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Fostoria Ladies Garden Club


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Fostoria Ladies Garden Club
June 2, 1996


PIX#1 - Members of the Fostoria Ladies Garden Club put the finishing touches on their planting at Gray Park. Gray Park was the creation of George M. Gray, founder of Gray Printing, who donated it to the city of 1938.

Memorial Day, the day officially set aside to honor those who have died in uniform in the service of the nation, is also the unofficial start of summer. The Fostoria Ladies Garden Club blended the official and unofficial recently in a day long planting of flowers throughout the city.

On Tuesday May 21 Sandy Berrier, Ellen Gatrell (president), Carol Hall, Edie Helms, Josette Larick, Ruthann McEntire, Frances Steinacker, Jean Strong, Sam Ye Youngman and Sonja Zirger put in a full nine to five day to beautify Fostoria.

You might have spotted them downtown where they planted the large flower pots with geraniums, marigolds, vinca vine, spikes, petunias, asparagus fern and pansies. You may have spied them at the mid-block and the City Building brightening the city


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