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July 12, 1984


PIX #1 - Amsden souvenir school booklets from early part of this century, provided by Mrs. Hanover.

PIX #2 - Map shows the rural schools for Jackson Twp. in Seneca County, back in the 1800's, as described and partially illustrated in last week's "Potluck" article.

(Author's note: The accompanying map with today's article was supposed to appear with last week's article about rural schools which existed early in the development of Jackson Township. The map wa not published when all the in- formation would not fit. The reason for the map was to pinpoint locations of the schools to match the text. Many readers save the "Potluck" articles, con- sequently the illustrated map today can become useful with last week's ar- ticle).


Mrs. Leroy (Thelma) Rhoad, 1715 Pelton Rd., was surprised when her daughter telephoned her and asked if she knew her picture was in the "Potluck" column. Mrs. Rhoad hadn't seen the July 6 issue of the Review Times. Later, when she looked, she saw the Amsden school bus photo, of which she had a print with her memorabilia.

Mrs. Rhoad told the author that the article brought back many memories. She said she was born on what is now called County Road 36, on a farm, located between the Kinsey and Craun schools, and lived there all during childhood.

All the names of her schoolmates that rode the bus to the centralized school in Amsden were still familiar to her. She said Mr. Byers, the bus driver be- came a carpenter and pursued that trade all of his life.


The list of names for last week's column which made up the teachers and stu- dents for the various rural schools contained at least one error. Mrs. Han- over called the author about it. She said she never went to the Kinsey school where she was listed. To prove it she still has the little souvenir booklets which were given out at the end of each school year.

Mrs. Hanover said her first grade teacher was Ammie M. Keller; second grade teacher was Gustie Michaels. One reason she recalls her fourth grade teacher, Mr. Leonard, is because he always carried peppermint and wintergreen candy in one of his hip pockets, and occasionally would pop one into his mouth.

Mrs. Hanover permitted this author to borrown two of the souvenir booklets which she tucked away in her "memory box," and the front covers from each one reproduced with today's article, showing teachers Keller and Latshow.

When Mrs. Hanover completed her rural schooling, and had passed the Boxwell Examination, held at Tiffin, where each student had to participate in the pro- gram, she ten continued her schooling at Fostoria High School for graduation. She, like many others who came to Fostoria rode the L.E.&W twice for 20 cents fare.

Additional names of students that attended the Amsden school, and not listed in last week's article were: Dortha Lea, Carmen Shaw, Alta Harding, Zenith Mowry, Verna Mowry, Zera Craun, Edna Huff, Nina Kinsey, Ethel Thompson, Mae Shultz, Howard Copsey, Eldrous Shiley, Darvin Shiley, Harold Flack, Luther Flack, Wade Kinsey, Lester Keeton, Delton Steale, Vernon Craun, Webb Dicken, Homer Wyant, Doris Aumaugher, Sarah Shultz and Edith Rausher.


That's the question a motorist driving into Fostoria asked a "Potluck" reader recently. The out-of-towner had driven here to see the factory and perhaps buy some glassware. That reader, who's name I failed to write down and do not remember, called the author to report the incident.

There are other visitors to our town with the same interest, several having been reported to me in the past years.

In case other readers have the same experience, tell the inquirers that Fos- toria glassware is made in Moundsville, W. Va., and has been since the fac- tory moved from Fostoria when the plentiful supply of "free" gas gave out many years ago.

It proves that a famous name like Fostoria lives on.
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