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March 2, 1977


Pixs of the following:  Roscoe Carle, Fostoria Times Square, and Fostoria
Times in old Armory.

Having been born and raised in Fostoria, as I go about town I look at and
think about some of the old buildings still remaining as landmarks.  There
are a few left.

One of those with quite a history is the old brick building at the corner
of McDougal and Poplar, referred to by the old-timers as the "old armory".
It actually was an armory when Fostoria has a militia, now referred to as
National Guard.

After the militia became defunct, the building served many uses.  The
accompanying photo shows the building when it was occupied by The Fostoria
Times, which was founded in 1890, and owned initially by Frank Hays.  The
publication had successive owners until it was purchased by Roscoe Carle
shortly after the turn of the century.  He had been the editor on two
previous occasions, prior to purchasing it.  Almost immediately he moved
the publication to the "flat" iron building at the corner of Main and Perry
later to be known as "Times Square".  A filling station now occupies the site.
It continued to be published at that location until the Review purchased
it in 1943. 

Older Fostorians will remember the names of those associated with The Times
after Carle assumed control: Jesse E. Dixon, foreman; Fred Lackens, business
manager; Blaine Hamilton, news editor.  Later John Lockhart was editor.

Later J.H. Williams deceased, and father of Mrs. Paul Stearns was business
and advertising manager of The Times for many years.  A.S. " Al" Bryan,
editor of The Times during the late 20's, 30's and 40's, and later became
managing editor of The Findlay Courier.   He is now retired, but still loves
in Findlay.

Other know survivors of The Times organization are: Charles Walters, Mesa
Ariz,; Irma (DeVore) Lefstrom, Tampa, Fla.; Stanton Carle, son of Roscoe
Carle, who moved to Wyoming, Ill, after the merger a nd purchased a printing
plant from which two weeklies are published and job printing is also done.

The Diesel-Wemmer company, a cigar manufacturer, occupied the building for
a period o time around 1915.  Underground achors for utility poles were also
manufactured there at one time.

A roller skating rink was also located in the building, and an aunt of mine,
Ida Babcock, who later was Mrs. George Hayden, won honors and a pair of gold
plated skates for her skating ability there.

In more recent years the building has been used for many purposes, including
warehousing, car repair, and Don Burke, deceased, brother of John Burke, had
a tire and repair store there.

Brice Kissel, deceased, owned the building in more recent years and conducted
his sheet-metal and roofing business.  At the present time, the building is
owned by W.B. Kissell, son of Brice Kissell.  Considerable vandalism has
been committed to the building as it stands unoccupied.




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