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History behind the Fostoria Lineage Research Society

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History behind the Fostoria Lineage Research Society

By President Sally Riser

Fred & Mary Fish

From 1966 to 1968, Mary L. Fish, Regent of the Jane Washington Chapter, The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution here in Fostoria, Ohio.

During this time DAR encouraged workshops in genealogy and Mrs. Fish organized and led a 6 week classes. When the workshop came to an close, everyone had enjoyed it so much they wanted to continue. And the Fostoria Lineage Research Society was formed with dues set at $3.00 a year.

The first membership roll in 1969 included: Ralph E. Sackett, Jr., Chairman; George Emahiser, Vice Chairman; Ruth Ann Shaferly, Secretary & Treasurer; Mrs. Fred (Mary) Fish, Public Relation; Paul Cox, Mrs. George (Grace) Emahiser, Mr. & Mrs. Olin (Nellie) Fruth; Mrs. James (Joan) Gillig, Miss Frances Kettler, Mrs. B. W. (Erma) Reeve, Mrs. Glenn (Violet) True, Mrs. Jack (Marilyn) Ziegman; Mrs. Lawton (Mary) Gerlinger; Mrs. Gerald (Grace) Heinze, Mrs. Paul (Florence) Fox, Mrs. R. Barton (Mary Lou) Chilcote, Elwood Kimes; Mrs. Elwood (Bernice) Kimes, Lloyd Abbott, Effie P. Gibat, Mrs. D. L. (Vauda R) Hunker, Mrs. Norman (Doris) Bolen and Mrs. Laverne (Betty) Huth. By 1975, Eilen Niswander, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Kissling, Larry Henry, Judy Lamberjack, Mrs. Ronald Sparrowe, Mrs. Reba DeWalt, Melvin Murray, Rolland and Elaine Knisley, Leona Boyd, Ruth Sendelbach, Thaddeus Hurd, Mildred Link and Willis Wyant had been added to the membership roll.

Early on Kaubisch Memorial Public Library was selected as a meeting place and is still used today. Meetings are held at 6:30 PM the fourth Monday of January and February and the third Monday of every other month with the exception of June, July, August and December which no meetings are held. Meetings are held in the McClean Room at Kaubisch Memorial Public Library, 205 Perry Street, Fostoria, Ohio.

Membership in the Society is open to all who are interested in genealogy and family history. Visitors are always welcome to attend. Dues are now set at $10 per year for individual and $15 per year for couples

The Society helps members and others with their research and acquaints new members with sources and how to use them. Meetings offer an opportunity to meet and exchange information with other researches. Standard forms are also available.

Speakers on topics of genealogical and historical interest are often featured. Occasionally trips are taken to places of interest, such as: The Hayes Presidential Library in Fremont, Ohio OGS in Mansfield and in Columbus, Ohio.

The Fostoria Lineage Research Society maintains a close relationship with The Genealogy & History Department of Kaubisch Memorial Public Library. The Society has created and maintains a "Family File" in the department. They also have an ongoing interest in purchasing books, microfilm and CD ROM's for the Department from the dues collected.

The Society does not publish a newsletter. However, they do provide a schedule of meetings and membership list including surnames that each member is researching.

One of the founding members, Mrs. Grace Emahiser, published a book "From River Clyde to Tymochtee and Col. William Crawford" about her ancestor Colonel Crawford and the Crawford Family.

One of our members, Richard F. (Dick) Mann, has written a history of the 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry of the Civil War. His family expects it to be published in late spring or early summer, 2010. His book is available for purchase.

Kaublish Public Library has copies of “The History of the Ohio National Guard in Fostoria, 1877 to 1954, also written by Mr. Mann, and several Civil War journals that he transcribed. Dick Mann passed away November 9, 2009

Mrs. Ben (Wanda) Pohlman has untaken a large project of photograph tombstones with their names, date and service records at Fountain Cemetery here in Fostoria, which will be in near future. The St. Wendelin Cemetery here in Fostoria is schedule next.


Articles From by Henry Casiano

Ever wonder where your family originally came from or wanted to know more about your family tree? Who knows, you could be a descendent of kings or even from the first settlers who stepped foot in the new world.

There are many reasons to want to know your genealogical background and there are groups out there willing to help you in your quest.

One such group is The Fostoria Lineage Research Society. The Society has been around since 1963 when it held its first meeting at the home of George and Grace Emahiser, the founders of the group. They have since moved their meeting to Kaubisch Memorial Library where they meet on the third Monday of the months in September, October, November, March, April, May and June. Because of holidays, they meet on the fourth Monday of January and February. Meetings are now held in the McClean Room from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the dues are $10 per person and $15 for couples.

They have winter workshops that help people to learn how to do research on finding their ancestors. One good place to start your search is our local library which has its own genealogical section in the lower lever as well as two microfilm viewers, many local history books, a new computer genealogy program and various books donated by the Fostoria Lineage Research Society.

Several other ways to find your genealogical background is though the obituaries, family records and the county census. Some other places to do genealogical research in this area are the Mansfield and Findlay libraries, and one of the best libraries in this part of the United States is the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Searching for your genealogical background can be fun as well as rewarding. The endless hours of seeking information about your ancestors may lead you to such famous descendants as Barbara Bush or even Abe Lincoln, who were discovered as members of the Society.

The President of the Fostoria Lineage Society is Jean Saalman and add Patty Kreais, Secretary, Ralph Sackett, Jr, Treasurer, and Jim & Pat Beeson, Publicity, Wanda Pohlman and Hazel Coppler are also two members of the Society who are very informative and can help you with your genealogical research.

Information courtesy of Wanda Pohlman


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