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Thursday August 8, 1985


Pix #1 - John and Nellie Naugle, shown here, were the parents of the John Naugle, who lives at 1006 S. Main St.

Pix #2 - John Iler Sr. - Born August 3, 1792, Died May 21, 1872

Author's Note: When last week's article was turned over to The Review Times editorial staff, I thought it was the last of the Iler series. Not so. There was too much for space available. Also, at that time additional information was received from Fred Iler, Westbrook, Maine. However, I am consoled that there has been such a wide reader interest in the articles. Combined with other Feedback, today's column is again jampacked.


John Naugle, 1006 S. Main St., is the only living member of the generation of his family that came to the Iler area from Pennsylvania.

His grandfather, David, first settled near Tiffin, and later bought 80 acres of land from the Bigham family.

John's father, also named John, lived north of Iler in Sandusky County, but in later years (1926) moved back to the original home on 592, closer to the village. The house is still there.

David had five children, four of them, Jacob, Clement and two daughters, are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery west of Iler.

The following list comprises the names of Naugles who lived and died in Seneca County on the dates shown: two children of C.D. Naugle, died 1897; Mrs. John died 1898; Mary E. died 1896, Mrs. David, died 1907; Miss Zoa, died 1908; Mrs. Margaret, died 1924; C.D., died 1924; Mrs. George, died 1929; Calvin, died 1930; Lowell Davis, died 1932; John H., died 1936; David D., died 1934; Clement D., died 1938; Jacob B., died 1921; Raymond, died 1939.

John Naugle is well known in Fostoria and the surrounding area. He was first married to Ethel Boyd and she is deceased. He is married to the former Fay Zeller.


Jocob (Jake) Iler, after which the village of Iler was name, came to Jackson Township in 1832, part of a family of 16 or 17 children that came to Jackson Township from Lucas, Richland County. They settled on land near Iler when there were only a few familied in the area, and the nearest mill was at Sandusky, according to a 1917 obituary that told about the death of Elizabeth, another of the large family.

Jacob Iler died in 1913, and at that time the only living members of the Iler family were: Isaac, Tiffin; Rebecca Powell, North of Bascom; Catherine Luman, Tiffin; and Elizabeth, Iler.

Elizabeth, born May 10, 1824, died in 1917 at age 83. Burial was in Lutheran Cemetery on County Road 592.


In the July 25 Potluck, I mentioned that Fed Iler had telephoned from Westbrook, Maine, to express his interest in the Iler series. He had promised to send a resume of the Iler family, but it arrived too late for last week's article.

Iler's contribution arrived in time for this week's column, along with a photo of John Iler Sr., the patriarch of that family to first settle in the Iler area. Fred Iler writes:

"My great-great-grandfather, John Iler, migrated to Seneca County, Jackson Township, by way of Licking and Richland counties, from Cumberland County, Maryland. He was married in Licking County to Magdeline Switzer. They settled in what is now Iler".

"Jacob Iler was the oldest of 15 children. He received the family homestead from his father and then sold a portion to the Nickel Plate Railroad, which resulted in the village being named Iler Station".

"His sister, Elizabeth, was the great-grandmother of (Fostorian) Mrs. Dorothy Koons".

"David Iler, a brother to Jacob, was my great-grandfather. He married Eva Huffman, daughter of Henry Huffman".

"There were three brothers who served in the Civil War: Isaac, Cyrus and Jackson. Jackson was killed at the Battle of Kensaw, Mt. GA. Cyrus died as a prisoner of war in Andersonville Prison in Georgia. Isaac was the only one to return home safely."

"It was nice to talk to you the other night. Hope to see you in September".

Fred Iler's letter also included a substantial amount of information in regard to an error pertaining to ownership of land in the Iler area by the Iler family, due to amixup in spelling the Iler name as Oiler in government records.

Iler also provided a complete list of family names for all of the 15 children plus birth and death dates.

There is not space for the foregoing, but if living descendents reading this column desire it please write to Potluck.


From Helen (Omwake) Rouser, came this note:

"I have learned that there is another former Iler school teacher living, in addition to Edna (Longacre) Gilhuly. She is Doris (Trumbo) Gray, residing in Toledo".

"Also in the Omwake family there were six children instead of five, which you indicated. Leon, the youngest was a graduate of Ohio State University. He died at 34 years of age".

Mrs. Rouser also informed me that her father's brick and tile factory also manufactured large quantities of drainage tile, of which there was a great demand, to drain the low, wet land in that area.

Rouser also pointed out that in one of the articles, Mable Zuelzke's sister, Rose was listed as "Ross"...obviously a typographical error. Rose and Mable were Burgbachers before marriage.


Willis Wyant, a well-known Fostorian who moved to California earlier this year, telephoned after receiving copies of part of the Iler series, sent by his sister, Gladys Masamer, Eagleville Road.

Raised out in that area of Seneca County, Willis was interested in reading the Iler articles and to see the old pictures.

Before Wyant left Fostoria, he turned over to me a file of data about the village of Kansas, and he wondered when that series would be published.

He said he misses his Fostoria friends, is making new ones out there, and has become active in the Orange County Genealogical Society, also the Southern Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

The Wyant's address is 14400 Newport Ave., Tustin, California 92680.


In a recent Potluck article it was reported that Mr. and Mrs. Jess Keller had purchased the Pelton Quarry property some years ago and developed it into the residential area.

The next day I had a telephone call informing me that I was in error...that Art Gamertsdelder owned and developed it.


In the Potluck article Aug. 1, under the genealogy heading, "Bigham-Clark" there was a serious error which I cannot account for. In the next to the last paragraph it said: "The children of Robert and Jane (CLark), Bigham were Ted, Nora, Ethel, John, Bruce and Perry.

It should have said Amanda (Pankhurst) instead of Jane Clark.

The error was called to my attention by Evelyn Kuhn, daughter of Perry Bigham. She also provided information about the other Bigham house, built later, west of the original house shown in that article. According to Mrs. Kuhn, the later house had one of the early Delco electric lighting systems of that era, also full plumbing and running water...both real conveniences for that period.

Mrs. Kuhn and husband Clarence reside at 538 N. Loudon TR 87, east of Fostoria.

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