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April 20, 1977


pix: Tell Taylor pointing to the spot in the Blanchard River, where he was
inspired to write "Down by the Old Mill Stream."

Recently, I uncovered a memento from a salute to Tell Taylor, author of the
famous song "Down by the Old Mill Stream."  In comemoration of Taylor, a
special broadcast over WFIN-Findlay, was sponsored by Cooper Tire and Rubber,
back in 1950.

Most of the older residents of this area know that Tell Taylor was a one-
time resident in the Findlay area.  He wrote his best known song about a
spot along the Blanchard River that inspired the song.  The accompanying
photo shows Taylor pointing to the place.  He was born in Vanlue in 1876, and
died in Chicago in 1937.

Perhaps you didn't know all the words to the song... I didn't.  Here they

My darling I am dreaming, of the days gone by,
When you and I were sweethearts, beneath the summer sky;
Your hair has turned to silver, the gold has faded too;
But still I will remember where I first met you.
The old mill wheel is selent, and has fallen down,
The old oak tree has withered, and lies there on the ground;
While you and I are sweethearts, the same as days of yore;
Although we've been together, forty years or more.
Down by the old mill stream, where I first met you,
With your eyes of blue, dressed in gingham too,
It was there I knew, that you loved me true,
You were sixteen, my village queen, by the old mill stream.

Word has been received from Fairfax Nursing Center that Colonel Henry Adams,
a hero in World War II, who grew up in Fostoria, is poorly.  He has been in
the nursing facility since 1971.  Because a stroke he has been unable to
speak and otherwise partially incapacitated.

The recent communication from the center described his condition as
"deteriorating" and that his family had been notified.

Prayers and cards of encouragement for Colonel Adams would be in order.  The
complete address is: Colonel Henry Adams, Fairfax Nursing Center, 10701 Main
St., Fairfax, Va 22030.


If you were living in or around Fostoria in the 20's and 30's, see how many
of the business places listed below you can remember - and how many of the
business people connected with them you can recall.

Many of those listed were in business prior to that era, and afterward too,
but the list was compiled from advertisements that appeared in the Pontiac
Club Frolic sheets which were published at that time.  V.E. "Poody" Switzer,
Review Times editor, and A.S. "Al" Bryan, Times editor of the Frolics
publications - tabloid style.

Genrich Millinery - 120 S. Main
Ziegler Dairy - Buckley Street
Corl's Soda Grill - Main and Center
Bullock and Sprow Grocery - 375 Perry
Harbough and Mickey Drugs - 119 S. Main
A.R. Weaks Grocery - 110-112 E. North St.
Gerlinger Equipment - 147 W. North St.
Hummer Shoe Shop - 122 Perry St.
The Book Shop - 206 S. Main
Furniture Home - 122 Perry St.
Bishop Cleaners - 110-112 W. North
Hartline & Son - S. Vine and E. Jackson
Weaver Photo - Maple St.
Great A&P - 216 S. Main
Sowers Meats - 120 E. North
Pastime Billiards - 203 S. Main
Anderson Barber - 126 E. Center
A.C. Hoyt Co. - W. North St.
Inoway Cafeteria - Union Nat'l Building
Bower Drug Store - W. Center St.
Odenweller Furniture - E Tiffin St.
Fostoria Ice & Coal - E. North
Bazley Meats - 112 N. Main
Freeze Creamery - 404 S. Union
Fox Dairy - Findlay Road
Copley Bike Shop - 105 Perry
Gear Grocery - 647 N. Main
Bohrer Drugs - 101 N. Main
Dutt's Tea Room - 216 S. Wood
Duffey Motor Sales - 127 W. North
Zuber Leather Store - 105 N. Main
Kleinhen Realtors - 105 E. Center
Schuh Printing - 114 E. North
New England Bakery - 207 N. Main
Boston Store - 105 N. Main
Union Dairy - 414 E. North
Lakeview Grocery - 107 N. Adams
Peter Clothing Co. - Main & Tiffin
White Front Grocery - Main & South
Dr. J.L. Carter - 111 E. Center
Mefford Tire Co - 130 W. South
Hubach's Ice Cream - 255 E. Crocker
Square Deal Harding - Untion Nat'l Building
H & R Electric - 119 W. Center
Stever-Jeweler - 111 N. Main
Eaton's Drugs - 121 N. Main
E. North St. Lumber - at Cadwallader
Montgomery Ward - 219-221 S. Main
Schnitzler Drayage - 119 Caples
Gribble Insurance - 113 W. Center
Backet Market Grocery - 112 E. tiffin
Woolworth's - Main and North
Dr. Rowe, Opt. - Union Nat'l Building
First Nat'l Bank - Main & Tiffin
Commercial Bank - Main & Tiffin
Fruth Hardware - 222 S. Main

How times have changed.  In that era there weren't any vacant business rooms,
and many of the second floors of the business blocks were occupied.  In the
succeeding years, doctors, car dealers, realtors, optometrists and others
have moved their places of business to outlying areas to meet their

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