NWOIAAA - To Athletic Directors

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To all Athletic Directors

Please share this info w/ other AD's
If you know or if you have done business with Michael A. Cefaratti
III of
C.S.A.N. Visions Inc. or another name for the company is
Hometown Values
Fund Raising and Marketing Specialists, please contact me at or 513-943-8209.

The company owes Glen Este a considerable amount of money
from a card fundraiser done with them in the Fall, but their phone
and business address is out of order. I know he has done
business with other schools in the area, and he encourages you to
go with his company b/c he uses college students to canvas the
area for sales. Be wary, let me know if you have info and I'll turn it
over to the proper authorities.

Dan Simmons



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