Autolite: (14) Epilogue

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June 1976 Completed more than forty years for the author in the spark plug industry. He saw Fostoria Spark Plug Plant grow from zero Production to over a million spark plugs per day: realized the total manufacturing mark of over three billion; guided the introduction of many new items to be produced in the factory; planned for orderly expansion of volume and production techniues; pioneered "cold-forming" of spark plug shells; witnessed continous "glass sealing" methods of the insulator connected to uninterrupted final operations of the plugs; researched the best means for forming a powder, the insulator of the spark plug, to a perpetual automated process; developed the computer as a "tool in Planning Production; controlled inventories of the raw materials; managed work in procedure; governed inventories of "tooling and finished product; observed the National Union's drive for reorganization; aided the sale of the plant twice to new owners,using entirely different management controls; operated the plant through World War II, Korean War, and Viet Nam War; led the factory through perod of material shortages; supported vast changes in engine designs and power output; and confronted manys ocial and economic changes within the business, brought about through political regulations and ethics.

The writer viewed, over the years, the achievement of many performance awards presented to the Fostoria Spark Plug Division for its excllence in manufacturing procedures, safety objuctives, and profit goals. He particpated in many civic activities that brought recognition to the company. He evidenced the first small kiln and laboratory of 1936 progress to the present large efficient operation of Bendix Autolite Corporation .

It has been impossible to narrate all the happenings over so much time, and there are surely many events that have been unintentionally left unwritten.

It seemed to the author like "leaving home", to turn over the "reigns: to someone else. However, his philosophy paid off, of training managerial personnel in more than one area, for now there were persons who were capable of "stepping up" in the organization into every position. The author knew the plant was being placed in


Production--Autolite Spark Plugs
1936-------------------879 1976--- Not available Bendix
1937------------------4,825 1977--- Not available
1938------------------8,263 1978--- Not available
1939-----------------12,685 1979--- Not available
1940-----------------15,436 1980--- Not available
1941-----------------21,112 1981--- Not available
1942-----------------17,094 1982--- Not available
1943-----------------26,510 1983- Bendix Became part of Allied
1944-----------------30,511 1984- Not available-Bendix-Allied
1945-----------------25,937 1985-Sept. 18 Allied became Allied-Signal
1946-----------------41,076 1986--- Not available
1947-----------------47,517 1987--- Not available
1948-----------------40,052 1988--- Not available
1949-----------------36,584 1989--- Not available
1950-----------------40,583 1990--- Not available
1951-----------------44,326 1991--- Not available
1952-----------------54,493 1992--- Not available
1953-----------------52,364 1993--- Not available
1954-----------------43,165 1994--- Not available
1955-----------------57,868 1995--- Not available
1956-----------------54,604 1996--- Not available to us
1957---------------- 62,144 1997--- Not available to us
1958-----------------49,380 1998--- Not available to us
1959-----------------63,602 1999------------------
1960-----------------67,804 2000------------------
1961-----------------19,143---Parent Autolite Company
1961-----------------50,897---Ford after April 12
1962-----------------92,841---1st Billion 2/62
1970----------------167,457 2nd Billion 4/22/70
1974----------------217,588 BENDIX  
1975----------------167,974 3rd Billion 9/4/75

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