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FOHIRAB, Yearbook
storia HIgh Red And Black
Fostoria High's Yearbook
1990's - 90 - 91 - 92 - 93 - 94 - 95 - 96 - 97 - 98 - 99 2000's - 00 - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
1970's - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79 1980's - 80 - 81 - 82 - 83 - 84 - 85 - 86 - 87 - 88 - 89
1950's - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 1960's - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69
1930's - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 1940's - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49
1900's - 09 - 17 - 18 - 19 1920's -20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29
Page 1
Thelma Bonnell;
La Mar Wolfe;
Zoa Hachet;
Lloyd Mahony;
Grayce Kimes;
Page 2
George Shaffer;
Margaret Clink;
Wayne Hughes;
Bernice Good;
Elden Fruth;
Page 3
Helen Wilson;
Lillian Pearson;
Ruth Werner;
Leland Sour;
Trude Marvin;
Page 4
Ethel Danner;
Cleo Wolfe;
Olo Bell;
Myrta Mosier;

Page 5
Darrell Masamer;
Fern Greenfield;
Bernice Shaw;
Hazel Shaw;
Julia McDole;
Page 6
Kenneth Rowe;
Ruth Frizzell;
Fred Weissinger;
Margaret Wade;
Harold Strawman;

Page 7
Fae Kempher;
Lucile Loomis;
Florence Pelton;
Paul Hachet;
Luella McCracken;

Page 8
Roxine Beard;
Helen Tallman;
Everett Corey;
Mary Allen;
Aylwyn Williams;
Page 9
Florence Lackens;
Alma Coe;
Dellis Beeson;
Helen Kipka;
Edward Mall;
Page 10
Elwood Fox;
Eva Byerly;
Ned Lepper;
Helen Kimes;
Lefcy Stewart;

Page 11
Eula Bower;
Clifton Gillmore;
Nelson Cruikshank;
Virgil Myers;
Page 12
Leroy Wolfe;
Richard Mickey;
Paul Lorah;
Class Officers;

Football team;
Radio-Science Club
Page 1
Charles Bender;
Mary Shelt;
Mae Dillion;
Christina Shisler;
Helen Hindmon;
Page 2
Paul Paine;
Thelma Tefft;
Alberta Fox;
Reba Gibson;
Gladys Overmire;
Page 3
Genevieve Stoddard;
John Mundell;
Mina Dillion;
Mildred Cline;
Marjorie Newhouse;
Page 4
Richard Hessey;
Gertrude Myers;
Mabel Blackford;
Lillian Heckert;
Dorothy Barnshisel;

Page 5
Rudolph Gerlinger;
Claudia McClellan;
Doris Trumbo;
Mary LeComte;
Howard Porter;
Page 6
Bertha Fry;
Ralph Weissinger;
Frances Burnett;
Helen Brookman;
Thelma Sheldon;

Page 7
Annah Lorah;
Grace Hooper;
Francis Colligan;
Alma Peters;
Madelon Bristol;

Page 8
Esther Fairbanks;
Inez Herbert;
Mildred Eckerle;
Helen Shaver;
Walter May;
Page 9
Helen Adams;
Harry Snouffer;
Jane Colligan;
Isabel Hunt;
Josephine Atha;
Page 10
Charles Hess;
Esther Platner;
Doris Smith;
Beatrice Cramer;
Winifred Kimball;

Page 11
Leslie Clevenger;
Geraldine Shaw;
Marian Loose;
Alva Hollenbaugh;
Lulu Loomis;
Page 12
Dale Miller;
Gladys Mathias;
Nilva Gorrill;
Alvin Cory;
Gladys Ward;
Page 13
Eugenia Loos;
Class Officers;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Picture of the FHS Band;
Names & Band information;
Page 1
Introduction page;
Page 2
Ida May Holtsbery;
John Hollenbaugh;
Edna Connor;
Ray Rafferty;
Vibian Pearson;
Page 3
Maxine Warner;
Francis Bormuth;
Maartha Stackhouse;
Howard Norris;
Bella Whitmore;
Page 4
Edna Foringer;
Harry Barenbrugge;
Ruth Cooper;
Leighton Brown;
Mildred Witherspoon;

Page 5
Charles Thompson;
Carolyn Lease;
Charles Hershberger;
Helen Rothrock;
Nelson Klinepeter;
Page 6
Earline Mitchell;
Donald Cleveland;
Hazel Senn;
Robert Shaffer;
Nellie Norris;

Page 7
Thelma Komke;
Clyde Smith;
Edith Frankenfield;
Harl Barlitt;
Edna LeComte;

Page 8
Ruth Sellers;
Gerald Lauck;
Mable Gardner;
Duane Harrold;
Ruth McDonel;
Page 9
Emnma Dillon;
Raymond Cole;
Ruth Sprout;
Harold Shumaker;
Mary Faulhaber;
Page 10
Ruth Karrick;
Park Stouffer;
Margaret Anderson;
Milford Kellogg;
Rowena Feasel;

Page 11
Helen Foringer;
Charles Roby;
Emma Fraver;
Frank Noel;
Margaret Paine;
Page 12
Robert Snyder;
Theodore Bigham;
Kenneth Boyher;
John Solether;
Donald Shale;
Willaim Lockhart;
Page 13
Carl Shultz;
Doran Reese;
Harold Worley;
Herbert German;
Walter Went;
Douglas Weimerskirch;

Page 14
Evelyn McCauley;
Walter Lewis;
Allene Werner;
Clyde Hughes;
Marjorie Freese;
Page 15
Cornelia Ward;
Charles Gorrill;
Helen Fruth;
Richard Linhart;
Loa Yochum;
Page 16
Cecil Hatfield;
Harry Hale;
Robert Gillespie;
Myron Kleinhen;
Gregory Stein;
Thomas Faulhaber;

Page 17
Vera Earl;
Winifred Murphy;
Ralph McClellan;
Page 18
Class Officers;

Football team;
Basketball team;
FHS Band;
Page 1
George Fishpaw;
Dorothy Ewan;
Paul Krupp;
Aline Williams;
Page 2
Richard Fraver;
Reba Knepper;
Ralph Barton;
Harlin Walters;
Page 3
Thalia Rice;
Harold Peters;
Gladys Kotterman;
Henry Spooner;
Page 4
Melvin Jones;
Hattie Anderson;
Arthur Colligan;
Trela Mae Lee;

Page 5
Ben Myers;
Frances Billyard;
Earl Blaser;
Greta Dirr;
Page 6
Margurite Corett;
Virgil Connor;
Charles Stahl;
Paul Simmons;

Page 7
Charles Lorah;
Florence Manecke;
Harry Thompson;
Mary Hollenbaugh;

Page 8
Catherine Grant;
Park Burtcher;
Helen Leesberg;
Clifford Sheldon;
Page 9
Howard Munger;
Orma Moffett;
Richard Stewart;
Laura Yates;
Page 10
Don Young;
Florence Rowe;
Edward Burke;
Marguerite Kissabeth;

Page 11
Grenville Hearst;
Helene Wade;
Helen Risser;
Milton Rice;
Page 12
Ethel Overmire;
Clayton Purkey;
Stella Schell;
Pius Bluom;
Page 13
Ellen Thornton;
Virgil Muir;
Eva Bressler;
Howard Wikle;

Page 14
Derald Hunker;
Vivian Scott;
Robert Kincaid;
Josephine Mock;
Page 15
Paul Williams;
Marguerethe Kleinhen;
Wayne Youngston;
Juanita Anderson;
Page 16
Millard Might;
Marie Lawrence;
Clair Crunkelton;
Dorothy House;

Page 17
Lous Turner;
Howard St. John;
Rolland Thrailkill;
Ida Bressler;
Page 18
Abe Cohen;
Mararet Shook;
Willard Radcliff;
Alta Stearns;
Page 19
Georgia Byerly;
Charles Shaver;
Alice Jones;
Harold Hoffet;

Page 20
Robert Warren;
Howard Bayton;
Victor Meyers;
John Yeasting;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Page 1
James Sweeney;
Claire McCormick;
Lawton Gerlinger;
Juanita Mosier;
John Weaver;
Page 2
Wilbur Sheely;
Maudell Stein;
Joe Pelton;
Mary Ellen Foos;
Jerome Braun;
Page 3
Helen Cleveland;
Ralph Sackett;
Harold Cole;
Helen Serfoss;
Thelma Corfman;
Page 4
Mary Cover;
Charles Hunt;
Aletha Rice;
Randall Duffy;
Dymple Dreitzler;

Page 5
Dessa Zimmerman;
Glenna Williams;
Bernice Covertt;
Hazel Hindman;
Mabel Wolfe;

Page 6
Leona Gross;
John Reed;
Howard Dull;
Leola Henry;
Ruth Kisabeth;

Page 7
Thelma Ann Gross;
Lee Smith;
John Bender;
Lanora Hyte;
Helen Snyder;

Page 8
Margaret Lougee;
Marion Stuckey;
Ervan Puffenberger;
Edna Youngblood;
Leodia Sheller;

Page 9
Helen Shively;
Dale Murray;
James Longacre;
Eleanor Yates;
Gladys Dowell;
Page 10
Mildred Stearns;
Mildred Hawk;
Doris Cromer;
Vernice Haines;
Rosena Anderson;

Page 11
Helen Agnew;
Otto Hutchins;
Howard Degan;
Helen Wade;
Helen McCormick;
Page 12
Dorothy Smith;
Alfted McLaughlin;
Robert Flecitner;
Helen Barlitt;
Louise Lanning;

Page 13
Gladys Cruikshank;
Virgil Switzer;
Charles Pfau;
Sophia Zeigler;
Irma Hutton;

Page 14
Lucille Herbert;
Ennis Hawkins;
George Green;
Blanche Fruth;
Elsie Bressler;
Page 15
Catherine Murphy;
Willard Might;
Harry Nichols;
Pauline Eissler;
Trela Dreitzler;
Page 16
Georgia Corbin;
Robert Warner;
Gordon Watts;
Civilla Coppus;
Agnes Hummer;

Page 17
Bessie Schell;
Helen Johnston;
Ester Davis;
Csther Comer;

Page 18
Ruth Himburg;
Edith Hamilton;
Kenneth Hooper;
Martha Gerlinger;
Page 19
Ethel Lawrence;
Leona Manecke;
Adelbert Good;
Calvin Francis;

Page 20
Elta Whitmore;
Byron Stearns;
Eugene Barenbrugge;
Helen Knox;
Vernice Collins;

Football team;
Basketball team;
Track, Baseball & Tennis teams;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Junior Myers;
Pauline Fox;
William Franke;
Lillian Trafelet;
Alton Duffey;
Page 3
Mildred Herbert;
Dwight Young;
Mable Covrett;
Meredith Brumbaugh;
Marjorie Rosendale;
Page 4
Mahlon Sheller;
Clara Hindmon;
Gould Stafford;
Dorine Miller;
Gordon Mumow;

Pa ge 5
Bonabelle Bradley;
Richard Conley;
Elizabeth Derr;
George Baseshore;
Zelma Blazer;
Page 6
Walter Bristow;
Mary Boddy;
Joe Arnold;
Mary Elizabeth Ward;
Arthur Walter;

Page 7
Marguerite Beeson;
Robert Munger;
Cecyle Cole;
Albert Clary;
La Verne Dray;

Page 8
Lawrence Bredbeck;
Anna Kroetz;
Marion Clevenger;
Emily Culp;
Harold Drake;
Page 9
Berneda Manecke;
Harvey Zuern;
Gladys Gross;
Leah M. Shelt;
Violet Hakes;
Page 10
Henry Gary;
Mary E. Hill;
George Schlatter;
Cordella Newcomer;
Gerald Smith;

Page 11
Alvira Williams;
Duncan McLean;
Souise Swanson;
George Shaffer;
Mable Scott;
Page 12
Franklin Stearns;
Dolly Nichols;
Paul Stein;
Thelma Gary;
Ernest Waggoner;
Page 13
Helen Trafelet;
Roland Mogle;
Grancess Cooke;
Orrin Carrol;
Gretchen Stahl;

Page 14
Ross Thompson;
Dorothy Heminger;
Kenneth Daleske;
Hoyland Biles;
Donald Murphy;

Page 15
Elva Brown;
Dan Warren;
Lillian Dwney;
Tom Lease;
Margaret McNeil;
Page 16
Henry Adams;
Zelma Tinstman;
Constance Hopkins;
Gretchen Young;
Henry Geary;

Page 17
Edna Jenkes;
Kenneth Fargo;
Lucile Bradner;
Walter Fruth;
Yvonne Callin;
Page 18
Paul Glick;
Helen Manecke;
Arvine Harrold;
Thelma Westover;
Harold Hartley;
Page 19
Virginia Krupp;
Earl Herbert;
Mary Noble;
Frances Hutchens;
Hazel Johnston;

Page 20
Lowell Keefer;
Rosella Kimball;
William Knox;
Geraldine Might;
Carl Lambright;
Page 21
Evelyn McMahon;
William Porter;
Esther Shaffer;
Myron Leibengood;
Catherine Shook;
Page 22
Jason Lindower;
John Mayer;
Helen Lorah;
Robert Myers;
Helen Rogers;

Page 23
Hildred Herbert;
Dwight Young;
Mable Covrett;
Meredith Brumbaugh;
Marjorie Rosendale;
Guy Workman;

Mr. Wainwright & Staff;
FHS Band;
Ad; Ad; Ad; Ad;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Harold Wagner;
Eula Miley;
George Huth;
Ruth Powell;
Robert Reese;
Page 3
Jane Emerine;
Calvin C. Hawkins;
Ollivene Saddoris;
Alton Starrett;
Virginia Ann Kuhn;
Page 4
Bessie L. Wolf;
Harry A. Stearns;
Kathlyn Meyers;
Charles Schindorff;
Helen Yates;

Page 5
Pauline Link;
Carl Hull;
George Ann Cupps;
LeMar W. Cook;
Anna Pauline Shumaker;
Page 6
Francis Elizabeth Johnson;
Robert Franklin;
Dorothy Jinks;
Carl Frederick;
Ruth E. Mincks;

Page 7
Oletha Buck;
Roland Circles;
Zelma Cramer;
W.Wilbur Francis;
Alice Jean Klinepeter;

Page 8
Myra L. Kershaw;
Paul Karrick;
Lola Lutzy;
Joe Johnson;
Miriam Pifer;
Page 9
Gladys Kirby;
Ralph S. Barbour;
Hazel Frankenfield;
Virginia E. Barenbarugge;
John Frankenfield;
Page 10
Blanche Smith;
Carl Bormuth;
Lucille Bloom;
Royal McCracken;
Mildred Fish;

Page 11
Frances M. Diebley;
John F. Flechtner;
Edna Gangway;
Edward C. Smith;
Mary Martha Bethel;
Page 12
Madaline Walter;
Harry Kirby;
Lillian Sterling;
Thomas Bowers;
Estella Snyder;
Page 13
Hazel S. Ecker;
Harley A. Zeigler;
Virginia Hall;
Ray Stannard;
Lena Kelley;

Page 14
Doris Dindore;
Leland Cribbs;
Loraine Loomis;
Charles Stearns;
Florence Alice Rice;
Page 15
Bertha Marie Crosby;
George Roberts;
Catherine Dennis;
Richard Johnson;
Ruth Shumaker;
Page 16
Pearl Kroetz;
Robert Newhouse;
Margaret Crunkilton;
Clair Senn;
Ruth E. Cole;

Page 17
Helen Ward;
Norman Muench;
Mary Jane Kessler;
Orlo Romig;
Helen Krabill;
Page 18
Mae Windsor;
Allen W. Schell;
Della Mae Fruth;
Marian F. Abrams;
Helen DeWitt;
Page 19
Helen M. Kellogg;
Russel Hainen;
Geraldine Shoop;
Irvin L. Martin;
Josephine Shiveley;

Page 20
Quincel Virgina Jones;
Robert P. Norris;
Mardell Derr;
Lowell Stearns;
Elsie Knickle;
Page 21
Esther U. Moyer;
Maurice C. Adams;
Hazel G. Stephenson;
Walter H. Mall;
Ruth Miriam Maxwell;
Page 22
Bonnie Wetherill;
Milan L. Smith;
Jessie Irene Wallace;
Maurice E. Risser;
Gladys M. Matthews;

Page 23
Vina F. Fruth;
Arlene A. Dewald;
Marguerite E. Payne;
Wilbur Shultz;
Don L. Sheldon;
Page 24
Russel Simon;
John Gutknecht;
Harry Scott;

Senior Class Play;
Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Lyndon Abbott;
Marian Anderson;
Martha Anderson;
William Anderson;
Cleo Mae Allis;
Carman Alspach;
Nieta Ash;
Carl Berry;
Page 3
Clirma Blessing;
Calvin Brenneman;
Lenore Byerly ;
Viola Bormuth;
Ruth Bradner;
George Campbell;
Doris Brandeberry;
Stanton Carle;
Page 4
Helen Caskie;
Edward Clark;
Ralph Cramer;
James Crawford;
Troas Conner;
Ruth Davis;
Norma Copley;
Dorothy Dillon;

Page 5
Frances Etchen;
Norman Fruth;
Margaret Evenbeck;
Kathryn Gorrill;
Leland Gorrill;
Dorothy Franklin;
Leo Green;
Lonella Frehse;
Page 6
Dorcas Griffin;
John Hayfield;
Kathleen Guernsey;
George Henry;
Gale Herbert;
Leota Hainen;
Helen Hershberger;
Beatrice Hartsough;

Page 7
Virginia Hopkins;
Velma Jones;
Grace Ketcham;
Elizabeth Hull;
Ione Ketcham;
Byron Hyte;
Chester Kieffer;
Frederick Johnson;

Page 8
Marian Lockard;
Helen McCracken;
Shelby Knepper;
Ida Mae Masamer;
Park Kissaberth;
William Manecke;
Delbert Kiser;
Louis Lougee;

Page 9
Howard McFadden;
William Noble;
Hugh Morrison;
Naomi Notestine;
Dorothy Ohls;
Geraldine Morton;
Glynn Nichols;
William Paine;
Page 10
Mary Phillips;
Mable Roush;
Lucille Roux;
Lucy Rinehart;
Helen Roby;
Edith Sawyer;
Melvin Rogers;
Mildred Schlenker;

Page 11
Dellah Shenefield;
Charles Slater;
Alice Shoemaker;
Esther Smith;
Martha Smith;
John Simkins;
Pat Smith;
Ross Simmons;
Page 12
Bernice Snyder;
Winifred Stoudinger;
Velma Struble;
Ardinelle Stearns;
Alice M. VanCuren;
Paul Stearns;
Violet Stoudinger;
Gerald Walter;
Page 13
Kenneth Walter;
Betthy Wilson;
Maurice Wernick;
Dorothy Yates;
Robert Yates;
Margaret Wetherill;
George Young;
Betty Williams;
Dorothy Zulauf;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Robert Adams;
Herman Beck;
Walfred Anderson;
Mabel Bennett;
Bert Barger;
Madge Bethel;
Mary Basehore;
Walter Boddy;

Page 3
Herbert Bower;
Byron Carter;
James Brightwell;
Gladys Clevenger;
Charlotte Broyles;
Neil Coffman;
James Carrel;
Donald Cole;

Page 4
Melvin Comer;
Wayne Dowell;
Audrey Coulon;
Aula Drake;
Garland Cover;
Donald Dubbs;
Paul Cramer;
Ruth Dull;

Page 5
Bruce Fisher;
Nina Frederick;
Carl Fleming;
Theodore Gerlinger;
Annabelle Foltz;
Orlo Foster;
Alfred Fox;
Kenneth Gobel;
Page 6
John Harriman;
Mae Highline;
Etta Mae Hindman;
Eva Hay;
Charles Jeffery;
Arthur Hennig;
Ferne Henry;
Russel Jinks;

Page 7
Carl Jones;
Foster Kisabeth;
Neville Jones;
Louise Kiser;
Helen Jurrus;
Lowell Keiser;
Edward Keefer;
Pansy Knickle;

Page 8
Donald Knox;
Ople Leutz;
Austin Kuhns;
William Lloyd;
Mildred Lorah;
Clark Latshaw;
Cloyd Lott;
Delebert Lovins;

Page 9
Auburn Luhring;
Dale Mills;
Paul Mitchel;
Dale Marks;
Hulda Morgart;
Robert McDole;
Floyd Muench;
Grace McNeil;
Page 10
Ruth Nichols;
Betty Olive;
Helen Overmire;
Lucille Norris;
Blanche Peter;
Glennard Nycum;
Lowell Puffenburger;
Raymond O'Dell;

Page 11
Edgar Pugh;
Gladys Rupert;
Helen Schell;
Gladys Richards;
Jacob Seever;
Harold Rigby;
Paul Shaffer;
Virginia Rosendale;
Page 12
Robert Shaver;
Thelma Sherlock;
Lester Shebel;
Goldie Short;
Anne Sheldon;
Lloyd Snyder;
Louis Solomon;
Mary Sheller;
Page 13
Kathryn Sterling;
Kenneth Vance;
Jeanette Stewart;
Charles Wagner;
Florence Wallace;
Harold Sylvester;
Charles Walters;
Herald Thompson;

Page 14
Hilda Walsh;
Fred Yates;
Gertrude Zepernick;
Howard Went;
Cleo Wilcox;
Norma Copley;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Basketball team;

Page 1
Class Officers;
Page 2
Inez Adelsperger;
Credora Ash;
Jack Adams;
Harold Anderson;
Bessie Bemesderfer;
Richard Biggs;
Page 3
Florence Bormuth;
Don Burke;
Violet Bristow;
Wanda Budahn;
Naundice Budahn;
Norman Callin;
Page 4
Elizabeth Carter;
Paul Carbin;
Evelyn Churtz;
Carl Connor;
Vauda Clary;
Edgar Covrett;

Page 5
Ruth Cole;
Edwin Curtis;
Lavonne Cramer;
Maxine Danner;
Paul Davis;
Edna Dillion;
Page 6
Ruby Drake;
Adam Dicken;
Gertrude Dull;
Helen Eckels;
Robert Evenbeck;
Mary Fargo;

Page 7
Reba Fayes;
Harry Flechtner;
Margaret Flechtner;
Evelyn Fox;
Gerald Fling;
Helen Freese;

Page 8
Velma Furman;
Arthur Gamertsfelder;
Wilbur Gibbs;
Ruth Geere;
Kenneth Gregory;
Joyce Gilliard;
Page 9
Harry Griffiths;
Lois Gorrill;
Robert Harley;
Elizabeth Hall;
Norman Hawkins;
Lo Emma Hultz;
Page 10
Loretta Hutchins;
Hosephine James;
Geraldine Johnson;
George Kroetz;
Robert Kroetz;
Virginia Kraft;

Page 11
Leota Lewman;
Charles Lee;
Flo Lovins;
Auburn Luhring;
Alice Maloney;
Robert McFadden;
Page 12
Helen McClellan;
Raymond Myers;
Jessie McDermid;
Dessa Munn;
Royal Nusser;
Bertha Notestine;
Page 13
Dorris Purkey;
Mary Pratt;
Harry Roth;
Fred Shaffer;
Ovivian Slemmer;
Carl Slosser;
Page 14
Helene Slusser;
Nroman Streely;
Florence Snyder;
Florence Stannard;
Albert Thornton;
Elmer Tinstman;
Page 15
Frederick Vosburg;
Donald Walters;
Stella Went;
Hugh Williams;
Steve Weeks;
Mildred Zuern;

Senior Class Play;
Football team;
Football & cheerleader;
Basketball team;
Track team;
Girls Basketball team;

. FOHIRAB information done by Ben Pohlman "Class of 66"


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