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Postcards by Pearl Peter

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Index compiled by Carol Wangler
Pb26.JPG Advertising card - R.A. Boyer Furniture w/ calendar - Jan 1911, (color),
Pb27.JPG Advertising card - R.A. Boyer Furniture w/ calendar - Mar 1911 (color),
Pb28.JPG Advertising card - R.A. Boyer Furniture w/ calendar - June 1911, (color),
Pb29.JPG Advertising card - R.A. Boyer Furniture w/ calendar - Sept 1911 (color),
Pb32.JPG Buildings - Wainwright Amphitheatre., (color)
Pb33.JPG Buildings - Fostoria Historical Society Mural., (color),
PB40.JPG Buildings - Glass Heritage Gallery., (color),
Pb31.JPG Business - Tri-County Bank, N. Countyline St. 1962 (color),
pb7.JPG Churches - First Reform Church, NWcorner of South & Poplar Sts. (b&w),
pb8.JPG Churches - First Evangelical Reform Church, NWcorner of South & Poplar Sts., (b&w),
pb9.JPG Churches - First Reform Church (interior) NW corner of South & Pooplar Sts., (b&w),
pb36.JPG Churches - St. Wendelin Church 216 N. Wood St. (color),
pb39.JPG Clubs - YMCA NE corner W. Center & Wood Sts. (color),
pb42.JPG Emerine Museum, Case of Antique Banks, The First National Bank, Fostoria, Ohio
PB3.JPG Fostoria - Birdseye view of Fostoria taken from top of Harter Mills, (b&w),
PB2.JPG Houses - Allen Home, 301 W. Tiffin St. (b&w),
pb4.JPG Houses - Keefe Home, 133 W. Fourth St., (b&w),
PB5.JPG Houses - Goggins Home, W 133 W. Fourth St. (b&w), torn down for Mid Block Underpass
PB18.JPG Industry - Interior of Glass Factory (b&w),
PB19.JPG Industry - Office of Fostoria Glass Specialty Company (b&w),
PB20.JPG Industry - Workers outside glass factory (b&w),
PB21.JPG Industry - Workers outside glass factory (b&w),
PB22.JPG Industry - Office of Fostoria Glass Specialty - Goggins, Keefe, unknown lady (b&w),
pb23.JPG Industry - Interior of Loudon Glass Factory (b&w),
pb38.JPG Library - Kaubisch Memorial Library (color),
PB13.JPG Parks - Cannon on Old Cemetery Hill, site of the hospital (color),
pb15.jpg Parks - Reeves Park Casino, S.R. 12 near Arcadia, Oh (color),
Pb16.JPG Parks - Meadowbrook Park, Bascom, Oh (color),
PB17.JPG Parks - Meadowbrook Park Pavilion, Bascom, Oh (color),
pb6.JPG Post office - NW corner Center & Wood Sts. (color),
Pb35.JPG Railroads - Amtrack Station (former Baltimore & Ohio Depot) (color),
PB14.JPG Reservoirs - Bird's eye view of Reservoirs, City Water Works, Fostoria, Ohio
PB10.JPG Schools - F.H.S. Freshman girl's - April 13, 1922 (b&w),
PB11.JPG Schools - F.H.S. Freshman boy's - April 13, 1922 (b&w),
Pb37.JPG Schools - Fostoria Middle School (color),
Pb24.JPG Souvenir postcard - floral (color),
Pb25.JPG Souvenir postcard - humorous fish (b&w),
PB12.JPG Sports - Football, F.H.S. 1922 football squad (b&w),
PB1.JPG Streets - Main St. looking north on Perry St. - Times Building (b&w),
pb34.JPG Streets - Fostoria Town Center - looking south on Main St. at North St.(color),
PB41.JPG Streets - Gerlock Drive (color),
Pb30.JPG Tragedy - Drowning at a quarry (b&w)

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