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FHS -Seniors20s

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FOHIRAB, Yearbook
storia HIgh Red And Black
Fostoria High's Yearbook
1990's - 90 - 91 - 92 - 93 - 94 - 95 - 96 - 97 - 98 - 99 2000's - 00 - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
1970's - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79 1980's - 80 - 81 - 82 - 83 - 84 - 85 - 86 - 87 - 88 - 89
1950's - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 1960's - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69
1930's - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 1940's - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49
1900's - 09 - 17 - 18 - 19 1920's -20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29
Page 1
Thelma Bonnell;
La Mar Wolfe;
Zoa Hachet;
Lloyd Mahony;
Grayce Kimes;
Page 2
George Shaffer;
Margaret Clink;
Wayne Hughes;
Bernice Good;
Elden Fruth;
Page 3
Helen Wilson;
Lillian Pearson;
Ruth Werner;
Leland Sour;
Trude Marvin;
Page 4
Ethel Danner;
Cleo Wolfe;
Olo Bell;
Myrta Mosier;

Page 5
Darrell Masamer;
Fern Greenfield;
Bernice Shaw;
Hazel Shaw;
Julia McDole;
Page 6
Kenneth Rowe;
Ruth Frizzell;
Fred Weissinger;
Margaret Wade;
Harold Strawman;

Page 7
Fae Kempher;
Lucile Loomis;
Florence Pelton;
Paul Hachet;
Luella McCracken;

Page 8
Roxine Beard;
Helen Tallman;
Everett Corey;
Mary Allen;
Aylwyn Williams;
Page 9
Florence Lackens;
Alma Coe;
Dellis Beeson;
Helen Kipka;
Edward Mall;
Page 10
Elwood Fox;
Eva Byerly;
Ned Lepper;
Helen Kimes;
Lefcy Stewart;

Page 11
Eula Bower;
Clifton Gillmore;
Nelson Cruikshank;
Virgil Myers;
Page 12
Leroy Wolfe;
Richard Mickey;
Paul Lorah;
Class Officers;

Football team;
Radio-Science Club
Page 1
Charles Bender;
Mary Shelt;
Mae Dillion;
Christina Shisler;
Helen Hindmon;
Page 2
Paul Paine;
Thelma Tefft;
Alberta Fox;
Reba Gibson;
Gladys Overmire;
Page 3
Genevieve Stoddard;
John Mundell;
Mina Dillion;
Mildred Cline;
Marjorie Newhouse;
Page 4
Richard Hessey;
Gertrude Myers;
Mabel Blackford;
Lillian Heckert;
Dorothy Barnshisel;

Page 5
Rudolph Gerlinger;
Claudia McClellan;
Doris Trumbo;
Mary LeComte;
Howard Porter;
Page 6
Bertha Fry;
Ralph Weissinger;
Frances Burnett;
Helen Brookman;
Thelma Sheldon;

Page 7
Annah Lorah;
Grace Hooper;
Francis Colligan;
Alma Peters;
Madelon Bristol;

Page 8
Esther Fairbanks;
Inez Herbert;
Mildred Eckerle;
Helen Shaver;
Walter May;
Page 9
Helen Adams;
Harry Snouffer;
Jane Colligan;
Isabel Hunt;
Josephine Atha;
Page 10
Charles Hess;
Esther Platner;
Doris Smith;
Beatrice Cramer;
Winifred Kimball;

Page 11
Leslie Clevenger;
Geraldine Shaw;
Marian Loose;
Alva Hollenbaugh;
Lulu Loomis;
Page 12
Dale Miller;
Gladys Mathias;
Nilva Gorrill;
Alvin Cory;
Gladys Ward;
Page 13
Eugenia Loos;
Class Officers;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Picture of the FHS Band;
Names & Band information;
Page 1
Introduction page;
Page 2
Ida May Holtsbery;
John Hollenbaugh;
Edna Connor;
Ray Rafferty;
Vibian Pearson;
Page 3
Maxine Warner;
Francis Bormuth;
Maartha Stackhouse;
Howard Norris;
Bella Whitmore;
Page 4
Edna Foringer;
Harry Barenbrugge;
Ruth Cooper;
Leighton Brown;
Mildred Witherspoon;

Page 5
Charles Thompson;
Carolyn Lease;
Charles Hershberger;
Helen Rothrock;
Nelson Klinepeter;
Page 6
Earline Mitchell;
Donald Cleveland;
Hazel Senn;
Robert Shaffer;
Nellie Norris;

Page 7
Thelma Komke;
Clyde Smith;
Edith Frankenfield;
Harl Barlitt;
Edna LeComte;

Page 8
Ruth Sellers;
Gerald Lauck;
Mable Gardner;
Duane Harrold;
Ruth McDonel;
Page 9
Emnma Dillon;
Raymond Cole;
Ruth Sprout;
Harold Shumaker;
Mary Faulhaber;
Page 10
Ruth Karrick;
Park Stouffer;
Margaret Anderson;
Milford Kellogg;
Rowena Feasel;

Page 11
Helen Foringer;
Charles Roby;
Emma Fraver;
Frank Noel;
Margaret Paine;
Page 12
Robert Snyder;
Theodore Bigham;
Kenneth Boyher;
John Solether;
Donald Shale;
Willaim Lockhart;
Page 13
Carl Shultz;
Doran Reese;
Harold Worley;
Herbert German;
Walter Went;
Douglas Weimerskirch;

Page 14
Evelyn McCauley;
Walter Lewis;
Allene Werner;
Clyde Hughes;
Marjorie Freese;
Page 15
Cornelia Ward;
Charles Gorrill;
Helen Fruth;
Richard Linhart;
Loa Yochum;
Page 16
Cecil Hatfield;
Harry Hale;
Robert Gillespie;
Myron Kleinhen;
Gregory Stein;
Thomas Faulhaber;

Page 17
Vera Earl;
Winifred Murphy;
Ralph McClellan;
Page 18
Class Officers;

Football team;
Basketball team;
FHS Band;
Page 1
George Fishpaw;
Dorothy Ewan;
Paul Krupp;
Aline Williams;
Page 2
Richard Fraver;
Reba Knepper;
Ralph Barton;
Harlin Walters;
Page 3
Thalia Rice;
Harold Peters;
Gladys Kotterman;
Henry Spooner;
Page 4
Melvin Jones;
Hattie Anderson;
Arthur Colligan;
Trela Mae Lee;

Page 5
Ben Myers;
Frances Billyard;
Earl Blaser;
Greta Dirr;
Page 6
Margurite Corett;
Virgil Connor;
Charles Stahl;
Paul Simmons;

Page 7
Charles Lorah;
Florence Manecke;
Harry Thompson;
Mary Hollenbaugh;

Page 8
Catherine Grant;
Park Burtcher;
Helen Leesberg;
Clifford Sheldon;
Page 9
Howard Munger;
Orma Moffett;
Richard Stewart;
Laura Yates;
Page 10
Don Young;
Florence Rowe;
Edward Burke;
Marguerite Kissabeth;

Page 11
Grenville Hearst;
Helene Wade;
Helen Risser;
Milton Rice;
Page 12
Ethel Overmire;
Clayton Purkey;
Stella Schell;
Pius Bluom;
Page 13
Ellen Thornton;
Virgil Muir;
Eva Bressler;
Howard Wikle;

Page 14
Derald Hunker;
Vivian Scott;
Robert Kincaid;
Josephine Mock;
Page 15
Paul Williams;
Marguerethe Kleinhen;
Wayne Youngston;
Juanita Anderson;
Page 16
Millard Might;
Marie Lawrence;
Clair Crunkelton;
Dorothy House;

Page 17
Lous Turner;
Howard St. John;
Rolland Thrailkill;
Ida Bressler;
Page 18
Abe Cohen;
Mararet Shook;
Willard Radcliff;
Alta Stearns;
Page 19
Georgia Byerly;
Charles Shaver;
Alice Jones;
Harold Hoffet;

Page 20
Robert Warren;
Howard Bayton;
Victor Meyers;
John Yeasting;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Page 1
James Sweeney;
Claire McCormick;
Lawton Gerlinger;
Juanita Mosier;
John Weaver;
Page 2
Wilbur Sheely;
Maudell Stein;
Joe Pelton;
Mary Ellen Foos;
Jerome Braun;
Page 3
Helen Cleveland;
Ralph Sackett;
Harold Cole;
Helen Serfoss;
Thelma Corfman;
Page 4
Mary Cover;
Charles Hunt;
Aletha Rice;
Randall Duffy;
Dymple Dreitzler;

Page 5
Dessa Zimmerman;
Glenna Williams;
Bernice Covertt;
Hazel Hindman;
Mabel Wolfe;

Page 6
Leona Gross;
John Reed;
Howard Dull;
Leola Henry;
Ruth Kisabeth;

Page 7
Thelma Ann Gross;
Lee Smith;
John Bender;
Lanora Hyte;
Helen Snyder;

Page 8
Margaret Lougee;
Marion Stuckey;
Ervan Puffenberger;
Edna Youngblood;
Leodia Sheller;

Page 9
Helen Shively;
Dale Murray;
James Longacre;
Eleanor Yates;
Gladys Dowell;
Page 10
Mildred Stearns;
Mildred Hawk;
Doris Cromer;
Vernice Haines;
Rosena Anderson;

Page 11
Helen Agnew;
Otto Hutchins;
Howard Degan;
Helen Wade;
Helen McCormick;
Page 12
Dorothy Smith;
Alfted McLaughlin;
Robert Flecitner;
Helen Barlitt;
Louise Lanning;

Page 13
Gladys Cruikshank;
Virgil Switzer;
Charles Pfau;
Sophia Zeigler;
Irma Hutton;

Page 14
Lucille Herbert;
Ennis Hawkins;
George Green;
Blanche Fruth;
Elsie Bressler;
Page 15
Catherine Murphy;
Willard Might;
Harry Nichols;
Pauline Eissler;
Trela Dreitzler;
Page 16
Georgia Corbin;
Robert Warner;
Gordon Watts;
Civilla Coppus;
Agnes Hummer;

Page 17
Bessie Schell;
Helen Johnston;
Ester Davis;
Csther Comer;

Page 18
Ruth Himburg;
Edith Hamilton;
Kenneth Hooper;
Martha Gerlinger;
Page 19
Ethel Lawrence;
Leona Manecke;
Adelbert Good;
Calvin Francis;

Page 20
Elta Whitmore;
Byron Stearns;
Eugene Barenbrugge;
Helen Knox;
Vernice Collins;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Track, Baseball & Tennis teams;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Junior Myers;
Pauline Fox;
William Franke;
Lillian Trafelet;
Alton Duffey;
Page 3
Mildred Herbert;
Dwight Young;
Mable Covrett;
Meredith Brumbaugh;
Marjorie Rosendale;
Page 4
Mahlon Sheller;
Clara Hindmon;
Gould Stafford;
Dorine Miller;
Gordon Mumow;

Pa ge 5
Bonabelle Bradley;
Richard Conley;
Elizabeth Derr;
George Baseshore;
Zelma Blazer;
Page 6
Walter Bristow;
Mary Boddy;
Joe Arnold;
Mary Elizabeth Ward;
Arthur Walter;

Page 7
Marguerite Beeson;
Robert Munger;
Cecyle Cole;
Albert Clary;
La Verne Dray;

Page 8
Lawrence Bredbeck;
Anna Kroetz;
Marion Clevenger;
Emily Culp;
Harold Drake;
Page 9
Berneda Manecke;
Harvey Zuern;
Gladys Gross;
Leah M. Shelt;
Violet Hakes;
Page 10
Henry Gary;
Mary E. Hill;
George Schlatter;
Cordella Newcomer;
Gerald Smith;

Page 11
Alvira Williams;
Duncan McLean;
Souise Swanson;
George Shaffer;
Mable Scott;
Page 12
Franklin Stearns;
Dolly Nichols;
Paul Stein;
Thelma Gary;
Ernest Waggoner;
Page 13
Helen Trafelet;
Roland Mogle;
Grancess Cooke;
Orrin Carrol;
Gretchen Stahl;

Page 14
Ross Thompson;
Dorothy Heminger;
Kenneth Daleske;
Hoyland Biles;
Donald Murphy;

Page 15
Elva Brown;
Dan Warren;
Lillian Dwney;
Tom Lease;
Margaret McNeil;
Page 16
Henry Adams;
Zelma Tinstman;
Constance Hopkins;
Gretchen Young;
Henry Geary;

Page 17
Edna Jenkes;
Kenneth Fargo;
Lucile Bradner;
Walter Fruth;
Yvonne Callin;
Page 18
Paul Glick;
Helen Manecke;
Arvine Harrold;
Thelma Westover;
Harold Hartley;
Page 19
Virginia Krupp;
Earl Herbert;
Mary Noble;
Frances Hutchens;
Hazel Johnston;

Page 20
Lowell Keefer;
Rosella Kimball;
William Knox;
Geraldine Might;
Carl Lambright;
Page 21
Evelyn McMahon;
William Porter;
Esther Shaffer;
Myron Leibengood;
Catherine Shook;
Page 22
Jason Lindower;
John Mayer;
Helen Lorah;
Robert Myers;
Helen Rogers;

Page 23
Hildred Herbert;
Dwight Young;
Mable Covrett;
Meredith Brumbaugh;
Marjorie Rosendale;
Guy Workman;

Mr. Wainwright & Staff;
FHS Band;
Ad; Ad; Ad; Ad;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Harold Wagner;
Eula Miley;
George Huth;
Ruth Powell;
Robert Reese;
Page 3
Jane Emerine;
Calvin C. Hawkins;
Ollivene Saddoris;
Alton Starrett;
Virginia Ann Kuhn;
Page 4
Bessie L. Wolf;
Harry A. Stearns;
Kathlyn Meyers;
Charles Schindorff;
Helen Yates;

Page 5
Pauline Link;
Carl Hull;
George Ann Cupps;
LeMar W. Cook;
Anna Pauline Shumaker;
Page 6
Francis Elizabeth Johnson;
Robert Franklin;
Dorothy Jinks;
Carl Frederick;
Ruth E. Mincks;

Page 7
Oletha Buck;
Roland Circles;
Zelma Cramer;
W.Wilbur Francis;
Alice Jean Klinepeter;

Page 8
Myra L. Kershaw;
Paul Karrick;
Lola Lutzy;
Joe Johnson;
Miriam Pifer;
Page 9
Gladys Kirby;
Ralph S. Barbour;
Hazel Frankenfield;
Virginia E. Barenbarugge;
John Frankenfield;
Page 10
Blanche Smith;
Carl Bormuth;
Lucille Bloom;
Royal McCracken;
Mildred Fish;

Page 11
Frances M. Diebley;
John F. Flechtner;
Edna Gangway;
Edward C. Smith;
Mary Martha Bethel;
Page 12
Madaline Walter;
Harry Kirby;
Lillian Sterling;
Thomas Bowers;
Estella Snyder;
Page 13
Hazel S. Ecker;
Harley A. Zeigler;
Virginia Hall;
Ray Stannard;
Lena Kelley;

Page 14
Doris Dindore;
Leland Cribbs;
Loraine Loomis;
Charles Stearns;
Florence Alice Rice;
Page 15
Bertha Marie Crosby;
George Roberts;
Catherine Dennis;
Richard Johnson;
Ruth Shumaker;
Page 16
Pearl Kroetz;
Robert Newhouse;
Margaret Crunkilton;
Clair Senn;
Ruth E. Cole;

Page 17
Helen Ward;
Norman Muench;
Mary Jane Kessler;
Orlo Romig;
Helen Krabill;
Page 18
Mae Windsor;
Allen W. Schell;
Della Mae Fruth;
Marian F. Abrams;
Helen DeWitt;
Page 19
Helen M. Kellogg;
Russel Hainen;
Geraldine Shoop;
Irvin L. Martin;
Josephine Shiveley;

Page 20
Quincel Virgina Jones;
Robert P. Norris;
Mardell Derr;
Lowell Stearns;
Elsie Knickle;
Page 21
Esther U. Moyer;
Maurice C. Adams;
Hazel G. Stephenson;
Walter H. Mall;
Ruth Miriam Maxwell;
Page 22
Bonnie Wetherill;
Milan L. Smith;
Jessie Irene Wallace;
Maurice E. Risser;
Gladys M. Matthews;

Page 23
Vina F. Fruth;
Arlene A. Dewald;
Marguerite E. Payne;
Wilbur Shultz;
Don L. Sheldon;
Page 24
Russel Simon;
John Gutknecht;
Harry Scott;

Senior Class Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Lyndon Abbott;
Marian Anderson;
Martha Anderson;
William Anderson;
Cleo Mae Allis;
Carman Alspach;
Nieta Ash;
Carl Berry;
Page 3
Clirma Blessing;
Calvin Brenneman;
Lenore Byerly ;
Viola Bormuth;
Ruth Bradner;
George Campbell;
Doris Brandeberry;
Stanton Carle;
Page 4
Helen Caskie;
Edward Clark;
Ralph Cramer;
James Crawford;
Troas Conner;
Ruth Davis;
Norma Copley;
Dorothy Dillon;

Page 5
Frances Etchen;
Norman Fruth;
Margaret Evenbeck;
Kathryn Gorrill;
Leland Gorrill;
Dorothy Franklin;
Leo Green;
Lonella Frehse;
Page 6
Dorcas Griffin;
John Hayfield;
Kathleen Guernsey;
George Henry;
Gale Herbert;
Leota Hainen;
Helen Hershberger;
Beatrice Hartsough;

Page 7
Virginia Hopkins;
Velma Jones;
Grace Ketcham;
Elizabeth Hull;
Ione Ketcham;
Byron Hyte;
Chester Kieffer;
Frederick Johnson;

Page 8
Marian Lockard;
Helen McCracken;
Shelby Knepper;
Ida Mae Masamer;
Park Kissaberth;
William Manecke;
Delbert Kiser;
Louis Lougee;

Page 9
Howard McFadden;
William Noble;
Hugh Morrison;
Naomi Notestine;
Dorothy Ohls;
Geraldine Morton;
Glynn Nichols;
William Paine;
Page 10
Mary Phillips;
Mable Roush;
Lucille Roux;
Lucy Rinehart;
Helen Roby;
Edith Sawyer;
Melvin Rogers;
Mildred Schlenker;

Page 11
Dellah Shenefield;
Charles Slater;
Alice Shoemaker;
Esther Smith;
Martha Smith;
John Simkins;
Pat Smith;
Ross Simmons;
Page 12
Bernice Snyder;
Winifred Stoudinger;
Velma Struble;
Ardinelle Stearns;
Alice M. VanCuren;
Paul Stearns;
Violet Stoudinger;
Gerald Walter;
Page 13
Kenneth Walter;
Betthy Wilson;
Maurice Wernick;
Dorothy Yates;
Robert Yates;
Margaret Wetherill;
George Young;
Betty Williams;
Dorothy Zulauf;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Robert Adams;
Herman Beck;
Walfred Anderson;
Mabel Bennett;
Bert Barger;
Madge Bethel;
Mary Basehore;
Walter Boddy;

Page 3
Herbert Bower;
Byron Carter;
James Brightwell;
Gladys Clevenger;
Charlotte Broyles;
Neil Coffman;
James Carrel;
Donald Cole;

Page 4
Melvin Comer;
Wayne Dowell;
Audrey Coulon;
Aula Drake;
Garland Cover;
Donald Dubbs;
Paul Cramer;
Ruth Dull;

Page 5
Bruce Fisher;
Nina Frederick;
Carl Fleming;
Theodore Gerlinger;
Annabelle Foltz;
Orlo Foster;
Alfred Fox;
Kenneth Gobel;
Page 6
John Harriman;
Mae Highline;
Etta Mae Hindman;
Eva Hay;
Charles Jeffery;
Arthur Hennig;
Ferne Henry;
Russel Jinks;

Page 7
Carl Jones;
Foster Kisabeth;
Neville Jones;
Louise Kiser;
Helen Jurrus;
Lowell Keiser;
Edward Keefer;
Pansy Knickle;

Page 8
Donald Knox;
Ople Leutz;
Austin Kuhns;
William Lloyd;
Mildred Lorah;
Clark Latshaw;
Cloyd Lott;
Delebert Lovins;

Page 9
Auburn Luhring;
Dale Mills;
Paul Mitchel;
Dale Marks;
Hulda Morgart;
Robert McDole;
Floyd Muench;
Grace McNeil;
Page 10
Ruth Nichols;
Betty Olive;
Helen Overmire;
Lucille Norris;
Blanche Peter;
Glennard Nycum;
Lowell Puffenburger;
Raymond O'Dell;

Page 11
Edgar Pugh;
Gladys Rupert;
Helen Schell;
Gladys Richards;
Jacob Seever;
Harold Rigby;
Paul Shaffer;
Virginia Rosendale;
Page 12
Robert Shaver;
Thelma Sherlock;
Lester Shebel;
Goldie Short;
Anne Sheldon;
Lloyd Snyder;
Louis Solomon;
Mary Sheller;
Page 13
Kathryn Sterling;
Kenneth Vance;
Jeanette Stewart;
Charles Wagner;
Florence Wallace;
Harold Sylvester;
Charles Walters;
Herald Thompson;

Page 14
Hilda Walsh;
Fred Yates;
Gertrude Zepernick;
Howard Went;
Cleo Wilcox;
Norma Copley;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Inez Adelsperger;
Credora Ash;
Jack Adams;
Harold Anderson;
Bessie Bemesderfer;
Richard Biggs;
Page 3
Florence Bormuth;
Don Burke;
Violet Bristow;
Wanda Budahn;
Naundice Budahn;
Norman Callin;
Page 4
Elizabeth Carter;
Paul Carbin;
Evelyn Churtz;
Carl Connor;
Vauda Clary;
Edgar Covrett;

Page 5
Ruth Cole;
Edwin Curtis;
Lavonne Cramer;
Maxine Danner;
Paul Davis;
Edna Dillion;
Page 6
Ruby Drake;
Adam Dicken;
Gertrude Dull;
Helen Eckels;
Robert Evenbeck;
Mary Fargo;

Page 7
Reba Fayes;
Harry Flechtner;
Margaret Flechtner;
Evelyn Fox;
Gerald Fling;
Helen Freese;

Page 8
Velma Furman;
Arthur Gamertsfelder;
Wilbur Gibbs;
Ruth Geere;
Kenneth Gregory;
Joyce Gilliard;
Page 9
Harry Griffiths;
Lois Gorrill;
Robert Harley;
Elizabeth Hall;
Norman Hawkins;
Lo Emma Hultz;
Page 10
Loretta Hutchins;
Hosephine James;
Geraldine Johnson;
George Kroetz;
Robert Kroetz;
Virginia Kraft;

Page 11
Leota Lewman;
Charles Lee;
Flo Lovins;
Auburn Luhring;
Alice Maloney;
Robert McFadden;
Page 12
Helen McClellan;
Raymond Myers;
Jessie McDermid;
Dessa Munn;
Royal Nusser;
Bertha Notestine;
Page 13
Dorris Purkey;
Mary Pratt;
Harry Roth;
Fred Shaffer;
Ovivian Slemmer;
Carl Slosser;
Page 14
Helene Slusser;
Nroman Streely;
Florence Snyder;
Florence Stannard;
Albert Thornton;
Elmer Tinstman;
Page 15
Frederick Vosburg;
Donald Walters;
Stella Went;
Hugh Williams;
Steve Weeks;
Mildred Zuern;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Football & cheerleader;
Basketball team;
Track team;
Girls Basketball team;

. FOHIRAB information done by Ben Pohlman "Class of 66"

FHS -Seniors30s

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FOHIRAB, Yearbook
storia HIgh Red And Black
Fostoria High's Yearbook

1990's - 90 - 91 - 92 - 93 - 94 - 95 - 96 - 97 - 98 - 99 2000's - 00 - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
1970's - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79 1980's - 80 - 81 - 82 - 83 - 84 - 85 - 86 - 87 - 88 - 89
1950's - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 1960's - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69
1930's - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 1940's - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49
1900's - 09 - 17 - 18 - 19 1920's -20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29
Page 1
Class Officers;
Louis Kovacs;
Beatrice Bohyer;
Bob Ewan;
Dorothy Warrington;
Page 2
Lavonna Alford;
Harriette Andrews;
Wilda Bates;
Ethel Brickles;
Glenn Burdick;
Clifton Burgoyne;
Page 3
Helen Caskie;
Maxine Clark;
Arthur Combs;
Richard Cook;
Ralph Coon;
Erlis Copley;
Page 4
Martha Crocker;
Don Demling;
Francis Eckert;
Ova Feasel;
Harold Feindel;
Marcus Fickle;

Page 5
Helen Fish;
Dorothy Folk;
Lucille Franklin;
Jack French;
Gilbert Furman;
Ralph Gardner;

Page 6
Walter Good;
Winifred Gordon;
Ladelia Graves;
Charles Greene;
Thelma Gregory;
Edwin Hall;

Page 7
Ruth Harris;
Ernest Hartline;
Josephine Henry;
Helen Hiles;
Mildred Hull;
Robert James;

Page 8
Dorothy Jones;
Estella Juckett;
Ernestine Juckett;
Onlee Kisabeth;
Geneva Kiser;
Elmer Klingaman;
Page 9
Vera Knepper;
Karl Kroetz;
Alma Lamfrom;
Earl Lamson;
Edward Lee;
George Leonard;
Page 10
Kathryn Long;
Harriet McClead;
Margaret McClellan;
Jane Maloney;
Evelyn Miller;
Arvilla Munn;

Page 11
Isabel Norris;
Avis Parsell;
Adeline Rader;
Thelma Rasey;
Carl Reidling;
Beulah Renner;
Page 12
Coweta Ruth;
Francis Scharf;
Richard Schlatter;
Evelyn Shaferly;
Raymond Shiley;
Lena Simonis;
Page 13
Harley Smith;
Glenna Smith;
Martha Mae Smith;
Mary Stewart;
Merrit Strait;
Ellen Tarris;

Page 14
Robert Thomas;
Alma Velon;
Betty Wade;
Pauline Wade;
Pauline Wohmhoff;
Edward Walsh;
Page 15
Pauline Ward;
Harold Warner;
Ruth Whitta;
Betty Witherspoon;
Geneva Zimmerman;
Page 16
Helen Ash;
Thelma Ash;
Garland Brandeberry;
Maurice Lambert;
Joseph Sylvester;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Track team;
Girls Basketball team;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Lewis Kershaw;
Fred Voss;
Lowell Foltz;
Robert Sellers;
Page 2
Glorence Adams;
Keneth Allison;
Sherman Babb;
Gaynell Barbour;
Edna Barnes;
Bernard Barringer;
Charles Bartch;
Bobert Beam;
Luella Bender;
Kenneth Bennet;
Page 3
Wilbur Blasingame;
Harvey Both;
Bette Brightwell;
Margaret Brown;
Gladys Brubaker;
Melvin Calhoun;
James Carter;
Raymond Castret;
Ruth Clevenger;
John Cochie;
Page 4
Carl Cole;
Dorothea Combs;
Catherine Conley;
gladys Coppus;
Norene Cornelius;
Lucille Culyer;
Ruth Curry;
Beatrice Davis;
Margaret Dawson;
Dorothy Dury;

Page 5
Bill Ellis;
Fred Etchen;
Lucy Evenbeck;
Ripple Flack;
Emily Fox;
Wilbur French;
Kathryn Friesner;
Oscar Fruth;
Alice Gerlinger;
Karl Ghaster;
Page 6
Lester Gibbs;
Florence Green;
Lucille Gregory;
Paul Grove;
Marion Guernsey;
Stella Hale;
Millard Hall;
Jane Harris;
Harold Havens;
Susan Hedden;

Page 7
Christine Henderson;
Alyce Herbert;
Alpha Kern;
Opal Kern;
Elwood Kimes;
Korothy King;
Adrian Kleinsmith;
Ashton Kleinhen;
Kenneth Knox;
Janet Kuhn;

Page 8
Donald Lamson;
Carolyn Lynch;
Wayne McAlevy;
Laura McClellan;
Albert McFaden;
Mary Marks;
Delma Marshall;
Fred Miller;
Dale Mincks;
Fred Morgan;
Page 9
Naomi Muench;
Charles Munger;
Pedro Munoz;
Palmer Overholt;
Fancis Overmire;
Weldon Page;
Junior Peter;
Leona Price;
Albert Raymont;
Charles Reed;
Page 10
Palmer Rogers;
Naomi Rupert;
Dorothy Russell;
Mae Sanders;
Dale Schubert;
Ruth Siegrist;
Delilah Mae Smith;
Rose Solomon;
Glenn Stahl;
George Stainbrook;

Page 11
Corrinne Staunton;
Nelson Sterling;
Curtis Strouse;
Samuel Talbert;
Edwin Toepper;
Dorothy Vance;
Margaret VanTassel;
Todd Vitt;
Fred Vosburg;
Willard Waddell;
Page 12
Donovan Wade;
William Warren;
Patricia Weeks;
Fred Wernick;
Luluvene Whitman;
Herman Wolfelt;
Margaret Yates;
Mildred Yochum;
Beatrice Zimmerman;
Maxwell Zimmerman;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Girls Basketball team;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Herman Dennis;
Floyd Thompson;
Buhl Burgoyne;
Beulah Grear;
Reed Zimmerman;
Page 2
Evelyn Anderson;
Herbert Brickles;
Helen Beck;
Barrett Brown;
Freda Bemesderfer;
Alvin Bryner;
Charles Blaser;
Grace Buckingham;
Don Bohyer;
Charles Carrel;
Page 3
Jessie Caskie;
Faye Clevenger;
Jane Castor;
Lois Copley;
Charles Chilcoat;
Marjorie Cousins;
Betty Clarke;
Dorothy Crowe;
Carl Clark;
Dorothy Danner;
Page 4
Donald De Trow;
Charles Essman;
Lewis Dew;
Harry Fish;
Ruth Dowell;
Margaret Fox;
Noble Dukes;
Thelma Fox;
Jack Edwards;
Dee Frankenfield;

Page 5
Pauline Franklin;
Louis Gaertner;
Winifred Frederick;
Earl Ghaster;
Robert Frehse;
Doris Gobel;
Dorothy Frizzell;
Lelah Hakes;
Stanley Gabel;
Vivian E. Hale;

Page 6
Margerete Haman;
Ailleen Hoffman;
Raymond Hanicq;
Helen Hull;
Margaret Hartline;
Wilbur Hunter;
Thurman Haughowaut;
Donald Jacobs;
Geraldine Henry;
J.L. Johnson;

Page 7
Alfred Jones;
Edna Kelbley;
Delores Jones;
Lawrence Kelbley;
Oral Kaltenbeck;
Virginia Kesler;
Ardelle Karcher;
Robert Kiser;
Carl Kauffman;
Norman Koepfer;

Page 8
Margaret LaFountaine;
Alice Marie Lowe;
Madeline Lee;
Ralph Luman;
Avon Lentz;
Floyd Manecke;
Robert Long;
Ford Matthews;
Evelyn Lott;
Henrietta Mccracken;
Page 9
Lucille McEwen;
Ruth Mumma;
Marcella McNerney;
Whitney Notestine;
Carmen Mickey;
George Ogg;
Dale Muir;
Fred Ohler;
Lucille Muir;
Anna Mae Perkins;
Page 10
Norman Piper;
Eugenia Anne Richards;
Ellen Prentice;
Gordon Rinebold;
Lucy Prentice;
Miriam Rinebold;
Walter Price;
Maurine Risser;
Helen Reinhard;
William Roberts;

Page 11
Wayne Robertson;
Dorothy Saddoris;
Eileen Rosendale;
Elmer Schlenker;
Anna Roth;
George Schuster;
Dorothy Rowe;
Carrol Shearer;
Ethern Russell;
Kathryn Shumaker;
Page 12
Harold Smith;
Evelyn Ward;
Charles Snyder;
Mary Kathryn Ward;
Beatrice Stafford;
James Weaver;
Vernon Stearns;
George Webb;
Max Steward;
Teddy Williams;
Margaret Sylvester;
John Wilson;
Page 13
Vaughn Wonders;
Eugenia Youngston;
Joy Woodruff;
Cleo Zeller;
Lovella Wooten;
Alfred Zeigler;
Le Clare Worst;
Miriam Zepernick;
Florence Yauch;
Lucille Zinsmayer;
Oletha Yoder;
Elizabeth Reed;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Emerson Building;
Emerson Building;
Emerson Building;
Emerson Building;
Public Library;
Public Library;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Glen Marshall;
Russel Fox;
Robert Byerly;
Uldene Stephenson;
Charles Mann;

Page 2
Russel Harnes;
Frances Bates;
Madeline Brthel;
Thurman Blaser;
Glenn Blinn;
Andrew Both;
Mary Jane Brandeberry;
Virginia Burnett;
Dorothea Carter;
Eugene Clary;
L'Dearra Clay;
Anna Mary Claam;
Robert Colle;
Dorothy Cochard;
Harry Coppus;

Page 3
Ruby Coppus;
Dorothy Cox;
Edward Chopleer;
Paul Curry;
Cahl Deckard;
Hazel Dieter;
Winifred DeWitt
Adam Dowell;
Austik Drake;
Ernest Duffield;
Clara Pauline Elarton;
Richard Ellis;
Violet Ericksin;
Doris Faknsworth;
Jessie Fisher;
Page 4
Delbert Forbess;
Norman Foster;
Thomas Fredrick;
Elizabeth Freisner;
Ivan Fraver;
Kenneth Gamertsfelder;
Scott Gatliff;
Jesse Green III;
Eugene E. Griffiths;
Paul Gustafson;
Elizabeth Harriman;
Dorothy Hemrick;
Larry Henry;
Lucille Henry;

Page 5
Helen Hithchcock;
Dorothy Hughes;
Kenneth Hunker;
Pauline Hummel;
Paul Hohnson;
Donald Jackman;
John Paul Jackman;
Grace Johnson;
Normand Jones;
William Jurrus;
Irene Kellums;
Orus Kerr;
Violet Kerr;
Marian Kiefer;

Page 6
Ouida Knepper;
Cleo Krouse;
Znna Kovacs;
John Lee;
Kathryn Lind;
Eugene Lynch;
Lor Luman;
William Mason;
James Manecke;
Dorothy Hasel;
Richard Matthews;
Leland McClellan;
Dale Miller;
Fawn McClead;
Josefine Morgan;

Page 7
Beatrice Mosier;
Donald Munger;
Willard Nusbaum;
Marguerite Nye;
Thelma Nau;
Thelma Naugle;
Virginia Nay;
Kenneth Nichols;
Vesta Nichols;
William Oliver;
Stella Overholt;
Lloyd Phillips;
Robert Pritchard;
Richard Peter;
Wanda Pelton;
Orlo Kumn;
Lenora H. Walters;
Mildred Welker;

Page 8
Helen Page;
Maurice Reeves;
Esther Rice;
Maurice Robenison;
Dorothy Rowles;
Clarence Rumple;
Thelma Rumple;
Ruth Streely;
Vincent Schreiner;
Esther Schlosser;
Claude Schndorff;
Grace Seely;
Margaret Shirk;
Erma Staunton;
Viola Stahl;
Arthur Wernick;
Eldon Williams;
William Wolfarth;
Page 9
Kenneth Souder;
Evelyn Shultz;
Fred Stone;
Paul True;
George Tarris;
Rosalie Thompson;
Helen Thrailkill;
Evelyn Titus;
Elaine Winkler;
Dorothy Wada;
Dean Wade;
Jessie Wade;
William Wetherill;
Charles Wagner;
Grover Ward;
Allan Leonard;

Football team;
Senior Class Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;

Page 2
Ruth Adams;
Richard Apple;
Josephine Foster Ash;
V eva Ruth Ames;
Annabelle Baden;
Fichard K. Bartch;
Virginia Veeson;
John Bemesderfer;
Allen Blose;
Muriel Brickel;
Mary Elaine Brickles;
Georgianna Fay Broyles;
Dorothy Bryner;
Burl S. Burkhart;
Jack Campbell;
Constance Carle;
Eleanor Clymer;
Helen E. Cole;
Ray Cole;
Glenn Conley;
Charles Coverett;
Richard Curry;
Meridith Cramer;
Robert Deckard;

Page 3
Ruth Deer;
George Dieterle;
Elizabeth Dury;
Clarabelle N. Eastman;
J.F. Ernest, Jr.;
Walter William Etchen;
Cyril England;
Robert M. Fish;
Helen L. Fisher;
Freeda Flechtner;
Ernest Folk;
Willis Foster;
Dallas G. Frederick;
Fchubert Fruth;
Enith Elaine Grosscup;
Ethel Hade;
Beatrice Hakes;
Faunetta Hakes;
Avery Hall;
William E. Harler;
Cleo Haman;
Kathryn Harshman;
Vivian Maxine Hartsook;
Richard Lee Harris;

Page 4
Pauline Harrison;
Phyllis Heck;
Richard Henry;
Charles Henry;
Hoyce Herbert;
Lillian E. Herrig;
Garland A. Hunker;
Florence Holden;
Alvin Horner;
Norman Jones;
Ruth M. Karnes;
Edgar Kiefer;
Gertrude Kelbley;
Arthur Norris Kirby;
Madeline Kiser;
Mildred Maxine Krouse;
Robert Lee;
Frances Lee;
James Wade;
Lylin Luman;
Atha Luman;
Calvin Marshall;
Josephine Mann;
Robert Martin;

Page 5
Flored A. Mergenthaler;
Harry Mickey;
Cleola Margaret Miller;
Clotelle Gertrude Miller;
Virginia Moody;
Isla I. Munn;
Geraldine Myers;
Lillian McClead;
Margaret McDermid;
Allan McPheron;
Doris Newcomer;
Lloyd Oliver;
Floyd Oliver;
Ruth Margaret Overholt;
Charles W. Papenfus;
Otto Papenfus;
Vernon Peggs;
Elmer Charles Pfeil;
W. Kenneth Pingle;
Elma R. Piper;
Charles Pritchard;
Williard Deverd Rader;
Evelyn Raney;
Glenn A. Raymont;

Page 6
Jane Carolyn Reber;
Mildred Reiss;
Opal Rhoad;
Doris Roberts;
Charles Rohrs;
Earl Schubert;
Robert Scott;
Glada Lucille Shaffer;
Jayne Shaw;
George Everett Shearer;
Mayflower Shields;
Robert Shiley;
Delbert Shontz;
Clarence Slick;
James Lester Slusser;
Raymond Earl Smith;
Floyd Smith;
Reva Smith;
Robert Smith;
Ruby Smith;
Inez Snyder;
Philip Sorenson;
Juliana Statler;
Clyde Stearns;

Page 7
Karl Strouse;
Carmfn Orlene Stultz;
Nate Vance;
Russell Wetherill;
Cleomae Whitta;
Elizabeth Williams;
Helen Williams;
Leona M. Williams;
Opal Williams;
Vincent Earl Williams;
John Windsor;
Carl Wice;
Violet Wonders;
Cecil Willard Wooten;
Margaret Worley;
Doris Audine Wright;
C. Maynard Yates;
Cleo Zuern;

Football team;

Page 1
James D. Guernsey;
Howard L. Shine;
Ester E. Bair;
Dorothy Adams;
Richard B. Franklin;
Page 2
Floyd Clevenger, Jr.;
Helene Coburn;
Mary Julia Connors;
Virgil Copsey;
Alvin Crowe;
Ruby DeTrow;
Jeanne Edwards;
Robert Etchie;
Evlyn Fisher;
Helen M. Fisher;
Helen F. Flechtner;
Robert Foster;
Verna Fry;
Lowell Graves;
Mary Jane Naines;
Ralph Hartley;
Page 3
Forrest Helms;
Henry Herrig;
Amos Hiser;
Mildred Lee Holden;
Norman Jacobs;
Paul Karnes;
Elwood Kauffman;
Marj Kier;
Sarah Kinker;
Pauline Kerr;
Richard Keyes;
Madge Kieffer;
Ruth Kisabeth;
Lois Kissell;
Betty Kleinhen;
Glenn Knox;
Page 4
Margaret Kooken;
Wilfred Lahrman;
Noman Lambert;
Leona Mae Lee;
Virginia Mann;
Harriet Miller;
Mildred Mosier;
Irene Myers;
Norbert Nolan;
Marion Nycum;
Dean Payne;
Evelyn Peters;
Robert Pillsburg;
Thomas S. Prentice;
Carl Purkey;
Glenn Purkey;

Page 5
Delbert Roberts;
Dorothy Jane Roberts;
Easter Dee Roberts;
Don Sanders;
Yetta Shiff;
Delbert Shontz;
Neva Smith;
Eloise M. Souder;
Robert Smith;
Edith Smith;
Leonard S. Snavely;
Doris Spitler;
Dale Stark;
Ila Mae Stearns;
Paul L. Steinhour;
Lorraine Frances Stein;
Page 6
Dalton Stocksdale;
Paul Tarris;
Ruth Anne Veley;
Elsie Trailkill;
Harry Wade;
Edward Vogel;
Edgar Warner;
Robert A. Ward;
Nancy Wilson;
Florice C. Williams;
Thelma Margeart Wooten;
Robert Wolfarth;
Frank Edward Wright;
Louis Marie Zuelzke;
Football team;
Football & stadium;
Page 1
Betty Gene Neiman;
John Edward Wade;
Weldon Brooks;
Betty L. Flechtner;
Richard Kuhn;
Page 2
Clyde W. Alge;
Annarose E. Arnold;
Betty Jane Barchus;
Ellaline Barnes;
Charles Barringer;
Don Bates;
Eileen Helen Beck;
Pearl E. Beeson;
Ralph Bennett, Jr.;
Betty Carleen Benson;
Ray Birdwhistell;
Betty Kthryn Bonnell;
Bruce E. Bishop;
Eula Buck;
Geraldine Bliss;
Lester W. Chilcote;
Page 3
Elizabeth Ann Carter;
Donna Cecilia Clark;
Harry Coe; Etheline
Sylvia Cooper;
Robert Wade Crowe;
Hohn Davis, Jr.;
Charles R. Deckard;
Evelyn A. Derck;
Donald W. DeWitt;
M. Agnes Dinsmore;
Eileen Jane England;
Mary Alene Drake;
Martha Dwyer;
Ima Maxine England;
Donald Elter;
Charles Flechtner;

Page 4
Opal Mayre Forbess;
Margaret Foster;
Carl B. Fox;
Pearl Emma Fox;
Charles Frederick;
Carl D. French;
Richard Fruth;
Maxine Gilmore;
Joyce Gise;
Hillis E. Good;
Helen Gottschall;
Rachel Anne Harris;
George A. Gray;
Ruth Hawk;
Ruth Groves;
Robert Hellriegel;

Page 5
Robert LeRoy Hicks;
Virginia Mae Hicks;
Halinda E. Horn;
William Hough;
Richard L. Householder;
Martha Jane Jackson;
Clarence Jacob;
Carl Edward Jurrus;
Merrill S. Keiser;
Bernard Kelbley;
Ruth Kellums;
Eugene Kromer;
Carolyn L. Kinnaman;
Ralph Kwilus;
Kathryn Lewis;
Alice M. Krogoll;
Page 6
John Leonard Libby;
Robert H. Losey;
Harvey C. Luman;
Mary Virginia Manecke;
Wilda M. Mankin;
Beatrice May Marshall;
Virginia Marshall;
Edwin Masel;
Elva Mayse;
Gertrude Miller;
Ruth Mann;
Pauline Norris;
Evelyn Myers;
Maudine Needles;
Ralph Oyler;
Audrey B. Papenfus;

Page 7
Jack Papenfus;
Miriam O. Pelton;
Charles H. Peter;
Glorence Phillips;
Eileen Potts;
Don Rager;
Dorothy Rathburn;
Florence Raymont;
Danny Rhoad;
Warren Arthur Rosendale;
Albert Rossman;
Richard Schlosser, Jr.;
Glenn W. Schubert;
Eugene R. Shock;
Edith Roth;
Dale Samsel;

Page 8
Kenneth Shontz;
Dorothy Schreiner;
Elinor Lou Slick;
Dorothy M. Smith;
Miriam Smith;
Robert J. Smith;
Conrad Snavely;
Elaine Snyder;
Edith M. Stark;
Margaret Stark;
Carolanne Steck;
Helen F. Still;
Bill Stout;
June Swartz;
Mary Ellen Stipp;
Robert C. Thumann;
Page 9
Margaret E. True;
Dora Elizabeth Volkmer;
J. Burlin Wagner;
Kenneth D. Wagner;
Richard Ward;
Mildred Welsbacher;
Glen R. Williams;
Marshal G. Williams;
Samuel Arthur Winkler;
Devota Wise;
Mabel Young;

Football team;
Volleyball & Wrestling;
Basketball team;
Girls Basketball;
FHS Band;
Page 1
Eunice Adams;
Betty Anderson;
George Appel;
Rowena Azzar;
Marylene Barkley;
Mac Bates;
Dorothy Beck;
Chalmer Bloom;
Maxine Blose;
Lucille Boday;
Robert Brandt;
Norman Brickles;
Ira Cadwallader;
Don Calhoun;
Glenna Caskie;
Orlo Castret;
Ivan Chilocote;
Glenn Clark;
Bob Clore;
Page 2
Art Cole;
Jean Conklin;
Mildred Cook;
Robert Crain;
Mary Crocker;
Bruce Currie;
Ruth Daub;
Evelyn Feasel;
Marjorie Dwyer;
Helen Devore;
Walter Deerwester;
Robert Deer;
Marion Decker;
Richard Daugherty;
Max Glack;
Herbert Foster;
Donna Friesner;
Donna Fruth;
Donald Graves;
James Gray;
Bessie Greenfield;
Helen Groman;
Bob Fry;
Wanda Gilliard;
Louise Gottschall;
Marceil Hade;
Carolyn Haines;
Peter Hanicq;

Page 3
Helen Harison;
Edith Harshman;
Goldie Hartley;
Wallace Haughawout;
Richard Headley;
Jean Henry;
Pauline Henry;
Hargaret Holcombe;
Goster Horner;
Geraldine HOuse;
George Jinks;
Virginia Johnson;
Mottie Jones;
Richard Jurrus;
Dorothy Kiefer;
Nellie Kerr;
Richard Keiser;
Ruth Lesler;
Robert Kleinhen;
Virginia Krouse;
Gladys Lane;
Catherine Lorah;
Esther Long;
Jack Leisenring;

Page 4
Herbert Lowery;
Estelene Luman;
Richard Luman;
Maxine Mansfield;
Dorothy March;
Ruth Mergenthaler;
Peggy Miller;
Junior Moore;
Robert Mosier;
Bernice Munger;
Betty Myers;
Thelma Niswander;
William Notestine;
Lois Page;
Winifred Piper;
George Rader;
Grace Raymont;
Jeanne Reese;
Elfrieda Rettig;
Orville Roberts;
Leo Rothenbuhler;
Earl Russell;
Russell Saxton;
Charles Shirk;

Page 5
Nieta Shirk;
Catherine Schultz;
Bob Shuman;
Howard Smith;
Iris Snaveley;
Carol Snodgrass;
Charles Souder;
Lowell Stultz;
Bill Trausch;
Ruth Thompson;
Margaret Volkmer;
Eugene Wade;
Margaret Wade;
Harold Ward;
Lorene Welsch;
Selma Wernick;
Philip White;
Mary Jane Zuelzke;

School Play;
Football team &
Basketball team;
Golf & Baseball teams;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
William Alge;
Virginia Altman;
George Anderson;
Phyllis Ballinger;
Jean Baker;
Charles Barkley;
Paul Basehore;
William Beeson;
Mary Elizabeth Blinn;
Robert Boroughf;
Mary Butler;
Anna Bell Carter;
Hortense Chapman;
Paul Clevenger;
Gred Coburn;
Mary Louise Colman;
Keith Conley;
Genevieve Cook;
Dorothy Mae Cooper;
Muriel Cox;
Page 3
Ruth Ellen Breidigan;
Alan Burger;
Eve Burkhart;
Nelvina Curry;
Lester Decker;
Gilbert Deckard;;
Page 4
Carol Fruth;
Gerald Fruth;
Norma Fruth;
Phyllis Guernsey;
Charles Hellriegel;
David Hill;

Page 5
Maxine Detillian;
Edison Dieter;
Dale Douglas;
Eugene Dozer;
Robert L. Dreitzler;
Ernest Eckert;
Thelma Irene Fish;
Lillian Fisher;
Dale Ford;
Dottie Fritchey;
Robert Fruth;
Edward Gensler;
Albert Gibat;
James Gilliland;
Dorothy Gossard;
Jane Gray;
Max Green;
Wilma Grogg;
John Grove;
Harry Grove;

Page 6
Lucille Hoffman;
Betty Houghton;
Robert Householder;
Charles Hunker;
James Hutchins;
Ollie Jane Jones;
Thomas Jones;
Richard Karag;
Doris Kieffer;
Robert Kenyon;
Mary King;
Gerald Kisabeth;
Maxine Lentz;
Lavern Longacre;
Helen Lowe;
Phyllis March;
Arline Marshall;
Donald Martin;
William Maurer;
Douglass McDaniel;

Page 7
Donald Kline;
Charlene Kreuz;
Lee Lather;
Jean McGahey;
Wilma Miller;
Jeane Myers;

Page 8
Jack Prudden;
John Purkey;
Jack Raymont;
Eugene Rowe;
Ada Seaman;
Elizabeth Ruth Seaman;
Evelyn Marie Reinhard;
Jeanette Reiss;
Robert Reynolds;
Beatrice Rensch;
Donald Rhoades;
Rex Rinebold;
Helen Robinson;
Harold Roberts;
Ruth Jeanette Rook;
Betty Routson;
Page 9
Helen Nierescher;
Viola Niswender;
Nellie Nusbaum;
John Orwig;
Emma Ostrosky;
Robert Overmire;
Mildred Pelton;
Robert Pingle;
Henrietta Potts;
Jeanette Potts;

Page 10
Mary Jane Segner;
Hazel Schlosser;
Jane Shaw;
Owen Shirk;
Wanda Shirk;
Scharlotte Shultz;
Norma Simendinger;
Eunice Smith;
Harley Smith;
Josephine Smith;
John Stark;
Wayne Still;
Wayne Stoddard;
Hal E. Stout, Jr.;
Junior Stout;
Eleanor Mae Sowers;
Elsie Spruell;
Vinton Swihart;
Rose Alma Stroupe;
Lois Talmadge;

Page 11
Paul Smith;
Wanda Smith;
Eugene Stagger;
Ralph Tannyhill;
Georges Thacker;
Lester Tyler;
Mary Wank;
Margaret Louis
Ward; Robert Warrington;
Gerald Weaks;
Sydney White;
Eugene Williams;
Marcella Daye Woodland;
Raymond Yeager;
Ethel Laws;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Golf & Baseball teams;
Team names;
Girls' Athletics;
Page 1
Class Officers;

Page 2
Carol Adams;
John Baker;
Junior Aldrich;
Eugene Barnes;
Alfred Basinger;
John Barnes;
Jeannette Beatty;
Ernestine Boggess;
Gladys Bennett;
Dorothy Bostic;
Lewis Brink;

Page 3
Virginia Brookover;
Dale Buckingham;
Mary Brown;
John Buckingham;
Julian Bulley;
Isobel Cormichael;
Carolyn Coppus;
Jeannetta Connor;
Fentress Dayringer;
Gladys Dennis;
Cara Ellen Decker;
Esther Davis;
Betty Crowe;
Alice Dinsmore;
Archie Dillon;
Page 4
Catherine Doty;
Phyllis Echelbarger;
William Duffield;
Thomas Feasel;
Maxine Forbess;
Shirley Fish;
Anna Foster;
Harold Franklin;
Mary Frank;
Dean Frederick;
Lester Fruth;
Page 5
Bette Graf;
Marie Greenwood;
Charles Greenfield;
Robert Haines;
Don Hale;
Dwight Hall;
Robert Haney;
June harding;
Betty Harris;
Mary Herbert;
Mary Hitchocock;
Robert Holden;
Pierre Haver;
Warren Harshman;
Robert Holden;
James Howard;
Robert Houghton;

Page 6
Robert Hunker;
Max Jurrus;
Betty Hutchins;
Edna Karp;
Clara Kimble;
Joe Keyes;
Don Kinnaman;
Lois Knight;
Philip Kint;
Clarence Knox;
Sarah Knox;

Page 7
Charles Lecomte;
Henry Lind;
George Logsdon;
Dorothy Madden;
John Mann;
Roscoe Marshall;
Gerald Might;
Joe Miller;
Bob Mohr;
Helen Morrison;
Bill Mosier;
Bernadine Mosier;
Kathryn Morel;
June Myers;
Bill Munsey;;

Page 8
Le Roy Nichols;
James Ogg;
Florence Norris;
Betty Ohls;
Virginia Painter;
Margaret Omnler;
Pete Parmenter;
Jon Peters;
Betty Peters;
Lehr Rangler;
Jean Read;

Page 9
Amy Reinhard;
Betty Rhoad;
Roger Ridge;
Victor Reynolds;
Betty Ridenour;
Ardeth Rothenbuhler;
Jean Saliers;
Jean Sayre;
James Rowlers;
La Vonne Sampson;
Mary Janic Schuh;
Jake Shiff;
Bill Shifler;
Thelma Schultz;
Sylvia Shiff;

Page 10
John Shrider;
Charles Smith;
Carl Smith;
Glada Smith;
Mabel Smith;
Lawrence Smith;
Madge Smith;
Burdette Snavely;
Oren Smith;
Noreen Snook;
Carl Snyder;

Page 11
Dean Snyder;
Mildres Spitler;
Helen Steinhour;
James Solomon;
Ellsworth Statler;
Pauline Wagner;
Dick Switzer;
Scott Tarris;
Norman Tribby;
Florence Talmadge;
Dorothy Thompson;
James Tsantlers;
Gavitt Ulsh;
Betty Wagner
Wanda Tyson;
Donna Volkmer

Page 12
Paul Ward;
Marion Wetherill;
Eddie Wendel;
Graydon Whitman;
Dorothy Wineland;
Josephine Whitman;
Bessie Wise;
Jack Zemer;
Wilbur Wonders;
Ethel Zimmerman;
Arthur Zuelzke;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Central High School Bell;
WW I, Monument;

FOHIRAB information done by Ben Pohlman "Class of 66"

FHS -Seniors40s

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FOHIRAB, Yearbook

storia HIgh Red And Black
Fostoria High's Yearbook

1990's - 90 - 91 - 92 - 93 - 94 - 95 - 96 - 97 - 98 - 99 2000's - 00 - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
1970's - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79 1980's - 80 - 81 - 82 - 83 - 84 - 85 - 86 - 87 - 88 - 89
1950's - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 1960's - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69
1930's - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 1940's - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49
1900's - 09 - 17 - 18 - 19 1920's -20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29

Page 1
June Anderson;
Marcella Arnold;
Thelma Augsburger;
Bobert Bates;
Alma Beck;
Ruth Beesor;
Ruth Bersted;
Betty Bishop;
Helen Bixler;
Marjorie Brickles;
Marilyn Brombley;
Douglas Brown;
Donna Buck;
Coleen Burson;
Marvin Canterbury;
Robert Carter;
Arthur Clark;
Clair Kisabeth;
Elaine Saliers;

Page 2
Gaylord Clark;
Betty Clary;
Clayton Cole;
Marion Cole;
Laura Cook;
Harry Craley;
Lawrence Cramer;
Jane Culp;
Jane Davis;
Leroy Davis;
Norman Deer;
Norma Dearwester;
Dorothy Delter;
Devota Eger;
Dan Estes;
Pheoba Feasel;
Jack Foy;
Coleen Burson;
Martha France;
Edwin Kuhn;

Page 3
Eunice Flechtner;
Kathryn Fortener;
Malcolm Fouts;
Clifford Fox;
Martha France;
Robert Fruth;
Junior Fry;
Vincent Gillespie;
Darlene Goebel;
Theodocia Gramam;
Herbert Hakes;
Jeanne Hall;
Junior Harrison;
Harilyn Harter;
Vernon Hartley;
Elota Hayfield;
Betty Handricks;
George Herrig;
John Herrig;
Margaret Hill;
Robert Hill;
Hilda House;
Beatrice Howard;
Jeanne Hunt;
Loyal Iler;
Charles Imber;

Page 4
Anna Ruth Johnson;
Francis Kimble;
Harry Kimble;
Avis Kint;
Howard Kirian;
Rolda Kirk;
Clair Kisabeth;
George Knepper;
Anna Kodor;
Joan Kuhlman;
Edwin Kuhn;
Floyd Lather;
Charles Leonard;
Anna Rose Lewis;
Lewis Manecke;
Betty Marshall;
Edna McCullough;
Thomas McDonel;
Roy McFadden;
Betty Miller;
Lois Miller;
Patty Miller;
Jeanice Moran;
Charles Mottram;
Pauline Luman;
Marry Madden;

Page 5
James Myers;
Eileen Niday;
James Papenfus;
Robert Papenfus;
George Pappas;
Joyce Pillsburg;
Joseph Piotter;
Utah Piotter;
Betty Maye Price;
Lillian Rader;
Norma Rainey;
Mervin Rose;
Allen Russell;
Danavee Sahs;
Elaine Saliors;
Mary Louise Samsol;
Paul Schauder;
Lois Schlosser;
Maxine Schwab;
Forrest Slater;
Dewey Smith, Jr.;
Dorothy Smith;
Phyllis Smith;
Thelma Smith;
William Smith;
Gaylord Snavely;
Page 6
Jean Soles;
Kathryn Souder;
Arenabelle Speaker;
Geraldine Stagger;
Richard Stark;
Carl Slater;
Jean Stout;
Norman Stout;
Sester Switzer;
Margaret Tate;
Jack Thomas;
Joseph Tidd;
Maxine Turner;
Virginia Tyler;
Maxine Wank;
Jean Warner;
Harry Warrington;
June Welling;
Gertrude Whitta;
Mario Yonaor;
Rachael Young;
Gladys Zeller;
Robert Tracht;
Dorothy Trudol;

Emerson Building;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Page 1
Class Information;
Page 2
Class Officers;
Page 3
Carl Biddle;
Pauline Boday;
Donald Boroughf;
Robert Briggs;
Wayne Basinger;
Joe Bates;
Donald Bercaw;
Anna Jane Brough;
Janet Atwell;
Charles Babb;
Arthur Balsat;;
Page 4
Charles Brough;
Marjorie Callendar;
Phillip Brubaker;
Jean Chandler;
Elwood Chapman;
Robert Cockie;
Richard Clark;
Betty Cooper;
Florence Cooper;
Janice Coppus;
Dale Coppus;
Sylvia Creeger;

Page 5
Robert Fast;
Ruthanne Flechtner;
Mary France;
Charles Franklin;
Forest Crow;
Dortha Dreisbach;
Fred Echelbarger;
Dorothy Decker;
Dorcas Deeds;
Nannie May Evers;
Wilbur Franklin;
Lowell French;
Page 6
Donna Gruth;
Robert Breenlee;
Dale Hartley;
Virginia Haynes;
Martha Heline;
Kenneth Higley;
Mercedes Graber;
Donna Jean Harrison;
Cora Hathaway;
Delbert Heinze;
James Higley;
Royetta Hoffman;

Page 7
Franklin Kirian;
William Kissell;
Jeanne Knepper;
Elizabeth Jane Knight;
Carl Lambright;
Janet Jacobs;
Gracye Maye Jones;
Duane Jurrus;
Richard Lapidos;
John Holden;
Lloyd Holden;
Ruth Huffman;

Page 8
Jack Le Comte;
Mary Jane Lee;
Alex Lind;
Jack Lindsay;
Frank Mall;
Richard Mann;
La Vonne Lee;
Raymond Lentz;
Robert Linderman;
Lyra Longacre;
Robert Mann;
Janet Mansfield;

Page 9
Robert Might;
Eugene Patterson;
James Maurer;
Herman Nierscher;
Gladys Reinhard;
Phyllis Morris;
Betty Rahrig;
Wayne Reed;
Junior Reinhard;
Donald March;
Betty Mosier;
Marguerite Raymont;;

Page 10
Verton Rhoad;
Rex Ridge;
Dorothy Ann Sauler;
Helen Schultz;
Marjorie Sheward;
Evelyn Shirk;
Richard Ridenour;
Frank Saldausky;
Evelyn Saxton;
Maxine Segner;
Mamie Shiff;
Evelyn Shock;

Page 11
Eugene Stahl;
Margaret Stevens;
Betty Stoddard;
Robert Stoudinger;
Madge Smith;
Frances Snavely;
Jean Snyder;
Willard Summers;
Bernita Thomas;
Betty Smith;
Harry Smith;
Kathryn Smith;

Page 12
Junior Thomas;
Dorothy Turner;
Kenneth Wagner;
Edward Welling;
Alfred Woods;
Marie Zeller;
Ernest Thompson;
Jean Wade;
Bessie Warstler;
Jeanne Wendel;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Page 1
Class Officers;

Page 2
Vernon Baker;
Arline Anderson;
Betty Anderson;
John E. Beeson;
Constance Bashore;
Lois Bates;
Charles W. Brandeberry;
Charles Bixler;
Leta Bostic;
Carl Barbour;
Dwight E. Baker;
Ralph Birdwhistell;
Mary Ellen Bea;
Lauren Brandeberry;
Dale Bourie;

Page 3
Mary Jo Bullock;
Alfred Bulkowski;
Donna Breidigan;
Evelyn Butler;
Carl Church;
Paul Burgbacher;
Charles F. Combs;
Forrest Cole;
Bill Clore;
John Burgvacher;
Dick Brubaker;
Mildred Clark;
Gloria Mae Burger;
Paul Cook;
Bob Coe;;

Page 4
Evelyn Daugherty;
Edna Couch;
Ellen Cramer;
Mary Dray;
Audrey Deckard;
Ronald Dible;
Mary French;
Helen Lucille Fling;
Alice June Ford;
Mary Jane Davis;
Karl Cramer;
Don Etchen;
Bob Disney;
Jerry Eugene Fruth;
Marie Freeman;

Page 5
Rosella Bibat;
James Gockerman;
Evelyn Rose Gair;
William Grooms;
Mable Groves;
Anna Greenfield;
Margaret Dean Hill;
Paul Hendricks;
Henneth Hanley;
Jean Graf;
Earl Gaskalla;
Betty Jane Haldeman;
Sam Grogg;
Doris Holden;
Willard Hay;

Page 6
Doris Johnson;
Bill House;
Marguerite Hunker;
Ivadell Knepper;
Joe Jones;
Ruth Kimble;
Rita Kresge;
Jacqueline June Knowles;
Norman Koons;
J.C. Johnson;
June Jacoby;
Augusta Knox;
Robert W. Kirk;
Harold Lafferty;
Margaret Koons;

Page 7
Betty Lord;
Paul Loach;
Florence Lynch;
Norman Marxen;
Charles WN. McDaniel, Jr;
Joe Fred Maloney;
Gene Michaux;
Joan J. Might;
Orlo McKean;
Lorraine Madden;
Lucille Lind;
Margaret McDonel;
Wayne Manecke;
Alice Moffitt;
Joan Mergenthaler;

Page 8
Joan Oyler;
Vernon Lowell Newhouse;
Leona Niswander;
Betty Powelson;
Mike Pappas;
Maxine Perkins;
Letha Rothenbuhler;
Dale Reed;
Nedra Ann Raubenolt;
Katherine Pappas;
Alice Opperman;
Mateel Preis;
Wayne Pickett;
Dorothea Rowe;
Betty Ritter;

Page 9
Howard Russell;
Allen Sampson;
Pat Ruhl;
Joy Shuman;
Darrell Sickels;
Maurice Seiple;
Georgianna Solomon;
Hilda Solomon;
Naomi June Smith;
Don Scott;
Gene Russell;
Dale Smith;
Jean Schultz;
Josephine Spitler;
John Snavely;

Page 10
Donna Jeanne Stout;
Doris Stambaugh;
Lois Steinhour;
John L. Thompson;
Robert W. Struble;
Jeanne Stubblefield;
Bob Wagner;
Douglas Twells;
Pat Walsh;
Marian Stout;
Wilma Ruth Stone;
James K. Timanus;
Dan Switzer;
George Ward;
Margie Walters;

Page 11
Virginia Wilhelm;
Rex Williams;
Barbara Aloue Warner;
Florence Zuelzke;
Maurice Young;
Glenn J. Windsor;
Melvin Wetherill;
Janice Zemer;

Emerson Building;
Emerson Building;
Basketball team;
Football team;
Page 1
Class Officers;

Page 2
William Allen;
Charles Atwell;
Lowell Barkley;
Leslie Basinger;
James Bemis;
Richard Bemis;
Gene F. Bentz;
Howard Callendar;
Richard Canterbury;
John Chandler;
Betty Jane Church;
Carter Clark;

Page 3
Ruth Elaine Clark;
Dorothy Marie Cline;
William Cline;
Richard Conley;
Irene Copley;
Warren Coppus;
Constance Copus;
Marilyn June Covrett;
Virginia Creeger;
Harold Davies;
Richard Deer;
Wayne Nelson Dennis;
Page 4
Eugene P. Dixon;
Marcella A. Emerine;
Margaret Anne Emerine;
Janet Fast;
Donald Feisel;
Constance J. Flechtner;
John Florea;
Virginia Gene Fox;
Joanne Lynn Friesner;
Dolores Ellen Gallant;
Donna E. Gibat;
Martha B. Gibson;

Page 5
Mary L. Gibson;
John R. Haldeman;
Max R. Hamm;
Carl Harding;
Suzanne Harris;
Dale Harrison;
John Roscoe Hathaway;
Gene Helms;
Mark Hill;
Roger C. Hill;
Lois Houghton;
Jim House;
Page 6
Gerald L. Huston;
Robert F. Hutchins;
Robert Imber;
Beverly Jane Kiefer;
Hazel Kimble;
Loretta M. King;
Joe Richard Kirk;
Mary G. Kovach;
Donald Lambright;
Joyce Marie Lambright;
Mildred Lambright;
Arnita Lawson;

Page 7
Donna Irene Lewis;
Donna Mae Lewis;
Barbara J. Loe;
Betty McNally;
Robert H. Manecke;
Ivan H. Maurer;
Paul Might;
Margaret E. Milligan;
John P. Munger;
Harold Munson;
Patricia Ann Myers;
Gay L. Nichols;

Page 8
June W. Niday;
Robert Omlor;
John Pelton;
Norma M. Pettibone;
Harold Virgil Piper;
Neile. Rangeler;
Paul Reiter;
Albert Rhoad;
Calvin Roberts;
Carl Rouse;
Hayden Rowe;
Wilber Schaufelberger;

Page 9
William Sheridan;
Carl Shiff;
Miriam M. Snavely;
Nancy Lou Shupe;
Don Edward Smith;
Madonna Marvene Smith;
Russell John Smith;
Phyllis Smothers;
Frank Shupe;
Welton Snavely;
Beatrice Mae Soles;
Raymond Souder;
Page 10
Jean M. Soweers;
K. Hampton Speelman;
John Samuel Stipp;
Wilda Fern Stone;
Doreen Alice Stouffer;
Helen Wagner;
Ethel Mae Ward;
Wester J. Wilcox;
Marjorie J. Wilhelm;
John Wolfarth;
June Wunderlin;
James Youngston;

FHS Service Honor Roll;
FHS Service Honor Roll;
War Stamps & Utillity Kits;
Surgical Dressing;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Girls Basketball team;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Sam Aurband;
Donna Baker;
Jack Baker;
Marjorie Baker;
John Basehore;
Melvin Baxter;
Melvin Baxter;
Doris Berlinghoff;
Betty Brant;
Leta Brickles;
Catherine Bulkowski;
Berlin Burgbacher;

Page 3
Alice Burkart;
Ruth Burkart;
Doris Carmichael;
Margaret Carter;
Pauline Chilcote;
Harold Dauterman;
Jay Davis;
Donna Deiter;
Beatrice Delagado;
Norma Echelbarger;
Norman Echelbarger;
Florence Emerine;

Page 4
Charles Ford;
Harold France;
Milly Groman;
Clyde Hammer;
Essie Hampshire;
Fred Hanley;
June Harding;
Marge Hartsel;
Mary Hartsel;
Nate Hatfield;
Clara Mae Hayes;

Page 5
Jeanette Hevener;
Mary Jane Hill;
William Hiser;
June Hogan;
Betty Holden;
Johanne Houser;
Tom Houser;
Marjory Hufford;
Dora Humbert;
Doris Humbert;
Joanne Huth;
Hazel Kimble;
Page 6
Alden Kingery;
Marilyn Knepper;
Allen Knight;
Bill Kurtz;
Audrey Lambright;
Pat Lanphear;
Dorothy Lind;
Georgia McNutt;
Harold Manecke;
James Mansfield;
Marilyn Mansfield;
Betty Marxen;

Page 7
Betty Meng;
Alice Millburn;
Dorothy Minard;
La Donna Molter;
Betty Moody;
Jane Moots;
Junior Morel;
Robert Morrison;
Joanne Needles;
Gene Newell;
Janet O'Brien;

Page 8
Colleen Opperman;
Eleanor Painter;
Arlene Payne;
John Peck;
Edward Perkins;
Edna Perkins;
Donna Peters;
George Peyton;
Clarence Pickett;
Ann Prentice;
Walter Reffner;
Joyce Rensch;
Page 9
Howard Roby;
Alfred Scheidhauer;
Rex Schwab;
Dorothy Scott;
Jo Ann Scott;
Donald Sherick;
Thad Smith;
Weslyn Snavely;
Glenn Solomon;
Edward Souder;
Dale Stoddard;
Harold Struble;
Page 10
Ruby Talmadge;
Helen Van Tassel;
Robert Wagner;
Helen Warner;
Ruth Wetherill;
Marvelyn Williams;
Olive Willoby;
Harvey Wolfarth;
Jack Woodland;
Gene Yoder;
Dorothy Zeller;

Football team;

Basketball team;
War Activities;

Roll of Honor;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Velma Allison;
Doris Baker;
Doris Baker;
Ruth Balsat;
Patricia Barley;
William Barringer;
Robert Baxter;
James Beeson;
Phyllis Benson;
James Bentz;
Barbara Bishop;
Page 3
Forest Bostic;
Louise E. Boucher;
June Brandeberry;
Helen Brombley;
Viola Brown;
Gene Carrl;
Ann Clark;
Raymond Clark;
Cliffond Cockie;
Robert Cooper;;

Page 4
Jewel Copsey;
Stanley Cramer;
Charles Robert Currier;
Donald Danner;
Gerald Davis;
Clyde Decker;
Aileen De Weese;
Jane Dicken;
Alva Dolch;
Patricia Dye;

Page 5
Esther Emerson;
Richard L. Fast;
Robert Feisel;
Ruth Evelyn Fox;
Barbara Fruth;
Betty Fry;
Thelma L. Fuller;
Jack Gangway;
Richard Groves;
June Hall;

Page 6
Myron John Hall;
Eula Heckathorn;
Mary Louise Heinze;
Gladys Heiserman;
Helen Hutchinson;
Doris Imber;
Beatrice Leedy;
Clyde Lentz;
Viginia Lewis;
Jack McClellan;

Page 7
Betty Jan McCurdy;
Jean McDonel;
Daniel McGinnis;
James Mall;
Ethel Manecke;
William Miller;
Gloria Morgan;
Joan Mumma;
Mark Munn;
Howard Myers;

Page 8
Mary Lou Myers;
Wayne Myers;
James Needles;
Imogene Niswender;
James Nusser;
Jo Anne O'Brien;
Robert Ogg;
Janet Carol Page;
Allegra Pasqualletti;
Millicent Pastorious;

Page 9
Joe Payne;
George J. Perkins;
Marjorie Ann Peters;
Betty Piotter;
Janet Preis;
Robert A. Quaintance;
Kenneth Reinhard;
Robert Restemyer;
Barbara Ann Rhude;
Harold Saxton;

Page 10
June Sheffel;
Ralph Sherman;
Harry Shiff;
Joan Shuman;
Don Singleton;
Nina Smith
Richard Snyder;
Gene Stearns;
Gordon Stouffer;
Bennetta Stovall;

Page 11
Jack Switzer;
Margaret Tarris;
Bernyce Tarver;
Clara Tate;
Florence Thomas;
Greetham Twells;
Phyllis Vogel;
Glenn Walker;
Betty Walters;
Harry Wells;

Page 12
Mary Jo Ann Wilcox;
Harold Wing;
Charles Wonders;
Charles Wyans;
Herbert Yenser;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Honor Roll;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Class Information;

Page 3
Richard Abel;
Helen Balsat;
Helene Balsat;
Olive Beckerleg;
DeWitte Barton;
Lois Bennett;
Harvey Bentley;
JoAnne Brickles;
Phyllis Brink;
Jack Brubaker;
Betty Jane Burkhart;
Wilma Creps;

Page 4
Jack Cummings;
Margaret Dible;
Dean Dillery;
Alberta Dippelhofer;
Bob Dray;
Donna Dull;
Dolores Earlis;
Virginia Elsea;
Bill Etzinger;
Beverly Flechtner;
Don France;
Hazel Franks;

Page 5
Gladys Freet;
Dale Fruth;
Eileen Fruth;
Patricia Gary;
Richerd Good;
Jean Groves;
Wilbur Hall;
Bernard Hanley;
Donna Hartley;
Herbert Hathaway;
Wanda Henderson;
Page 6
LaVonne Henline;
Betty Henry;
Marilyn Herrig;
Colleen Hickerson;
Alice Hottenstein;
Jacquelyn Houser;
Hoanne Huffman;
Alvernis Hutchins;
Dea Jo Hutchins;
Barbara Jones;
Ruby Kimble;
Charles Koester;

Page 7
Deloris Kopf;
Jeannine Lane;
Richard Lenhart;
Evelyn Lind;
Marilyn Longfellow;
Robert Lucius;
Sally Lundberg;
Roy McCellan;
Norma McKay;
Faye Mansfield;
Robert Marquardt;

Page 8
Virginia Maurer;
Catherine Medley;
June Mergenthaler;
Kenneth Miller;
Doris Moots;
Mary Jo Morehart;
Frances Mullholand;
Eleanor Munger;
Richard Muter;
Betty Niday;
Norma Niswander;
Betty Opperman;
Page 9
Bevon Painter;
Robert Peyton;
Thelma Pickett;
Pat Post;
Robert Preble;
Virginia Pritchard;
Garlyn Rader;
Doris Reidling;
Jack Schwab;
Herman Seel;
Phyllis Sendelbach;
Page 10
Robert Sheets;
Laura Sherick;
Betty Jo Shirk;
Patricia Shirk;
Janice Shumaker;
Arlene Shuman;
Lois Slaughterbeck;
Carroll Smith;
Suzanne Smothers;
Naomi Speelman;
Joanne Sprout;
Audrey Statler;

Page 11
Elton Steinman;
Rovert Stevens;
Thomas Stevenson;
Dorothy Taylor;
Mildred Trausch;
Joan Wagner;
Jessie Lou Waltermire;
Jack Watts;
Weith Wetherill;
Mary Alice Willoby;
Barbara Yoder;

Emerson Building & Stadium;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Track team;
All-School Play;

War Memorial;
Page 1
Class Officers
Page 2
Ray Alge;
Jane Allison;
Georgia Ann Apple;
Marvel Rae Ash;
Ruth Baker;
Gene Beeson;
John Bollinger;
Joyce Bormuth;
Verna Boucher;
John Bowman;
Page 3
Maxine Brant;
Donna Brombley;
Linden Brooks;
Ida Louise Brown;
Charles Buchholtz;
Donna Buckingham;
Harry Buckingham;
Don Burgbacher;
Gayle Burke;
Betty Cockie;

Page 4
Roger Cole;
Wendell Conley;
Mary Deckard;
Geneva Emahiser;
Jean Engle;
Marlyn Farrell;
Marjorie Feisel;
James Williams;
Mary Flechtner;
Kenneth Fogt;

Page 5
Gwen Wolfelt;
Eleanor Fox;
Lois Jean Franklin;
Frank Gary;
Phylis Gillett;
Ted Hansen;
Jim Hanover;
Betty Harler;
Joan Harler;
Jeannine Harter;
Page 6
Ruth Henline;
Mildred Herbert;
Beverly Hessey;
George Hill;
Mark Hill;
Richard Holden;
David Hollenbaugh;
Anna Mae Housley;
Ralph Hummel;
Pat Hunker;

Page 7
Ronald Hyte;
Marilyn Keefe;
Kathleen Kirkendall;
Don Kisabeth;
Dorothy Koons;
Arvetta Kopf;
Joan Lapidos;
LaDonna Larson;
Paul Lawrence;
Guy Lynn Leedy;

Page 8
Mary Lewis;
Betty Lorah;
Walter McClellan;
Arlene McComb;
Gertrude McCubbin;
Lucille McCullouah;
Roberta Magly;
Alice Manecke;
Joyce Mansfield;
Roger Marietta;
Page 9
Robert Marks;
Kenneth Matz;
Don Might;
Duane Might;
Luella Miller;
Bonnie Morgart;
Juanita Mosier;
Lydia Moyer;
Bob Myers;
Joyce Needles;
Page 10
Gene Nusser;
Don Ostrosky;
Elnore Patterson;
Carolyn Peggs;
Jim Pierce;
LeRoy Pohlman;
Rulon Pratt;
LaDonna Rader;
Janet Ramsey;
Allen Rasey;

Page 11
Margaret Reber;
Bob Reinhard;
Eileen Richard;
Jim Richard;
Elma Robinson;
Joanne Rothenbuhler;
Joanne Mutchler Russell;
Leonard Russell;
W.N. Seebon;
John Sharp;
Page 12
Esta Sheridan;
Mary Shultz;
Josephine Shultz;
Junior Shumaker;
Betty Singleton;
Bettie Smith;
Joan Smith;
Jacquelin Snyder;
Harold Souder;
Wanda Spangler;
Page 13
Barbara Stainbrook;
Jack Stearns;
Wilda Tate;
Marvene Thomas;
Don True;
Sally Ullery;
Don Vogel;
Paul Vogel;
Charles Volkmer;
Kathleen Walsh;

Page 14
Tom Ward;
Marianne Warner;
Eugene Warrington;
Art Wolfarth;
LeRoy Valenti;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Track team;
School Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Janice Anderson;
Duane Angles;
Gooldie Aurand;
Arlen Baker;
Barbara Barth;
Betty Basehore;
Bill Bassinger;
Frances Batdorff;
Page 3
Helen Baxter;
Don Bollinger;
Patsy Beigh;
Bob Bomer;
Nancy Berlinghoff;
Bill Brown;
Dick Blosser;
LaVonne Browning;

Page 4
Hazel Buckingham;
Doris Cole;
Mary Lou Burkhart;
Robert Compton;
Nancy Carter;
Mary Ann Cook;
Gene Clay Pool;
Betty Cooper;

Page 5
Nararah Corl;
Anna Devore;
Duane Crow;
Norman Deiter;
George Davis;
Carla Jean Earl;
Mary Lou Davis;
Tom Elkington;
Page 6
Jeannette England;
Gene Hanley;
Patricia Workman;
Richard Harding;
Mardell France;
Nelson Harris;
Mildred Groves;
Ann Harrold;

Page 7
Ruth Hattendorf;
Herbert Horn;
Dwight Hazeltine;
Mary Jo Howell;
Hames Hicks;
Greta House;
Donna Hoffbauer;
Donald Hutchins;

Page 8
Larry Ickes;
Joan Jordan;
Cherie Lou Jackson;
Allan Kimble;
Robert Johnson;
Wayne Kingery;
Albert Jones;
Gilbert Lane;

Page 9
William Lawson;
Ilene Lindenman;
Norma Lee;
Arden Lockhart;
Mary Lentz;
Richard Lowmaster;
Gordon Lewis;
Patricia Lunsford;

Page 10
Robert Meng;
Duane Munger;
Paula Molter;
Richard Musser;
Leo Morel;
Barbara Myers;
William Mottram;
Janet Newhouse;

Page 11
Byron Niswender;
Paul Preble;
Doris Opperman;
Charles Rahrig;
Jayne Payne;
Clitford Reinhard;
Jeannine Pierce;
Junior Romig;
Page 12
Beverly Roose;
John Royer;
Betty Rose;
Sharon Saddoris;
Helen Rose;
Lowell Shrider;
Natacha Rowe;
Georgia Smith;
Page 13
Joan Smith;
Jeannine Steinhurst;
Stella Snyder;
Jack Stroman;
Nancy Sowry;
Robert Studkey;
Phyllis Statler;
Charles Switzer;

Page 14
George Thrailkill;
Colleen Walsh;
Jesse Torres;
Worthy Ward;
Patricia Travis;
Robert Weidemann;
Richard Vogel;
Joe Anne Woodland;
Page 15
Howard Wyatt;
Eugene Young;
Richard Young;
Clyde Zuern;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Track team;
Girls' Sports;
School Play;
School Play;
School Play;
School Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Robert Alley;
Mary Arwood;
Rose Anne Banks;
Carol L. Barnes;
Betty Lou Barton;
Susan Bates;
Page 3
Lou Ellen Bauer;
Eugene Benninghoff;
Phillis Blackford;
Neva Bomer;
Dwight Buchholtz;
Mildred Buckingham;
Page 4
Velma Bullock;
Barbara Burch;
Nancy Lee Charles;
Hames Cotter;
Everett Daugherty;
Darlene Davis;

Page 5
Howard Dieter;
Robert Dunfee;
James Emerson;
David Fittro;
Daniel Foltz;
Lila Mae Fraver;
Page 6
Harold Fuller;
Delores Geyer;
Robert Gillespie;
Robert Odell Gillett;
Donald Groves;
Robert Hanley;

Page 7
James Harden;
Etta Mae Harris;
Milo Hathaway;
Laurence Haver;
Diane Hillier;
Robert Hogan;

Page 8
Patricia Holcomb;
Harlin Horner;
Mary Huffman;
Ila Mae Hunker;
Joyce Huth;
Page 9
Carlos Jackson;
Dale Jacoby;
Leona Jay;
Annabelle Jeakle;
Lawrence Jones;
Mary Alyce Jones;
Page 10
Franklin Jordan;
James Keckler;
Gloria Keefe;
Jerry Knepper;
Vivian I. Knierim;
Robert Kroetz;

Page 11
Jack Lambright;
Robert E. Lee;
Richard Lewis;
Barbara MacDonald;
Joseph McAnaney;
Jack McKendrick;
Page 12
Byron Madden;
Annabelle Manecke;
Jane Louise Marietta;
Michael Martin;
Lucy Ann May;
Norman Might;
Page 13
Thomas Miller;
Betty Molter;
Carl Mosier;
Donna Musser;
Patricia Nusser;
Betty Dee Painter;

Page 14
Virginia Parsell;
Raymand Pastorius;
Betty Jean Patterson;
Richard Payne;
John D. Pennell;
Janette Peters;
Page 15
John Pierce;
Sue Porter;
Mary Post;
Elva Mae Rasp;
Marilyn Rathburn;
Fred Raymont;
Page 16
Lillian Reidling;
James Reinhard;
Mildred Reinhard;
Vivian Carole Richard;
Betty Lou Rinehart;
Marilyn Jo Schmidt;

Page 17
Verna Schultz;
Ruth A. Segner;
John Shatzer;
Gordon Shiflet;
Betty Jean Slayter;
James Slosser;
Page 18
Patricia Smith;
Jean Loree Snyder;
Marilyn Snyder;
Wanda Lou Souder;
Mary Lou Stainbrook;
William Stein;
Page 19
Janice Marie Stoudinger;
William Swinehart;
Jeannette Tannyhill;
Virginia Barbara Thompson;
Manine Leota Tribby;
Gwen Anne Turner;

Page 20
Margaret Evelyn Walters;
James Robert Warner;
Geneva Willoby;
Barbara Wolfelt;
Niles Woodley;
Ogle C. Yates;
Page 21
Betty Jean Zeigler;
Robert Zuern;

Art Work;
Art Work;
Art Work;
Art Work;
Art Work;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling & Track teams;
School Play;
School Play;

FOHIRAB information done by Ben Pohlman "Class of 66"

FHS -Seniors50s

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FOHIRAB, Yearbook

storia HIgh Red And Black
Fostoria High's Yearbook

1990's - 90 - 91 - 92 - 93 - 94 - 95 - 96 - 97 - 98 - 99 2000's - 00 - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
1970's - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79 1980's - 80 - 81 - 82 - 83 - 84 - 85 - 86 - 87 - 88 - 89
1950's - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 1960's - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69
1930's - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 1940's - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49
1900's - 09 - 17 - 18 - 19 1920's -20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29

Page 1
Class Officers;

Page 2
Bonna Atha;
Dorothy Baker;
Doris Barnett;
David Basehore;
Joyce Beach;
Donald Beck;

Page 3
Gerald Broyles;
Richard Brenner;
Nancy Beers;
Virginia Carter;
Jo Ann Byrd;
Elizabeth Burch;

Page 4
Betty Chamberlain;
Beverly Clark;
James Cook;
Earl Cooper;
Kenneth Cousins;
Paul Danner;

Page 5
JaAnne Davis;
Phillip Dauterman;
Patricia Dauterman;
Carol Decker;
Jane Davison;
Paul Davis;

Page 6
Jacquin Degan;
Shirley Dominique;
William Duffy;
Pete Dyer;
Jack Earl;
Lynn Echelberry;

Page 7
David Fruth;
Donald Fout;
Daniel Goshe;
Robert Foltz;
Richard Gonyer;
Richard Gee;
Page 8
Donald Graft;
Dean Groves;
Raymond Haase;
Lucy Hale;
Watson Harden;
James Harris;
Page 9
Nancy Haylett;
Dorothy Hattendorf;
Edward Harrold;
Helen Jane Hill;
Paul Herbert;
Marilyn Heckathorne;
Page 10
William Hirsch;
Pattie Hollenbaugh;
Orman Hoschar;
Jim Howell;
John Huff;
Shelby Hutchins;
Page 11
Delzie Johnston;
Vera Jackson;
Edna Ibarra;
Eugene Kinney;
Louann Keath;
Valerie Jones;

Page 12
Allan Kiser;
Jean Kranz;
Vera Jean Kreais;
Thomas Link;
Gene Logan;
Kathleen Lyons;

Page 13
Shirley McFadden;
Eleanor Maxwell;
Henrietta Mann;
Marion Moon;
Ralph Mitchell;
Jane McNutt;
Page 14
Norma Mortimer;
James Munger;
Gilbert Myers;
Paul Nusser;
Donald Peeler;
Donald Perrine;
Page 15
Robert Powell;
Marjorie Post;
Marlene Phillips Myers;
Donald Rhude;
Dwight Rangeler;
Silver Purkey;
Page 16
Beverly Richards;
Dorothy Romig;
Don Sanders;
Edith Searles;
Sally Seiple;
James Shumaker;
Page 17
Fred Sparow;
Joretta Snyder;
Joann Shumaker;
Donald Stein;
Bill Stearns;
Carl Stagger;
Page 18
Barbara Stevenson Conley;
Stanley Strausbaugh;
Barbara Tate;
Jerry Townsend;
Anne Tsantles;
Charles Underwood;
Page 19
Ronald Wedge;
Doris Wallace;
Dean Vogel;
Nadene Wells;
Juanita Wilson;
Page 20
Carolyn Wolfarth;
Dorothy Wyans;
Lucille Yenser;
William Yingling;

Football teams;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
School Play;
School Play;
Page 1
Class Information;
Page 2
Lois Ault;
Henry Babb;
Ethel Baker;
Pat Baker;
Pauline Baker;
Suzette Baker;
Norma Banks;
Bob Basinger;
Page 3
Jere Baxter;
Bill Beers;
Mary Ann Beeson;
Maynard Beigh;
Beverly Blake;
Floyd Bostic;
Marvelle Brink;
Page 4
Jack Burke;
George Burkhart;
Nancy Cameron;
Gene Carson;
Janet Charles;
Shirley Clary;
Jo Anne Claypool;
Jim Crow;

Page 5
Ruth Davison;
Gene Decker;
Floyd Devore;
Emmalyn Dillion;
Jerry Dillon;
Paul Donaldson;
Karol Earlie;
Page 6
Margaret Elsea;
George Flechtner;
Doris Fout;
Marilyn Fox;
Mary Ann Fruth;
Don Graber;
Alice Harris;
Sue Hartman;

Page 7
Jane Hathaway;
Shirley Hengsteler;
Nancy Herbert;
Bob Hill;
Judy Hill;
Gloria Horner;
Ora Lynn Hoschar;

Page 8
Roger Hottenstein;
Rose Hunker;
Roland Hutchins;
Joe Kinshaw;
Bob Koester;
Marian Kooken;
Jim Lambright;
Gene Law;

Page 9
Duane Leathers;
Helen Lewis;
Bill Mansfield;
Roger May;
John Mergenthaler;
Carol Merritt;
Ronald Might;

Page 10
Cathie Myers;
Terry Mills;
Ruth Newlove;
Jim Opperman;
Henrietta Page;
Kenny Parsell;
Bob Perry;
Clayton Rasp;

Page 11
Marvin Reiss;
Jack Riggs;
Ted Rinehart;
Wesley Roose;
Joan Rouse;
Charles Schmidt;
Jim Schultz;

Page 12
Gordon Schutt;
Don Shultz;
Winifred Shultz;
Ronald Shumaker;
Joe Smith;
John Smolik;
Phil Snyder;
Janice Smoers;

Page 13
Richard Steve;
Edwin Stevenson;
Franklin Szallar;
Betty Thompson;
Lowell Tyson;
Josephine Wagner;
Page 14
Thelma Weiker;
Kay Willison;
Janet Woodland;
Betty Woodley;
Mary Jane Yates;
Jim Yockey;
Layton Yockey;
Don Yoder;
Page 15
Janice Zeigler;
Jim Zemer;
Charles Zuelzke;
Charles Zumpft;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
All School Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;

Page 2
Ronnie Angles;
Nancy Adams;
Carolyn Banks;
Kenneth Adler;
Jerry Bauer;
Sharon Anderson;
Charles Bauman;

Page 3
Barbara Barnes;
Selma Beers;
Joyce Bise;
Jane Bender;
Edna Boas;
Tom Billiard;
Franklin Boucher;

Page 4
Barbara Burdett;
Betty Brant;
Raymond Burk;
Alice Brown;
Jean Burkhart;
Bill Bruggemann;
David Carr;

Page 5
Shirley Carter;
Richard Clark;
Carol Colwell;
Don Coburn;
Richard Conley;
Sally Colavecchio;
Ronald Cooper;

Page 6
Robert Daugherty;
Richard Coppler;
William Dauterman;
Darlyn Crawford;
Dallas Dauterman;
Lulu Mae Creeger;
Clair Dible

Page 7
Joan Dicken;
Louanne Evans;
Lloyd Doe;
Roger Doe;
Sally Fetro;
Barbara Fillhart;
George Dyer;

Page 8
Ella Mae Floyd;
Cheryl Firestine;
Stuart Gair;
Judy Fletcher;
William Godlove;
Lee Ann Graham;
Helen Flowers;

Page 9
Marlene Greene;
Jack Gregory;
Rovert Harrington;
Carl Haase;
Margaret Harris;
William Hattendorf;
Paul Hackney;

Page 10
Joellen Hiser;
Gene Hessey;
Zane Hockenberger;
Joyce Hicks;
Evidine Hoschar;
Betty Hiser;
Earl Hummel;

Page 11
Jann Jackman;
Bernard Jackson;
Mary Ann Krouse;
Dean Kinney;
Richard Lafountaine;
Joe Kisabeth;
Carole Lanning;
Page 12
John Machir;
Sallie Lueck;
Melvin Manecke;
Ronald Loe;
Nadine Matthews;
Tom Matz;
Jim Lucius;
Page 13
Bill Miller;
James Murphy;
Clark Miller;
Helen Miller;
Velma Myers;
Nancy McArthur;
Mary Lou Miller;
Page 14
Patricia Newhouse;
Kaye McDonald;
Margie Niswander;
Marilyn Nordlund;
Jayne McFadden;
Donna Neikirk;
La Deana Page;
Page 15
Marcia Paine;
Ida Marie Peeler;
John Post;
Carl Peggs;
Nettie Rasp;
Joe Porter;
Tom Rathburn;
Page 16
John Richards;
Kenneth Rausch;
Beryl Leota Risser;
Nancy Scheidhauer;
Roger Reinhard;
Pat Shaffer;
Melvin Reynolds;
Page 17
Jean Singleton;
Jack Smith;
Don Spangler;
Dick Sprow;
June Smith;
Stuart Stearns;
Eldean Souder;
Page 18
Rodney Sullivan;
Dick Tate;
William Stout;
Duane Stroman;
Gary Thompson;
Nancy Thompson;
Edwin Stuckey;
Page 19
Pat Thompson;
Joohn Twells;
Rosalie Thompson;
Don Thrailkill;
Lewis Wade;
Janice Wagner;
Rachel Van Tassel;
Page 20
Richard Wilcox;
Robert True;
Dorothy Wagoner;
Jocelyn Williams;
Janet Kay Zimmerman;
Nana Walker;
Anna Weiker;
Helen Zuern;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
Track team;
All School Play;
New Stadium;
New Stadium;
Page 1
Class Officers;

Page 2
James Able;
Shirley Anderson;
Tom Arwood;
Marjorie Barber;
Joy Bartchlett;
Arlene Beigh;
Betty Bomer;

Page 3
Rex Boyd;
James Braden;
Keith Broka;
Jthro Burch;
Marilyn Clary;
Vernon Cobb;
Shelomith Corl;
Lester Crosby;
Page 4
Richard Dalton;
Jack Dauterman;
Walta Lou Dillon;
Duane Drake;
Gary Echelberry;
Mary Jo Erbland;
Bob Etzinger;
Jo Ann Evers;

Page 5
Roger Ferguson;
Mary Jean Fittro;
Sue Fleming;
Barbra Fletcher;
Betty Fox;
Henry Gary;
Gordon Gear;
Frederick Glaser;
Page 6
Shirley Good;
Richard Greek;
Ronald Griffin;
Florence Groves;
Melvin Groves;
Barbara Harper;
Jack Harris;
Robert Hauser;

Page 7
Shirley Hemrick;
Martha Henry;
Emma Hill;
Robert Hineline;
Richard Hiser;
Blane Hummel;
Jim Johnson;
Edwin Jones;

Page 8
Betty Jordan;
Mary Keckler;
Richard Keckler;
Kay Kieffer;
Norman Knisely;
Audrey Kranz;
Nathan Krupp;
Hugh Lanning;

Page 9
Lacy Lawson;
Don Little;
Karen Lockhart;
Bill Lord;
Charles Lowery;
James Lowery;
Dolores Macias;
Shirley Mansfield;
Page 10
Larry McCafferty;
Harold McClellan;
John McLaughlin;
Norma Merrit;
Marilyn Miller;
Richard Miller;
Judith Molter;
Jane Morgan;

Page 11
Janice Mosier;
Irvin Niswander;
Kathleen Patterson;
Carolyn Peltier;
Ronald Pittinger;
Ann Porter;
Verne Purkey;
Dennis Reeve;
Page 12
Richard Reiss;
Julia Richard;
Richard Rothgeb;
James Rowan;
Kenneth Russell;
Marlene Schnitzler;
Rudy Schoendorff;
Lorna Shultz;

Page 13
Marion Simpson;
Patricia Smith;
Peggy Ann Smith;
David Snyder;
David Spooner;
Jerome Steinman;
Marilyn Stewart;
Tom Stewart;

Page 14
James Swinehart;
Sylvia Sylvester;
James Tucker;
Peter Turk;
Larry Vitt;
Shirley Vitt;
Charlene Vogel;
Barbara Wagner;
Page 15
Jo Lynn Watts;
Mary Wells;
Beverly Welsh;
Shirly Widmer;
Craig Willis;
Joanne Wyans;
Alfred Zeigler;
Sheridan Zimmerman;
Page 16
Duane Zuern;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
Track team;
All School Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Donald Karl Althauser;
James Arvard Arwood;
Marlene Lucille Aungst;
Chris Edward Balsat;
Richard Sidney Beach;
Marilyn Sue Beers;
Joyce Elaine Banks;
Carolyn June Bauman;

Page 3
Gerald W. Berry;
Barbara Lois Boyd;
Edgar Irvin Bradner;
Lela Burch;
Gwen Lee Carrel;
David Cole;
Edward E. Burk;
Kenneth Lowell Caldwell;

Page 4
Ronald Cole;
Donna Crawford;
Roger Allen David;
Duane Davis;
Earol Lynn Disler;
Marilyn Ann Doe;
Ella Udell Davison;
Viola Fay DeVore;

Page 5
William Clay Dye;
Lyle B. Dyer;
William Edward Emmert;
Mary Jane England;
Margaret Ann Fittro;
Richard James Fleming;
Charles G. Furguson;
David Kenneth Fillhart;
Page 6
Mary Elizabeth Floyd;
Marilyn Elaine Foster;
Sharon Kay Frankenfield;
Marily Jean Fraver;
Edmond Gardner;
Donna Gingerlick;
Darlene Fruth;
Suaznne Grace Gair;

Page 7
Robert Gene Goddard;
Miriam Graves;
Donald Bert Gregory;
Max Elwood Groves;
Lois Margaret Hale;
Claire Lewis Hanley;
Donna Jean Haase;
Beverly Ann Hade;

Page 8
Ronald Eugene Harden;
Sharon Ann Harris;
Janet Lee Hicks;
Caroline Hill;
Gary Weldon Hollenbaugh;
Warry Sheldon Hollenbaugh;
Wanetta May Hirsch;
Janette Jane Hoffman;

Page 9
Mary Lee Holloway;
David Jo Hottenstein;
Jack Housley;
Ralph Edmond Huff;
Bernard James Kinney;
Joyce Anne Kissling;
Robert Lowell Hunker;
John Calvin Jackman;

Page 10
Shirley Kay Koon;
Ethel Orinne Kranz;
Hubert Eugene Landers;
Sharon Kay Lanning;
William Lewis Lind;
Linda Lou Luckey;
Melvin Notestine Leedy;
Jerry Joe Leeson;

Page 11
Carol Lee Luman;
David McClung;
Joan McClellan;
Carlotta Ann McDonel;
Janet Marks; James Delse
Sandra McGee;
Dean McIntire;
Page 12
Peggy Anne Merrell;
William W. Messenger;
Carol Miller;
Carl DeRoy Nye;
Sally Jo Painter;
Barbara Anne Phillips;
Ronald David Overmire;
Joyce Ruth Page;
Page 13
Borbara Ann Phipps;
Georgia Mae Pohlman;
William H. Pullom;
Robert Roy Radcliff;
Ronsford Allan Reinhard;
Carol Ann Restemyer;
Phyllis Rader;
William Lamar Ramsey;
Page 14
Marvalene D. Reynolds;
Donald Clark Richard;
Patricia Gail Rhoad;
Donald E. Senn;
Carol Jo Smith;
Dorothy Grace Smith;
Wilma Sheridan;
John Robert Slosser;

Page 15
Richard Linden Smith;
Gary Lee Snyder;
Dowell Ronald Souder;
Robert Eugene Stateler;
Raymond Lee Stein;
Alberta Stone;
Carol Mae Statler;
Janet Elizabeth Stearns;

Page 16
Arlene Jayne Stout;
Sandra Ann Swartz;
Donald Paul Szallar;
Albert Thornton;
Dorothy Mae Tucker;
Jesse Lewis Tucker;
J. Wesley True;
Kate A. Trumpler;

Page 17
Walter Turner;
Doris Marie Underwood;
Jammie Dale Ward;
Alice J. Weber;
Elizabeth Louise Wentz;
Jan Bruce Wetherill;
Barbara Allison Welsh;
Nancy S. Wendt;

Page 18
Joyce Eileen Wolfelt;
Shirley Kay Woodruff;
Shirley Lou Yoder;

Senior Personalities;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
All-School Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Charles Adams;
Deanna Anugst;
Don Baker;
Rose Banks;
Kathy Beamer;
Susan Bender;
Herbert Bethel;
Gene Bollinger;
Carolyn Bower;
Jaynis Clark;

Page 3
Janice Clinger;
Gordon Cockrell;
James Conley;
Janis Conley;
Wayne Cook;
Heth Corl;
Betty Crosby;
Audrey Dauterman;
Martha Davis;
Betty Davison;

Page 4
Dardanella DeGood;
Ann Dennis;
Marilyn Dicken;
George Dieterle;
Don Doe;
Betty Doster;
Marvin Drake;
Edith Ann Dull;
Harold Dunfee;
Danny Earlie;

Page 5
Fred Eatherton;
Maynard Eatherton;
Helen Erbland;
Fern Evers;
Harold Faust;
Connie Fisher;
Don Fankdather;
Dorothy Freese;
Nancy Fruth;
Richard Fruth;

Page 6
Richard Fry;
Charlotte Gamble;
Marcella Gardner;
Richard Gillespie;
James Gonyer;
Sharon Good;
Tom Good;
Joyce Gwiner;
Kristin Harley;
Arlene Harison

Page 7
Don Hauser;
Carolyn Haynes;
Jane Henry;
Dale Hill;
Kay Hiser;
Darwin Hoffman;
Eldon Horner;
Janice Hull;
Charles Jackson;
Raymond Jackson;

Page 8
Robert King;
David Kirk;
Jean Koon;
Janet Lambright;
James Lambright;
James Long;
Jack Lozier;
George Ludlow;
Mitzi McArthur;
James McClung;

Page 9
Dorene Manecke;
Arthur Meyers;
John Mills;
Sylvia Mullins;
Beverlee Myers;
Paul Myers;
Adolph Netzel;
Douglas Niswander;
Wilma Niswender;
Dallas Nye;

Page 10
Jo Ann Page;
Darlene Peeler;
Danny Pelton;
Carole Price;
Sharon Radcliff;
William Radcliff;
James Rees;
Ruthanne Reiter;
Howard Richards;
Judy Rinehart;

Page 11
Duane Riser;
Joyce Risser;
Joe Roper;
Don Rothgeb;
Jack Runion;
Don Saliers;
Nancy Sanders;
Larry Sharpless;
Robert Shaw;
Alice Smith;

Page 12
Kenneth Smith;
Willis Smith;
Le Roy Stewart;
Jerry Stewart;
Susan Stone;
Ronald Stoddard;
Joann Thomas;
William Vitt;
Duane Vogel;
Helen Wagoner;

Page 13
Anita Walker;
Ruby Weiker;
Paula Wentz;
Michael Werner;
Larry Wetherill;
Melvin White;
Richard Widmer;
Ervin Woodrugg;
Shirley Wyans;
Shirley Young;

All-School Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
Track team;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Allan Adams;
Charles Allspaugh;
Joanna Baker;
Howard Balsat;
Yvonne Barringer;
Jack W. Barchlett;
Joe Basehore;
Nancy Beach;
Barbara Joan Beil;
Robert A. Birkmire;
Nancy Kay Bixler;
Donald R. Blose;

Page 3
Ronald R. Blose;
Betty Borkosky;
Sally Jo Boyd;
Sharon K. Boyd;
Ronald E. Brown;
Lois Marie Burch;
Norman D. Burrell;
Daniel Butler;
Nolan Carman;
Diane Marie Crawford;
Clara L. Crosby;
Janet Crow;

Page 4
Mary Ann Dalton;
Janet Doe;
Patricia K. Doe;
Ronald M. Dolch;
Robert L. Earl;
Ronald Endicott;
Phyllis Ferguson;
Laquita Flannery;
Earl Flicker;
Carol Fox;
Nancy Fox;
Edward Lee Fredericks;

Page 5
Thomas A. Frederick;
Patricia Gardner;
Yvonne Geren;
Lawton Carl Gerlinger, II
Phillip Neil Glaser;
Charles L. Good;
James David Gorrill;
John D. Gorrill;
Dorcas Graber;
Jim Graves;
Ellen Gregory;
Kay Hammer;
Page 6
Wayne Harris;
Ronald E. Hartley;
Robert L. Hartman;
Rex Hathaway;
Richard L Hattendorf;
Sharon Kay Heiserman;
Ron Henry;
Virginia Marie Hirsch;
Arthur Mered Hoff;
Raymond Alan Hossler;
Margaret Ann Howard;
Richard Hoyer;

Page 7
Nancy Lou Hunker;
Robert George Huth;
Joni Jackson;
Bill Jeakle;
Jesse Johnson;
Levi W. Jones;
Gordon Lewis Kimble;
Anita Kissling;
Nancy Lambert;
Susan Layton;
Kay Lind;
Robert Lombardy;

Page 8
Pat Luman;
Jim McCarley;
Beverly Joyce McCracken;
Ann McLaughlin;
Mary C. Macias;
Karen Sue Masel;
Gerald E. Matz;
Linda Mavin;
Charlene Mears;
Don Murphy;
Bill Neikirk;
James Donald Newcomer;

Page 9
Tony Nixon;
Jim Nominee;
Dan Opperman;
Tom Painter;
Jane Elizabeth Perry;
Don Phillips;
Jacqueline Phipps;
Tom Porter;
Sandra Potts;
Donna Powell;
Robert C. Rausch;
Jean Reiss;

Page 10
Roger Rhine;
James Richardson;
Karlton J. Rothgeb;
Wayne A. Russell;
Ralph E. Sackett;
Connie C. Soubers;
D. Richard Sayre;
Darl L. Schilt;
Barbara D. Scott;
Leighton H. Seaman;
Richard A. Senn;
Judith Doreen Shiflet;

Page 11
Jane Siegchrist;
Duane Smith;
Jerry Smith;
Mary Jane Smith;
Shelby Jean Smith;
Larry Snyder;
Sally Jo-anne Snyder;
Bob Staple;
William T. Stover;
Harry M. Swartz;
Roberta Swartzbough;
Larry Swihart;
Page 12
Tom Thaxton;
Richard Turner;
Gene Vogel;
Leonard Vogel;
Eileen Volkmer;
Danny Wagner;
Sharon Walker;
Archie Waltermeyer;
Sally Ward;
Karen Whitney;
Alfred Williams;
Page 13
Susan Williams;
Ruth Ziegler;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
Track team;
School Play;
Page 1
Class Officers
Page 2
Carol Ann Aungst;
Sandra Banks;
Ronald B. Barkley;
Kenneth E. Bauman;
Jackie Beam; Brenda
Carol Beigh;
Mary Jo Bell;
Marcia Beltz;
Page 3
Ronald Dale Bickel;
Peggy Jean Biddle;
Elizabeth Bloodworth;
Patricia Ann Bower;
Jordon Gene Boyd;
James A. Brant;
Marion L. Brookman;
Pat Brown;

Page 4
Emanuel Browning;
Judy Kaye Browning;
Franklin Duane Burk;
Jill Carter;
Jane Elizabeth Clark;
Jim Cobb;
Rudolph Coburn;
Larry Cockrell;

Page 5
Sue Cole;
Barbara Ann Conrad;
Larry J. Correll;
Wade R. Cover;
Jane Crosby;
Don Davis;
Ray Davis;
Daisy Dieter;

Page 6
Ronald E. Deuble;
Janet Eileen Dull;
Janet Ebersole;
Roger Ebersole;
Judy Lee Edwards;
Thomas R. Elter;
Joyce Ann Fittro;
James Fittro;

Page 7
Beverly Ann Flicker;
Ronald L. Foster;
Bob Frankart;
Jon N. Fruth;
Thomas J. Fruth;
Deanne Carol Fry;
Deanna Gatrell;
Sonja Gatrell;

Page 8
Sarah Gingerick;
Beverly Glass;
Peter W. Goddard;
David Greene;
John K. Gregory;
Lowell E. Griffin;
Kris Gutknecht;
Carolyn Joyce Harden;

Page 9
Thomas Heilman;
Robert Lee Henry;
Jeanne L. Hitchocock;
Mary Kay Householder;
Gordon K. Hubbard;
Janice Faye Immel;
Mildred Johnson;
Colleen Jones;

Page 10
Sandra Jean Keller;
Virlyn M. Kenner;
Loren Ray Kranz;
Patricia Ann Kroetz;
Richard Drupp;
Joyce Ann Lee;
Mike Lester;
Carol Ann Lewis;

Page 11
Charles R. Lorah;
Sandra Darlene Lowery;
Steve McClellan;
Dave McDonald;
Joanne McKinney;
Gary McPherson;
Gwendolyn Marshall;
Linda Lee Marshall;
Page 12
Sue Oniska Masamer;
John Elwood Masters;
Joe Messenger;
Rose Ann Middleton;
Arthur L. Miller;
Don C. Miller;
Frank Ralph Milligan;
Alice Mullins;
Page 13
Rick A. Nesbitt;
James Niday;
James R. Norman;
Phillip R. Page;
John Weston Porter;
Benjamin F. Pratt;
David Lee Ramsey;
Norman E. Rees;

Page 14
Carol Jeanne Reeve;
Earlene Reidling;
Perry Jay Reinhard;
Terry Reiss;
Parke Eugene Richard;
Sandra Roper;
Rodney W. Roth;
Eilene Sonja Rowe;
Page 15
Linda C. Rowe;
Dale Scott;
Howard Shanks;
Robert W. Shaver;
Mary Shultz;
Richard Slusser;
Clark L. Smith;
Lynn Arden Smith;
Page 16
Marcia Jane Smith;
Marlene Ann Smith;
Stan L. Smith;
Susan V. Smith;
Larry A. Snyder;
John Spangler;
Sandra Nadine Stone;
Ronnie G. Strauss;
Page 17
Thomas Michael Sullivan;
Dick Szaller;
Robert H. Thompson;
Nancy Van Sant;
Edith Ann Wagner;
Nancy Anne Warren;
Joanne Lecile Welsh;
Jerre Ann Westenbarger;
Page 18
Mary Ann Williams;
Kathleen Grace Woerner;
Edward T. Woodruff;
Judith Arlene Woodruff;
Raymond A. Woodruff;
Ladonna Jean Young;
Carol Ruth Zeigler;
Eddie Zickefoose;

School Play;
School Play;
School Play;
School Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Janece Baker;
Suellen Barkley;
Janice Barry;
Linda Beck;
Ida Bentley;
Carolyn Bethel;
Daniel Bethel;
Gerald Birkmire;
Lysle Boos;
Page 3
Nancy Bostic;
Judy Brown;
Diane Burrow;
Doris Cook;
James Cotton;
Mar Jean Cover;
Allen Craddolph;
Darry Damon;
Janice David;

Page 4
Sharon Davis;
Donald Dennison;
Ronald Dunbar;
Nancy Driggs;
Dian Farwig;
Jane Fittro;
Brenda Flannery;
Diana Folk;
Ralph Frederick;

Page 5
Becky Fruth;
Beverly Fruth;
William Goddard;
Paula Good;
Nicholas Hoinen;
John Hall;
Carol Haney;
Stuart Hartman;
David Heiserman;
Page 6
Ned Hill;
Tom Hiser;
Don Hoffman;
Ronald Holden;
Elroy Hoschar;
Robert Hubbard;
Dixie Hyte;
John Jones;
Margie Juergens;

Page 7
Dale Keller;
Sue Kiser;
Kathy Kissling;
Sue Kunkelman;
Larry Lance;
Howard Laney;
Jerry Lemley;
Jay Lind;
Jane Lindenman;

Page 8
Karen Link;
Beverly Little;
James Loving;
Brenda Luckey;
Mike Luman;
Anita Macias;
Frank Malagon;
Michael Mason;
Danny Maurer;

Page 9
Judy Maurer;
Doyle Mavin;
Sharon McAran;
Gene McCarty;
Lilliam McComb;
Sandy MccFadden;
Miriam Messenger;
Louis Meyers;
Nancy Middleton;

Page 10
Rovert Moore;
Roger Neuman;
Norman Nominee;
Rayena O'Dell;
Larry Opperman;
Evaden Paxson;
Annabelle Peeler;
Bryan Pelton;
Laurel Peter;

Page 11
Roger Plotts;
William Plummer;
Wanda Pocs;
Brenda Pullom;
Dean Reinhard;
Jean Rhine;
Judy Rice;
Joyce Sanders;
Dan Schnitzler;
Page 12
Dan Self;
Judith Sharpless;
Marjorie Shaver;
Judith Sheridan;
Nona Sheridan;
Snadra Sheridan;
David Shumaker;
Deanna Smith;
Dolphus Smith;

Page 13
Judy Smith;
Susan Smith;
Janice Snyder;
Betty Jo Stearns;
Gloria Stevenson;
William Stock;
Ann Theobald;
Rodney Thatcher;
Brenda Thompson;

Page 14
Sharon Tong;
Kenneth True;
Janet Turner;
Kenneth Veres;
Nancey Vitt;
William Wagner;
Alex Wernick;
Billie Westengarger;
Joan Wiktorski;
Page 15
Bonnie Williams;
Margaret Wolf;
Judie Wolfelt;
Judy Woodland;
Martha Woodruff;
Nellie Woodruff;
John Wright;
Jeannette Zeller;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
All-School Play;
Pag 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Robert L. Agnew;
Beverly Sue Amos;
Robert L. Allison;
Janet Mae Anderson;
Earl Thomas Ash;
Ferderick James Aufdencamp;
Ralph Edsel Babb;
Rolfe Earl Babb;
Page 3
John Franklin Baker;
Earl Gene Balderson;
Sally Jo Barringer;
Thomas G. Bender;
Ronald James Biddle;
James David Blaser;
Horace O. Boone;
Lynda Sue Borkosky;
Page 4
Jo Lavon Boyer;
Jolene Bulowski;
Charlene Kay Bullock;
Barbara Lou Burns;
Edward Leroy Chamberlain;
Jack Leroy Clagg;
Eldon Lawrence Cooper;
Vincent Paul Cooper;

Page 5
Kathryn Annette Correll;
Elizabeth Lee Cotton;
Harold Lloyd Craig;
Karl Sherman Crawford;
Sharon Kay Cutcher;
James Edward Dalton;
William E. Dauterman;
Ruthann Doe;
Page 6
Patricia Ann Doll;
John H. Emerine;
Carol Jo England;
Douglas Charles Essman;
David Raymond Eubanks;
Kenneth Lee Filhart;
Donald Lee Finsel;
Larry Eugene Firestine;

Page 7
Gerald Lynn Flechtner;
Clara H. Folk;
Brian M. Fouts;
Gary Nicholas Fox;
Wynetta Mae Fox;
Gerald Joseph Frankart;
Larry D. Frederick;
James Leslie Fry;

Page 8
Nancy Louise Gardner;
Brenda Joyce Gatrell;
Ann Gerlinger;
Charles P. Goddard;
Warren Douglas Golightly;
Carol A. Good;
Dennis Clark;
David G. Haney;
Page 9
Michael Dean Harman;
Patricia S. Harpley;
Bonnie Jean Hartley;
John Michael Hayfield;
Nelson B. Hazeltine;
Barbara Kay Henry;
Michael Gordon Hillier;
Karis Horner;
Page 10
Kay Mayre Horner;
Phyllis June Huffman;
Merlin Carl Hull;
Thomas W. Jackman;
Leota Mary Jay;
Charlotte Elaine Jackson;
Richard E. Johnson;
Myron Jay Kauffman;

Page 11
William F. Kauffman;
Barbara Jean Kimble;
Gordon Ernest;
David Lee Kizer;
Meredith Lee Knott;
James Chester Kopf;
Sue Ellen Kovacs;
Carol Jo Kranz;
Page 12
David Paul Drupp;
Tommy Lee Krupp;
Paulette Kay Kurtz;
Michael James;
Joyce Kay Lytle;
Dolly Mae Mankin;
Louis Howard Manthey;
Calvin Edward Marshall;

Page 13
Jacqueline Kay Marshall;
Lupe H. Hartinez;
Douglas Gerald McDonald;
Marcia Kay McDonald;
Michal Aileen McGriff;
Robert John McKean;
Betty Fern McKinney;
Dennis Allen Michelsen;

Page 14
Charles Joseph Miller;
David Joseph Moore;
James L. Moore;
Marlene Jo Morehead;
Darrold Dean Myers;
Judith Ann Myers;
Paulette Sue Newcomer;
Judith Ann Niday;
Page 15
Robert L. North;
Raymond Gene Nye;
Fred J. Ohler;
Vic Keith Oliver;
James W. Paine;
Robert Car Peter;
Joan Marie Phipps;
Patsy Lou Pickens;
Page 16
Janice Arlene Porter;
Elaine Pullins;
Rebecca Louise Purkey;
Gerald Richard Ramsey;
Judy Marilyn Rasp;
Robert W. Rees;
Sara Ann Reiss;
Addie Lee Redding;

Page 17
David E. Rice;
Ola Fae Rice;
Suzanne Kay Richardson;
Robert Eugene Riggle;
Judith Antoinette Riggs;
Larry John Runion;
Arlene Wilda Sayre;
Sharon Kay Schroder;
Page 18
Jan Sellers;
Brenda Louise Shesler;
Judy Kay Shultz;
Judith Ann Siekeres;
Danny Leon Smith;
Sandra Sue Snyder;
Gloria Jean Stagger;
James Howard Stover;

Page 19
Larry Dean Stutzman;
Pamela L. Swihart;
Richard Lawrence Swihart;
John E. Switzer;
Thomas John Thornton;
Patricia Jane Todd;
Alladees Treadwell;
Jane Van Atta True;

Page 20
Nancy Mae Tudker;
James E. Vanderhoff;
Thomas Edward Vitt;
Linda Ann Vogel;
Jack Kay Walker;
Janet Sue Walsh;
Lois Ann Welborn;
Daisy Mae Woodruff;
Page 21
Beverly Ann Woods;
Joyce Jean Yackey;
Nancy Kay Zuber;

All-School Play;
Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;
Wrestling team;
Emerson Building;
Emerson Building;


FOHIRAB information done by Ben Pohlman "Class of 66"


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