexander Kiskadden. The Price paid was $34,000.
    Nearly 100 years later that Foster block recently sold to Larry Manley and Cheryl Buckland of Fostoria, for less than $150.000
Tough Luck for John
    John Kershner, of the Elk Saloon,  had some tough luck. A week ago, his family went to Toledo for a visit.  First thing that happened during his bachelorhood, the cat ran away; then the dog refused to eat the food given him; then the canary bird died; and last night the plants froze.  Now John fears that the saloon will burn up and has telegraphed for his family to come home.
    Prairie Depot (Now Wayne Ohio) wants a elevator, but finds that there are some of the citizens opposed to the idea.  That burg has some of the most ornery citizens of any town we know of. 
(Today, years later, the village claims hundreds of nice people and only one "sorehead.")

From R/t June 27,2000
By Gene Kinn
Foster Building Sold
    Negotiations which have been going on for some time, between D. L. Harkness of Bellevue, owner of the old Foster block here, and J. McCauley of Tiffin and A. Emerine, of Fostoria were closed in early March and the latter named gentleman are now the owners of the property.
    The block was formerly owned by Charles Foster and was sold to Mr. Harkness about the time of Mr. Foster's big failure.  The building is one of the landmarks of the city and occupies a conspicuous position at the southwest intersection of Main and Tiffin streets, adjoining the Foster homestead, the present residence of the ex-governor.
    The block is occupied by the Kohn Dry Goods store, the city gas office, a millinery store, the public library and the armory of Company D.  The purchase price is $17,000
Fostoria Good Fortune
    The Toledo Blade reported;  It is doubtful if there is a town in the state, the size of Fostoria, that has spent as little for having its money handled as Fostoria has.  Charles Omstead, of the Mechanic Savings Bank has been city treasurer for the past 25 years, during which time he has never accepted any pay for filling the office.  (The position currently pays $6,950 per year.)
Early moped Bicycle
    A novelty, in the form of a motor propelled bicycle, is on exhibition at the Hays House. The power is gained from gasoline,  there being a small tank of it carried on the wheel, and a rotary engine of unique and compact design,  which drives the rear wheel.  Who will be the first in Fostoria to have one of these vehicles?
Coal Thief Caught
    "We are going to stop this stealing of coal if we have to arrest ever man in town to do it."  That was the statement made by detective Bensley of the Toledo and Ohio Central Railway, who caught a Fostorian hauling away a load of coal just removed from one of the cars.
    The detective had his eagle eyes upon a string of cars on the Hocking Valley siding, which were just groaning under the weight of soft coal.  A man driving a two-horse wagon, pulled up and loaded the box full, then started off.   The detective had the thief rounded up before he could get his breath.
    The driver proved to be H. Tobey. He was taken to jail were he pleaded guilty.  He was fined $13.70 and was given a suspended 30-day sentence.

From R/t July 19, 2000
  By Gene Kinn  
Money, Man, Mate Missing
    After much coaxing, Martin Felgley, the Findlay junk dealer, allowed his wife to travel to the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York.
     He gave her a check to cover her expenses, then went out of town
    When he returned, he found that she had drawn the remainder of his money out of the bank and had taken Mr. Felgley's helper, Bob Long, with her.
Fostorian and ex-Ohio Governor (Twice)
Files for Bankruptcy.
    Charles Foster, twice Governor of Ohio and once Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, today (May 9, 1901) filed application for bankruptcy.
    He appeared in the office of the U.S. court in Toledo accompanied by his attorney, Judge John McCauley, of Tiffin.
    It was learned that the indebtedness sworn to amounts to $747,008.34 and that the distinguished applicant claims to have no property left with which to offset that amount.
    The ex-Governor seemed to be in his usual spirits, notwithstanding this evidence of his financial reverse, and while waiting to sign the papers spoke of gong on a fishing trip tomorrow to Middle Bass Island.
Electric Railway Expanding
    The Toledo, Fostoria & Findlay Electric Railway Company yesterday (May1, 1901) placed an order for about 8,000 tons of 60-pound steel rails which are to be used in the construction of the road from Fostoria to Toledo.
    The road is to be constructed this summer, and it is expected that it will be completed, and that cars will be running before the snow flies.
    The company is just now completing the construction of its line from Fndlay to Fostoria, a distance of 16 miles, and will start the cars about June 1st.
    The route selected between Toledo and Fostoria will be throgh Moline, Luckey, Stony Ridge, Woodville, Bradner, Risingsun and Longley, a distance of about 30 miles.  The road is to be built on a private right-of-way, and is to be one of the best constructed lines in Ohio.

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