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Native Fostorian not totally retired from 36-year ministry
Thursday, March 10, 1988


Pix #1 - Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Donna Bormuth

(Author's note: From time to time Potluck has authored articles about Fostorians who grew up here, and made contributions in the careers which they selected for their lifework.  It is a great pleasure to present today's article about Carl Bormuth, whom I have known intimately for many, many years.  This article is
really the story of his life up to the present, as told to me in response to my letter
coming from the Bormuth's farm home near Wyandot.)

Born and reared in Fostoria, Carl W. Bormuth was born January 22, 1907 in Fostoria, son of Frank T. and Minnie S. Osterwalder Bormuth. Attended grade school, junior high and high school, graduating with the class of 1926.  A member of the FHS band.

Was confirmed in First Reformed Church (now Grace United Church of Christ.)

From 1926 to 1928, he worked in the shipping-room office at the National Carbon Company.  From 1928 to 1930, he worked at Fred Stahl's Super-Market. Was a charter member of the YMCA Pontiac Club.

College at Tiffin, Hartford, Conn.

Entering Heidelberg College of Tiffin, in 1920, graduating with
A.B. Degree in June of 1934.  While at Heidelberg he was a member of the Ministerial Association; Gospel Team; Aptonalton Literary Society, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet; Dorm Association; Band and Orchestra; Glee Club and sang in the Messiah.  Served as Chaplain at Wainwright Band Camp, Lagrange, Ind., 1934.

Fall of 1934, entered Hartford Theological Seminary, Hartford, Conn., graduation May 25, 1938 with a Bachelor of Divinity Degree.

While in seminary, sang in the Glee Club and served internship: serving
as an assistant at Center congregational Church, Hartford from Sept. 1934 to Jan. 1035, as student assistant pastor at North Methodist Church, Hartford, from Jan. 1935 to May 1937; as pastor of Community congregational Church.  Leeds North Dakota from June to Sept. 1037; as pastor of the First Baptist Church, New Britain, Conn. from Sept 1937 to May 1938.

Ordained minister October 16, 1938

Bormuth began his ministry at St. Jacob's Reformed Church, Lisbon, Ohio, Sept. 1, 1938 and was "ordained to the work of the Christian Ministry by the Reformed Church in the United States" on October 16, 1938 and served St. Jacob's congregation until March 1, 1947.

During those years, he also served on the Rural Church committee of the Southeast Ohio Synod; Temple of Good Will Committee of the Ohio council of Churches; taught at Junior High Summer Bible Camps every summer for the Ohio Synod; served as 4-H leader.  Was a member of the Kiwanis Club.

June 9, 1940 married Donna E. Checkler in her home Church at Wyandot.

Pastor 8 years in Louisville, Ohio church

Accepted a call to Paradise Evangelical and Reformed Church, Louisville, Ohio, and began ministry March 1, 1947, serving there until May 1955.

During those years, also served on the East Ohio Synod Evangelism, Higher Education and Camp committee.  Also directed a Junior High Bible Camp for a week each summer, for the Ohio synod, at Camp Wanake, Beach City, Ohio. 
Was a member of the Rotary club and served as president for one year.  Was elected a member of Masonic Lodge and member of the Church Consistory made up the initiation team and was raised by his brother, Francis Bormuth.

Ministered at Oak Harbor for 18 Years

Bormuth accepted a call to St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Oak Harbor and
began his ministry there May 20, 1955, serving that congregation until January 1, 1973.   During those years a Christian Education building was built; the church was redecorated and land was secured for recreation and a parking lot.  At that time he also served on the Ohio conference High Education commission, Research and Planning commission, and two summers as director of the Sr. High camp at Templed Hills camp, Bellville; was a member of the Rotary Club and served on year as president.  Upon retirement was elected Pastor Emeritus of St. Paul's' Church; also made an Honorary member of the Oak Harbor
Rotary Club.

Greatest joy: Results of labors

During Bormuth's ministry, eleven boys entered the ministry from the congregations served; four from Lisbon, four from Louisville and three from Oak Harbor.

Upon retirement, the Bormuths moved to the farm near Wyandot, former home of his wife, Donna.  Since retirement, he has served interim pastorates at Hope United church of Christ, Sulphur Springs; Emanuel United Church of Christ, green Camp; Zion United Church of Christ, Prospect,; and Emanuel United Church of Christ, Upper Sandusky, where we was elected Honorary Pastor in 1981 and still serves part time.

The Bormuths enjoy gardening, taking care of the lawn and 22 fruit trees in

(Author's note: In Bormuth's letter to me he remarked, "It was good to hear from
you.  Your letter brings back many pleasant memories of Fostoria, the Pontiac Club, and the time the group of us traveled to Columbus and were inspired to start the club.")

Reader Feedback Glaring error in YMCA article

Everywhere I went after last week's article about the YMCA and Pontiac club was published, readers informed me that John Hollenbaugh, a member of the Pontiac Club, whose name and face appeared in the article, was deceased.

I apologize for the error.  I can not recall seeing his obituary in The Review Times. My regrets especially to his wife, still living, and to daughter Patti Danner, Perry St.

John and I were friends from boyhood through high school and the many years after that when he married and raised his family in Fostoria.

Heed God's Word Prayer Focus

The following items are excerpts from Intercessors For America, published monthly.  Every readers of this column should be receiving it.  There is no subscription price, just a contribution. 
Write for sample copy to I.F.P.O.  Box 2639, Reston, Va. 22090

   National  Repentance 

Offer thanksgiving for the continuing mercy and grace being shown to us.   continue in intercession that the Holy Spirit work conviction of sin, "godly sorrow' and obedience into all believers.  Pray specifically for a restoration of the ten Commandments as our national standard, for godly leadership and for a fulfillment of America's role in the world wide propagation of the gospel 

   Presidential Candidates

God's moral spotlight continues to be not only on the church but on the turbulent political arena as well.  Since only righteousness exalts a nation (Proverbs
14:34), candidates for high office cannot ignore the morality of their pirate conduct.   continue to intercede for an exposure of corruption, that God reveal His choice for our next President and that this man now finds favor with the American Public.

   Christian Education

Offer thanksgiving for the continuing establishment of Christian schools, the
revival and legal sanction of home- schooling and for the multitudes of young people who are receiving quality, moral educations.  Intercede for all Christian teachers and administrators, including those serving in public schools.  Pray that Christian colleges be revived, prospered and restored to moral and academic excellence.

   NASA and Aviation Industries

Offer thanksgiving for the renewed concern for air safety and for the wisdom
and prudence being granted to NASA engineers. Intercede that the Lord remove all corrupt, seditious and incompetent personnel from the aviation industry, NASA and related industries.  In the name of Jesus Christ continue to
break curses and bind demonic assaults which Satanic networks and convenes have conjured to destroy the U.S. space program, air travel and domestic tranquillity.

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