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Index compiled by Pat Bowman
Advertising card - Alcott Hardware (wood stove), (color),
card391a card391b
Advertising card - Bee Hive Store, Main St., (color),
Advertising card - Hoyt's Corn-Falfa Farm, (b&w),
card390a card390b
Advertising card - Kiebel-Wilson Company (kitten) (color),
Advertising card - Noah's Ark Store (china, glass, etc.) (color),
Advertising card - Sutliff, W. S. & Co., 222 N. Main St., (b&w),
Anderson, Carl C. - Auto at curve on New Riegel Rd. accident in 1912 (b&w)
Anderson, Carl C. - car wreck, (b&w),
Anderson, Carl C. - Funeral (horse and buggy at Anderson home) (b&w),
Anderson, Carl C. - Funeral procession @ Tiffin & Main Sts. (b&w),
Anderson, Carl C. - Overturned car at site of C.C.A. death (b&w),
Bands - Huss Orchestra (sepia),
Buildings - Alcott Block, SE corner Main & Center Sts., (b&w)
Buildings - Alcott Clock, SE corner Main & Center Sts., (color),
Buildings - Andes Block, NW corner Main & Center Sts. (b&w),
Buildings - Andes Block, NW corner Main & Center Sts., (color),
card 43
Buildings - Botto & Cadwallader blocks, SE corner North & Main Sts. (color),
card 63
Buildings - Botto, Levaggi & Cadwallader blocks, east side of Main St. from North St., (b&w),
card 21
Buildings - Emerine block, NE corner Main & Center Sts., (sepia),
card 62
Buildings - Emerine building, NE corner Main & Center Sts. (color),
card 111
Buildings - Fostoria City Hall, E. North St., (color),
card 55
Buildings - McDonel Flats, Perry St. (color),
card 53
Buildings - Security Building NW corner Main & South Sts. (color),
card 51
Buildings - Security Building (during construction) NW corner Main & South Sts. (b&w),
card 56
Buildings - Security Building during construction (b&w),
card 323
Business - Adams Car Garage, W. Tiffin St. Reos parked in front. (sepia),
card 330
Business - Adams Reo Garage, auto parked in front, ca 1920, (b&w),
card 329
Business - Adams Reo Garage, unidentified man , ca 1920, (b&w),
card 181
Business - Doe's Model Laundry, 228 W. Center St., (b&w),
card 147
Business - Fraver Lumber Co. delivery buggy; later, East North Lumber Co. (b&w),
card 348
Business - Goodyear Store, 214 s. Main St., (b&w),
card 254
Business - Heinies Motel (advertising postcard with picture) (color),
card 364
Business - Howell Store interior (paint & wallpaper) 202 N. Main St., (b&w),
card 321
Business - Huss Café and Liquor Store, 117 S. Main St. (sepia),
card 345
Business - Jackson Underwear Co., E. North St., later Gold Bond Store, (b&w),
card 334
Business - Kelly Livery Barn, E. Tiffin St. (b&w),
card 312
Business - Kipka Dairy Farm, South side of W. Tiffin St. (b&w),
card 331
Business - Kipka Dairy milk wagon with horse (b&w),
card 333
Business - Lane's Underwear & Hosiery Store, 110 N. Main St. (sepia),
card 303
Business - Lonsway Grocery, corner Main & South Sts. (sepia),

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