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Class of 1956

President :

Tony Nixon

Vice President:

Pat Luman


MaryAnne Dalton
Linda Mavin & Karlton Rothgeb

Fostoria High School Class of 1956 are planning their 50th year reunion
The committee is seeking help in locating - Joe Basehore - Susan Layton - Charles Allspaugh - Tony C. Nixon -Nancy Walker - Larry Swihart and Charles Stocker
Anyone with information is asked to call either Sony Sackett at (419) 435 5232 or Pat Hoover (419) 435 7106

Teachers & Administrators-
     FHS Class of 1956 held their 45 class reunion in Aug. 2001 with a golf outing and mixer at Nature Trails Golf Course Kansas.  A dinner was conducted with 95 percent at the Fostoria Country Club and a breakfast took place at Candyland Restaurant
    Those attending from Fostora were; Marion and Sandy (-Potts) Simson--Ralph Sackett--Dan and Dorothy Opperman--Mary Jane (Smith) Kepp--Joan (Law) Gallo--Jim and Phyllis McCarley--Dan and Rita Butler--Hugh and Sharon (Heiserman) Lanning--Victor and Dorcas (Graber) Gillett--Robert and Jo Birkmire--Joni (Jackson) Pinskey--Mr. and Mrs. Dick Senn--Aurice and Pat (Luman) Hoover--Larryand Connie (Sauber) Strawman--Bob and Paula Lombardy--Don Murphy--Darl and Ruth Schilt--Jesse Johnson--Brenda Pullom--and Robert and Clara Hartman.
     Those attending from out-of-town were; Ron and Ann Dolch--John and Betty (Borkosky) Tobin--Nancy (Snyder) McClain--Tom and Violet Thaxton--Harry and LaQuita (Flannery) Swartz--Jerry and Lois Smith--Jim Richardson--Alfred and Marian Williams--Gene and Mary Ann (Dalton Wilson--Herb and Nancy (Hunker) Wright--Barbara (Beil) Butler--jack and Diane (Crawford) Jackman--Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Blose--Jim and Judy Newcomer--Julius and Linda (Mavin) Shinko--Mel and Karen (Whitney) Blake--Stretch and Jane (Perry) Hoff--Ron Endicott--Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Russel--Karen (Masel) Landrus--Jerry and Karie Matz--Norm Burrell--Neil Glaser--Chuck Stocker--Karlton Rothgeb--Bob Rausch--Kay (Fillater) Newlove--Ellen (Gregory) Myers--Ron and Roberta (Swartzbaugh) Rone --Ottis and Jackie (Phipps) Bowe--Rex and Linda Hathaway--Wayne Harris--Tom and Sally (Boyd) Tyner--Bill and Clara (Crosby) Renninger--Dean and Nancy (Bixler) Fout.
Deceased FHS 1956 Classmates
 Updated Aug. 2001
Allan Adams
Leonard Vogel
Gordon Kimble
Don Blose
Archie Waltermeyer
Susan Williams
Don Phillips
Paul Layton
Bob Staple
William Stover
Ruth Zeigier
Earl Flicker
Ton Porter
Duane Shaver
Jim Allison
Jerry Matz

To add or change information contact

Bob Staples (deceased)
(spouse e-mail)
Clara (Crosby) Renninger Betty (Borkosky) Tobin
Nolan Carman Art "Stretch" Hoff
Pat (Luman) Hoover Jane (Perry) Hoff
Connie (Saubers) Strawman Jim Richardson
Sandra (Potts) Simpson Roberta (Swartzbaugh) Rone
Karen (Whitney) Blake Mary Ann (Dalton) Wilson
Norm Burrell Leighton Seaman
Bob Rausch Jackie (Phipps) Bowe
Ronald Brown  
Snailmail class of 1956
Page by William Cline "Class of 43"
Snail Mail Addresses      
Robert Rausch,-- 3883 Buchanan St #64-- Riverside, CA.92503-- Ph. 909-734-3438
Norm Burrell 4515 Duckhorn Ct. Grand Blanc, MI 48439  



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