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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" rated PG
Based on J.K. Rowling's best selling novel, pretty much follows the book.
Harry (Daniel Radcliffe-a talented actor) is orphaned as a baby and goes to live with his muggle aunt and uncle. Never liked by them, he has not been told that he is a wizard. He is finally told that he has been accepted at the Howarts School for Wizards. Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) comes to surrey and take him to the school. He meets all kinds of special kids and great teachers. They discover a secret trap door guarded by a 3 headed dog. Richard Harris plays Dumbledore who is the head honcho at the school. Lots of excitment, the children in our movie theater were mezmerized!!

Sidewalks of New York

"Sidewalks of New York" rated R
A try art movie; written, produced, directed and starring Edward Burns.filmed in documentary style. With interviews on the street it follows three men and three women as they live, date and work in New York. Burns plays Tommy, a TV producer, who has a one nite stand with school teacher Maria (Rosario Dawson). Her divorced husband Ben meets NYU student, Ashley (Brittany Murphy), who is being seduced by dentist Griffin (Stanley Tucci) who is married to Annie (Heather Graham. Who ends up with who?? A romantic comedy and a reason to love New York and people in it.

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"Behind Enemy Lines" rated PG-13 at the Maumee Showcase Cinema in Toledo. A Navy pilot(Owen Wilson) is shot down in enemy territory (Bosnia) and is pusued by the secret police enforcer.His commanding officer (Gene Hackman) goes against orders, after is told he is dead and tries to rescue. Lots of action, a mix of cuts back and forth and battle action, keeps you on the edge of your seat.Gene hackman is dignified but still has sympathy. always good in this sort of role. liked this one also, especially good on the big screen. will give this

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"Novocaine" rated R
Steve Martin plays a dentist with a successful practice and he is engaged to a near perfect hygenist (Laura Dern]. A sexy new patient (Helena Bonham Carter) comes in mysteriously with a toothache, and introduces the dentist to the world of sex and drugs. One lie leads to another lie and pretty soon the dentist is acused of murder (the new patient's brother). What a twist in the end, mystery and tongue in cheek humor. Also stars Scott Caan and Elias Koteas. Directed and written by David Atkins. I liked this one but it's not for everyone.

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"Vanilla Sky" rated R
Aremake of the Spanish thriller "Open Your Eyes", Tom Cruise plays a womanizer who falls in love with his best friends' girlfriend played by Penelope Cruz. His jealous ex-lover (Cameron Diaz) lures him into a car and causes a crash. Cruise who is disfigured from the accident realizes he has no control over his life. He finds a doctor to fix the face but a lot of bizarre things happen to him as he tries to get Penelope Cruz back, at least you think they happen. Is he dreaming or is it real? Terrible, confusing movie; written, directed and produced by Cameron Crowe. wouldn't even rent the video.

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"Ocean's Eleven" rated Pg-13
The original was much better. Had a great cast;.Clooney plays Danny an ex-con who wants to rob Bleeagios', Mirage and MGM Grand (in Las Vegas) in one night. He gets his 11 man crew together and the hope to split 150 million dollars. The casinos are owned by Terry Bnedict (Andy Garcia) who is dating Danny's ex- wife. Brad Pitt plays his right hand man Rusty and con artist Saul, played by Reiner are 2 of the all-star cast. JulieRoberts is Clooney's ex-wife in the movie and affiliated with the casinos they want to rob. Some tongue-in-cheek humor but over all not that good. Directed by Steven Soderbergh.

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