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Class of 1941
Class of 1941

Letter and pictures from Vanda June Nichols;
This letter was written for Class of 1941 60th reunion for clarifying my quest attendance, and was too late for the program directory.
    Memories from having worked it both New York City and Washington, D.C. were wrenched apart with the terrorists devastation of those former "hometowns" on September 11, 2001. In disbelief, I realized how lucky I had been to have known the Big Apple, the beauty of the nighttime skyline of its bridges rising into the sky, and in stark contrast, the shining magnificence of the Capitol dome, the pillars of the White House, and the seated Lincoln -- all standing reminders of the resolve that built this country.

    It was the end of the war years when I arrived in New York following graduation from Miami U that June.   I spent the next eight years working mainly in lower Manhattan, initially on Maiden Lane, then 65 Broadway (American Express) and living either in the city or commuting to Long Island where my oldest sister, Dolly, lived.

  Some 25 years later, in Washington, DC, I joined the Center for Strategic and International Studies working with the Director of Communications and Public Affairs in daily contact with the White House, Capitol Hill and Pentagon personnel.

    The decades between found me back in Fostoria, later in Cleveland, and briefly in Chicago.  Times were good in 1953 at the Fostoria Pressed Steel working for Russ Carter, Jim Bates, and Walter Hartzel. But in 1960, I joined Jack Barber, VP Engineering, Jack PIgman, Paul Krupp and Millard Might to set up like operations in Bradner as a subsidiary of Edwin L. Weigand Co., Pittsburgh.  Highly successful but when unions tried to move in, Weigand closed our shop.

    I spent a short year as women's Editor of the Fostoria Daily Review Times before heading for Cleveland and 10 years with Eaton Corporation--a mufti-national with 40,000 employees worldwide.  In the 1975  downturn, I was "axed" (at age 50).

    More time of learning came with several top law firms.  then came a call to become temporary directress of Gwinn Estate Bratenhal, OH--a 27 room mansion overlooking Lake Erie available for (restricted) lunch and dinner bookings. Offered full-time, I answered to a call from Chicago instead and landed there in the blizzard of 1978. Four months later I left for Washington.

    Living in Findlay since 1990 has brought an abundance of activities and special contact with my sister Ruth.  As some know I left Fostoria the end of my sophomore year following the death of my mother, and lived with Ruth in Sulphur Springs, commuting to Bucyrus High School  That summer she married her superintendent, S.K. Sollars, and we moved into Bucyrus.  He died in 1995.
    I feel blessed to be living where I am, and thankful to be included as part of the Fostoria Class of 1941
Thanks for reading my story
Vanda June.Nichols


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