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More on Fostoria   for (1916)
From R/t April 6, 2002
Article by Gene Kinn
 A Golf Course for Fostoria
    Fostoria Country Club was born in 1916 with 161 members.  Immediate steps are to be taken by the trustees to push the work along so that the club house and course can be enjoyed this year.  Trustees of the FCC are'  W.C. Beckwith, W. O. Allen, A. Emerine Jr., F.M. Hopkins, George A. Snyder, A. Mergenthaler, H. J. Adams, H. H. Geary and Nelson Poe.
    W.O. Allen was elected president at a meeting of the directors, held at the First National Bank.  H. J. Adams was named vice president, Chas.. A. Guernsey; secretary and L.J. Eshelman, treasurer and general manager.
    A Committee consisting of George A. Snyder, F.M. Hopkins and A Mergenthaler was appointed to secure the grounds.  The proposed site includes the old chautauqua grounds and 40 acres on the West Independence Road.
    The membership of the club was divided into five classes--Life, with a payment of $500; Resident, Fostorians and those living within 15 miles of the city (later this was reduced to 12 miles); Non-Resident, those living outside of the 15 miles; Associate, those not included in the first three and Honorary, those receiving the unanimous vote of the board.
    O.J. Thomas, an expert golfer, outlined the possibilities of a course and golf club that could be made equal to any nine hole course in the country.  He declared that he never knew of a golfer to stop playing the game on account of lack of interest, nor ever heard of a golf club breaking up.
    Resident membership dues will be $25 a year while associates of the stockholders' family, up to age 18, will pay $12 and non residents will be charged $10
    The new Fostoria Country Club will take in the 40 acres owned by Charles and Anna Moots, across the street from the old chautauqua grounds. Long time options were secured on adjoining property including the Freese land at the corner of Findlay Road and West Independence Road.
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More on Fostoria (1917
From R/t April 6, 2002
Article by Gene Kinn
At the Fostoria Country Club
    Today July 4, 1917 The Review noted: The basket picnic on the Fostoria Country Club grounds it was an informal affair.  While the grounds and building are not yet completed, the house committee arranged the outing in order to give the members an opportunity of seeing just what had been done and also a little taste of what they may expect when the grounds and building are completed. 
    As early as 8 o'clock, members were out on the links and the course was kept busy the entire day,  and many a member were on the greens for the first time and swung the clubs and called fore just as if they had been playing a lifetime.
    The Fostoria Review Band (composed almost entirely of glass workers) arrived at noon and played a number of mighty fine selections.
    After dinner, many members got busy again on the links while some went onto the tennis courts, others at croquet and horseshoes.  W.C. Beckwith and W. J. Wagner contented themselves with sitting on the edge of the brook, waiting for some of the finney tribe to come out and visit.
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