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"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" rated R
Will Graham (Clive Owen) is a gangster who left the life of crime and is living in the countryside. He comes out of hiding to investigate the death of his brother, Davey(Johnathan Rhys-Meyers), to prove that it wasn't a suicide. Also stars Charlotte Rampling, Malcolm McDowell, and Jamie Foreman. Written by Trevor Preston and directed by Mike Hodges.
"P.S." rated R
Based on the novel by Helen Schulman. A romantic story about a late 30's divorced woman(Laura Linney) who gets to live her fairy tale when is reunited with a high school sweetheart who had died previously and reincarnated in his mid 20s. Also stars Gabriel Byrne, Marcia Gay Harden, Paul Rudd, and Topher Grace. Written and directed by Dylan Kidd.

"Affair of the Necklace"
Set in France, based on the true story of Countess Jeanne de la Motte-Valois (Hillary Swank). A young woman leaves her adopted home in search of what she suspects may be her royal heritage. She finds her husband (Adien Brody) dishonest, a love interest (Simon Baker), a diamond necklace, a cardinal, and Marie Antoinette. A confusing drama. Also stars Joely Richardson and Christopher Walken. Written by John Sweet and Directed by Charles Shyer.

Affair of the Necklace
I n Australia, a cop (Anthony LaPaglia) who's been cheating on his wife (Kerry Armstrong) with a lonely woman (Rachel Blake) who becomes suspicious of her next-door neighbor (Vince Colosimo), a man (Geoffry Rush) sho's been acting strangely around his wife (Barbar Hershey).... all of whom are connected in one way or another. The plot thickens when Barbara Hershey disappears and Rachel Blake find one of her shoes. They finally find her body, but was she murdered?? Written by Andrew Bovell and directed by Ray Lawrence.
"Jurassic Park 3" rated pg-13
What a great job on the special effect.
Sam Neil returned to his roll and it also starred William H Macy and Laura Dern. They return to the B site of experiments to find a boy who was stranded there. What excitement, never a dull moment....
"Ghost World"
Best friends Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca graduate from high school and decide to rent an apartment, and move in together.Enid is not a very happy teenager. They play a practical joke on a guy who has run a personal ad in the paper. Seymour is a rather square guy who loves old records. Enid finds when she meets him that she rather likes him and some of the same things he likes. A dark comedy directed by Terry Zwigoff and starring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscami and Terry Garr, It leaves a lot to be desired.
"Rush Hour2" rated R.
This is the sequel to Rush Hour and there is no comparrison. It starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker who are policemen.Chris Tucker is on vacation in Hong Kong and ends up helping Jackie Chan with the crime there. Lots of action but thats about all; not much story. Also starring Alan King Chris Penn and Don Cheadle. Directed by Brett Ratner, not even worth renting
"Osmosis Jones" Rated PG
Starring Bill Murray is an animated/live action combo. Bill comes thruough with a lot of his sick humor. It shows how a body is affected by diet and life styles. Bill is a true junk food/no exercise speciman. Very original in content and the humor; a little strange but I like it. Voices are Laurence Fishburn, William Shatner, Brandy, and Chris Rock. It is a Farrelly Brother

THE ART of WAR- rated R
"The Art of War" staring Wesley Snipes, Donald Sutherland, and Anne Archer. Good guy against bad guy about high-tech espionage and the FBI. hard to follow, lots of violence.
The Art of War
SCREWED- rated PG-13
"Screwed" was awful!!! A not funny comedy about kidnapping a dog, starring Danny Devito and Elaine Stritch. the kidnapping turns sour and the chauffuer is thought to be kidnapped, not the kidnapper.
I rented both of these videos at the Video Connection in Port Clinton Ohio, they have a great selection of videos and some special deals!!
"Return to Me" Starring David Duchovny plus Minnie Driver and Carroll O'Connor.
What a delightful movie. More a comedy but some drama and romance. A recently widowed Minnie Driver goes on a blind date, and immediately falls in love; but of course things happen. It is worth seeing.
What Lies Beneath" is along the lines of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. You can never guess what is going to happen.
Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this drama about a doctor & wife who move to a house with a history and murder. The out come in surprising. Also worth seeing.
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