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Glass factories article brought quick response
Thursday, August 17, 1989


Pix #1 - This is an interior view of the Upper Glass plant ans was taken sometime btween 1914-1916. Photo provide d by Ray coburn.

Pix #2 - Photo of one group of workers employed at the Upper Glass works, in about 1914-9116. The photo was provided by bob Fry, rural route Fosotia, sone of Bob Fry (by the same name) who was employed there. NOne of the glass workers in the photo are known at this late date. Except Bob Fry, deceased, shown in the front row (seated) second from left.

Pix #3 - The Warren boys: Chester on left, Herman on right.

The Aug 10 edieditn of The Review Times scarce;y reach ed readers until two telephone calls reached me.The first call came form Clara Campbell, resideing at 130 W. Lytle St., Her message was that she das four broghters, all of whom were employed in the manyufactire of glass productd diruing the boompdays of that industry in fostoria many years ago. Two of the warren bays are shown in photo's in today's article.

those broghters were: Wesley, Albert, Herman,a ndchester, all now deceased. Ray Coburn in conbverstaion with this author said he remembered the Warren boys and they were all fellow workers of his.

Ball articles valuable tool

In Last weeks's POTLUCK, mention was made of the series of articles about the early dayus of the glass factories in fostoria, aothored by Vernon Ball, former Review Times staff writer in 1966.

Ray coburn, the only living glass worker form those early days,. confiremed the data in those articles was authentic and provides reference for today's article and other that may follow. I thank both coburn and ball for their participation in presenting this series of articles about Fopstoria's history.

Carg gas well started industy

The greatest sindle event to bring north western Ohio and specifically Fostoria into prominence was the Garg gas well, near findlay in 1887. the well roared ans burned with a flame over 100 feet high that could be seen and heard for a radium of 10 miles, and seemed to burn and burn with a never-enignd stop. In a period of mire thatn a year, the Lake Erie & western Railraod rean excursions and people cam to see this marvelous sight. That was the geginning of the gas-glass days in fostoria, a big chapter in the life of this city when free gas brought many glass manufacturing plants to our tiwn.

Who they were

Fsotoria Glass co., present site of Seneca Wire; Mosiac Glass co. 410 E. North St.; Butler Glass co. across from Longfellow School, Sandusky Street;Nuickel Plate Galass co., McDougal Street At railroad crossing; Fostoria Lamp & Shade, in west part of fostoria; Seneca Glass co., south and east of Harter Mill; Mamburg, crocker and the caliseum Glass companies were all located south on the Hocking valley railroad.

Ther largest and most representative of those manufactureres was Seneca Glass Co., and occupied a space of more thatn two an a half acres at their site.

Partial list of workers

with the material loaned to be by Ray coburn, the only known local survirvor of thos employed in the glass factories in fostoria, there was included the following list of employees for the yuears between 1900-1910:

James goggins, Franck Culligan, Mike McMann, Ed Boyle, Hugh coburen, Sr., Hugh coburn, Jr., Ray R. Coburn, George Coburn, Robert Frt, Sr., Frank Dieterly, Gene Sussang, Ferdinand (4() Frisch, Rollie Kimmel, Henry Bouboule, S., Bill Sheeran,, Ott Drpli, Henry Boubloule, Jr., Louis Peltier, Joe Slosser, Andy Slosser, bobby Krouse, Henry Krouse, Oscar Croff, a. Croff, Charle Vitt, Frank vitt, ed vitte, Gus Vitt, Abe Sherlock, Fred Sherlock, charlie Sherlock, Tim Kay.

Louis Vandon=i, John Vadoni, Sam McNab, Jr., Billy McIntyre, Tommy Griffin, Marty Griffin, Marty magus, Carl McPete, Tom cummings, Phillip Degan, Phillip Shannon, Wiskey Wilsom, Jerome Huth, Benny Huth, curtis Hall, Vincent Huth, Herb England, Clint Johnson, frank Stinehurst,, Jake Shoaston, Burt Ruth, Harry Dermur, clarence Ruth, Charlie Rught, jack Riser, namon boyles, Harry Allan, charlie Warrington, George Gephart, Beorge Koplin, Harry cook, Albert Vagel, Sr.

Harry Strugis, Harry Smurthwasy, Paul Mall, George Hunt, Rollie Harris, Russ Ptttinger, George Smith, Tom Burk, Bruce McINtyre, Flossy Hamilton, Bill Robinson, John walsh, Floyd Hampshire, Frank Henick, Pete Henick, Duce Bormuth, charlie Kessler, Richard Kessler, Marion Harler, Bill Walshg, Morris walssh, Les Bermenstopher, Al frankhart, Joe O'Malley, Judd Huston, tony Myers, Charlie Doyle, Pat Merrick, Sr., Red Landeaster, Geroge Fink, Fred Fink, Geroge Denamel.

fred Demmel, Sr., Fred Demmel, Jr., Bill Demmel, T. Demmel, Joe Sertel , Sr., Danny Sertel, Buck Sertel, Wish Sertel, Charlie Sertel, Fred Bonnel, John Durnseky, Al Bristol, Art Worley, Skeet McCracken, Ed Sivermour, Deedle Dum Richardson, John O'conners, Howard Murphy, Gene Ellison, Jake Schnitzler, Joe Schnitzler, Frank Mall, Al Krupp, Alfred Storm, Bill Priest, robert corwin, Louie Stiger, Ralph Hyte, Herman Warren, Chet Warren, George Gatton.

Floyd Wagner, Joe Bigler, Pete West, claude Vitt, charlie Heck, John Hamomond, Andy Fitzsimmons, Joe Sweeny, Bingo Dildine, Geroge Simpson, Ott Smith, Ed McCloskey, Herry Yenser, Jake Yenser, F. McCloskey, Jim Brown, Bill Mompher, Jack McHale, ross Coogen, Spot Coy and Ralph coy.

More photos related to the glass era in Fostoria will be included in future articles.



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