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From Hell
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"From Hell" rated R
The old tale of Jack the Ripper; this movie stars Johnny Depp, Heather Graham and Robbie Coltrane. Depp plays an opium addicted detective who investigates the murders of prostitutes in London, and has visions of the ones who are killed. The special effects are awesome but a little slow and hard to follow in the beginning. Are they covering up the killer because he is royalty?? This movie is based on the novel by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell and directed by the Hughes brothers.
The Glass House "The Glass House" rated pg-13
Like this move also; a thriller starring LeeLee Sobieski. The brother and sister are orphaned and the guardians are old neighbors. Of course, they live in a glass house and their name is glass....Lots of tension in the house, he owes money and she is a drug addict so basically they want the children's' money. The tension builds slowly but you don't know until the end who really killed who.

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"The Last Castle" rated R
Like this movie also; a little unrealistic for prison life (a cross between Brubaker and Shaw Shank Redemption) but lots of action. This movie revolved around a prison for Service men convicted of crimes in the military. The prison overseer (James Gandolfini) is power hungry, mean, and conniving. Robert Redford becomes a friend and leader of the prison and they try to overthrow Gandolfini) lots of action and of course Robert Redford is always good. Steve Burton plays Lt. Peretz and a slow inmate who wins your heart.
Riding in Cars With Boys
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"Riding in Cars With Boys" rated pg-13
A movie based on the autobiographical novel by Beverly D'Onofrio it takes you through her life from 1961 - 1986. It stars Drew Barrymore as Beverly who becomes a mother at 15 married to a high school dropout Ray (Steve Zahn). She feels her life is over, she always wanted to write for a newsspaper. Her father, a policeman, is played by James Woods and her mother is played by Lorraine Bracco, they feel she is wasting her life. She soon becomes a single mother and she and her best buddy(Brittany Murphy) who by the way does an excellent job in this movie. When Bev leaves Ray, her son becomes the main man in her life. This movie is funny, sad, and romantic. Its written by Morgan Upton Ward and directed by Penny Marshall.
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"K-PAX" rated PG-13
A mysterious mental patient Prot (Kevin Spacey) appears at Grand Central Station and claims to be an alien from K-PAX, of course he is immediately taken to a mental institution where a Dr. Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges) becomes his doctor. Overworked and not spending a lot of time with his family Dr Powell becomes entranced by Prot. Prot has the attention of all the patients on his floor, promising to take one along when he returns to K-PAX on July 27th. Also staring Alfre Woodard as Dr. Claudia Villars, Mary McCormack as Marks' wife and Aaron Paul. This movie is a little like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Starman" also starring Jeff Bridges. Is he really an Alien?; he is believable.... so-so movie, Spacey does an excellent job but moves a little slow.
Domestic Disturbance "Domestic Disturbance" rated Pg-13
What a good "thriller", pins and needles through most of the movie. The preview did reveal a lot of the movie but it was still good. John Travolta stars as the divorced father, Frank Morrison, who is told by his son that his ex-wives new husband has murdered someone. There is not evidence or body so the police do not believe him but frank does. The new husband, Rick, is played by Vince Vaughn, the ex-wife by Teri Polo of "Meet the Parents". Of course Rick is not who he says he is, he has a record. I liked this movie, lots of dark scenes and pop outs. Directed by Terry Zwigoff and written by Daniel Clowes.
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