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Tuesday, January 17, 1978


PIX #1 - Kid's Band - We don't know all the married names of the girls, so none are included. Also, we don't know who is still living. They are: (left to right) Top Row: Helen Cleveland, Martha Gerlinger, Esther Comer, Emily Culp, Dorothy Brookman, next unknown, Rosella Kimball, Leola Sheller, Second Row: George Schlatter (if memory is correct), Orrin Carrel, Dick Warner, Harold Hartley, Harold Dew, Mike Smith, Howard Went, Norman Ninick, next unknown, Cecile Cole, Virgil "Poody" Switzer. Front Row: Walter Hershberger, Louis Lougee, Orlo Luhring, Pat Smith, Paul Ziilch, Bob Yates, next unknown.

Most kids act like kids...they are supposed to, to be normal. And, kids like to act and put on a show...and be in a band.

Way back during World War I, a group of kids attending Center Street public school had a band, as you will se by looking at the accompanying photo. They played all kinds of kids instruments...and marched. And for playing and marching they took up collections for the Red aid the war effort.

Ernie Duffield of the local Red Cross would be glad to have their support today.

Center street school occupied the building on west Center Street where the K of C Lodge is now located. Miss Mabel Overhold who was a teacher at the school then, as she was for many years, will be remembered by many readers; and she probably had something to do with organizing the musical group.

The photo was made available by one of the band members, who was then Esther Mrs. Walter Wendt, N. Countyline St. Participants in the band were identified by Mrs. Wendt, and Pat and Mike Smith, brothers, who were also in the musical group. Pat resides on Watson Ave., and Mike in Lima, Ohio.

No one seems to remember the location of the house where the photo was taken. However, they do remember that to aid the Red Cross they also knit squares which were assembled into blankets for the soldiers, and the results of their efforts is shown by one of the accompanying photo. be a kid again.


The Potluck column of reservoir and trees brought an interesting response from a reader.

"Love your column. I've always envisioned beautiful grassy, flowery, neat recreation area around the big reservoir, way out on West Independence Rd. Friends and I walk around there many times. A little care could make it so attractive".

"I've always thought we're missing out on a vast amount of free labor...I mean our youth, who are always saying they have nothing to do".

"Why can't they do the work? I remember half the fun of play in my youth was fixing up a place to play...yard, shed, attic, or whatever".

"I can see scads (literally) of kids, age 10 to 16 in groups working on just a patch of ground (about size of our own yards, competing against other groups to mow, weed, plant, clean etc...bring own tools and mowers, working once a week".

"Maybe you could inspire our Fostorians to make America beautiful in our town. It would take a lot of supervision, but we have a lot of talented, bored Senior Citizens that could help. Just an idea".

The idea is excellent and holds much merit. I pledge to do everything possible to keep the idea alive and nourished, and explored with our Mayor.


Charles Reed, a former Fostorian, who now lives with his son, Lauren in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, read Potluck stroy about the Gorsuch family, and volunteered some information about his ancestors, the Cunningham family who were pioneers and a vital part of Fostoria during its early days. More about that later.

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